15+ Best Duo Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys


Dressing up with your best friend is a way to have a blast on Halloweens day. However, finding matching Duo Halloween costumes for guys can be a tough task.

So, we have gathered a few awesome duo Halloween costume ideas that guys could copy without much trouble.

Best Duo Halloween Costumes for Guys

01. Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi halloween costume for guys duo
source: instagram/@danilobotelho

The Mario Brothers Mario and Luigi is a famous Halloween costume among couples, especially among the 90-2000s gaming fans.

It’s one of the easiest Halloween costumes that you can pull off and even a cool DIY costume that you can make if you have the time.

02. Chip and Dale

Chip N' Dale halloween duo costumes for guys
source: instagram/@justdtipp8

Chip and Dale the two chipmunks from Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers a Disney Movie. You don’t have to dress up as a chipmunk even though it might be another cool idea.

You can simply find a cool hat, leather jacket, matching pants, and a Hawaiian t-shirt you might actually pull it off.

03. Heisenberg and Jesse

heisenberg and jesse duo costume for halloweens
Source: instagram/@jacobjornen

Breaking Bad is the most famous tv show, especially among the guys. If you are a fan then dressing up as Heisenberg and Jesse would be a cool idea with a couple of jumpsuits.

04. Rick and Morty

rick and morty duo cosplay
source: instagram/@arshad27

The sociopath scientist Rick and his grandson Morty from the famous animated series Rick and Morty is another cool Halloween costume idea for a duo.

05. Pumpkin Heads

pumpkin heads halloween costume for lazy couples
source: instagram/@doradynov

Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume that you can copy with your best friend? Look no more! this simple pumpkin head costume can be copied so easily and you can play with it to change how it looks as well.

06. Thor and Loki

thor and loki halloween duo costumes for guys
source: instagram/@darthxerik

For Marvel Universe fans, dressing up as Loki and Thor would be a cool way to have a blast at the college Halloween party.

07. Ghosts

scary ghosts halloween costume pinterest
source: instagram/@kara.marie.collective

Simple white bedsheets, black pants, and a few accessories such as hats and sunglasses can be used to recreate this awesome last-minute Halloween costume idea that two people could pull off.

08. Men in Black Agent J&K

men in black agents j and k costume for guys
source: instagram/@marvinmason7665

Suit up! Become Agent K and Agent J from the all-time favorite Sci-Fi movie series Men in Black.

You might already have a black suit you can use and get this Neutralizer toy to make it look more real.

09. Pointing Spiderman

pointing spiderman duo costume ideas for guys
Source: instagram/@sloth_fu

Spiderman could be a great Halloween costume for guys, and with just two of them or multiple spidermen you can recreate the pointing spiderman scenario as well.

10. Jake and Finn


Source: Pinterest

Going on an adventure? Copy the Jake and Finn from Adventure Time animated series from your childhood.

11. Michael Myers & Jason Voorhees

Michael Myers & Jason Voorhees duo costume for halloween
Source: instagram/@devilsrainfx

Need to make the Halloweens more spooky? What’s better than dressing up as Michael Myers from the Halloween Slasher movie series and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th series?

12. Squid Games

Source: instagram/@magpieproductions6390

Squid Games went really famous on Netflix last year and you could still pull a couple of Guard Man from the series and have fun.

13. Thor and Wolverine

thor and wolverine duo costume reddit
Source: Reddit

If you are into Marvel comics or die-hard fans of Wolverine and Thor you could pull this with your best friend.

Even though they were seen in one Marvel movie together, you might have fun dressing up as a couple of Marvel characters.

14. Fred Flintstone and Barney

Fred Flintstone and Barney duo costume for halloween
Source: thekeenanblogger

“Choosing a Halloween costume for guys can be so tough” – not because there are no ideas to choose from but because there are too many to go with.

Fred Flintstone and Barney are the best friends from the show Flintstone – another costume you may copy.

15. Guard Man & The Front Man

guardman and frontmand squidgames duo costume ideas
Source: instagram/@robeccleshall

“Here, the players get to play a fair game under the same conditions. These people suffered with inequality and discrimination out in the world.” – The Front Man

Why not recreate this amazing costume as a guard man and the front man from the Squid Games.

Conclusion of Duo Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys

That wraps up the duo Halloween Costume ideas for guys that you can copy with a couple of costumes on Amazon. It’ll be even fun to make the costumes yourself if you are up for it.

Hope you have a blast with your best friend on Halloweens day wearing duo costumes!!!

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