9 Things That Most Candidates Hate About Applying for Jobs


The Job search and the things you do before applying for jobs are simple tasks that almost anyone can do. If you have the requirements you need to apply for it, most likely, you will get hired. If not, you will be looking elsewhere to find another one then another one.

However, even after doing the job search and preparation for the interviews, there might be a chance (a lot) that you won’t be hired. So, preparing a good job application, whether on paper or online, can be a bugger. So, most people who look for jobs via ads online or offline hate applying for them for various reasons.

Here are 9 things that people hate the most about job search and preparing their job applications. 9-most-people-hate-about-applying-for-jobs

01. Antique Ads

Have you ever ordered any old food online or ever went to the market to buy old foods? No right, you buy new and fresh foods. The main problem that most candidates face about their job search is finding ancient ads.

Employers should update their ads or their designs before they turn out to be antique ads, but without any real value.

02. No Contact Information

Have you ever seen ads selling things you want to buy, but they do not include any contact information such as mobile number, address, or an email address? Bet you have.

It is just like that with some job ads; there are some that do not have any contact information, and some even have wrong contact information.

When people answer those ads, and when they couldn’t find single contact information, they start to hate ads like that and choose to skip them.

03. Poor Job Description

The weak job description is just as no contact information, have you ever bought any packed snacks or foods without checking the expiry date? Bet you have, and you also faced the consequences such as having digesting issues.

It’s just like that in job search, when candidates find the best ads and when they do not have much information about what they have to do, what employers expect from them, they choose to ignore the job ad go on their search for another one.

04. Unimaginable Requirements

It’s hard to find a job ad that matches the candidate’s educational and other backgrounds and what they want to do. But when they see one and go inside to take a look at it, most of them are disappointed by the next worst thing, which is unrealistic requirements for the job.

Sometimes, employers try to show that this job expects much more from you, and they put unimaginable requirements in their ad. But what happens is most candidates end up leaving the page because they hate it to answer that kind of advertisement.

05. No Salary Details

Have you ever worked for someone or some company for free? If so, you are in the wrong place. When someone applies for a job, they look at the salary to find out that is it worth going to work there? Or do they give the best value for the skills you have?

When an ad does not contain many details about the salary details, most likely that candidates will just skip to the next ad.

06. No or Late Response

When you are answering your mobile phone if there is no answer from the other side, would you still wait for an answer? Or would you end the call?

Candidates hate late or no responses from the employers when they put hours even days to make their resume, cv, and job application perfect. So, they will continue their job search skipping that ad, and some also will find much better job postings.

07. Little to No Communication

After the interview, the interviewees have the idea of how it went, when it went well and get no response in a few days most will search and apply for another job openings because think that even though the interview went well, the employer must have filled the position they’ve applied to.

When you get into that other job, the first one says we’ve selected you and come work for us. Most candidates cannot leave the job that they accepted by then, so communication is vital.

08. No Time for Interview Preparation

Most people who apply for jobs do mock interviews to prepare better for the upcoming interviews. But when there is no or late call for the interview and the interview day is so close, most of the candidates cannot do a mock interview to prepare for the real one.

This problem is most likely to be caused by the late communication issue. When candidates who are currently studying or working get late calls, they do not have enough time to prepare for the interview.

09. Too Many Forms

Powerful software like the recruiting software that most employers use to recruit new people for their companies is great, but sometimes they can be a little too much.

Employers love to see the long-filled data of the recruits in their databases, but completing those long or too many forms makes candidates rethink why they are looking for a job at this place.

It’s not limited to you; no one likes filling long forms and too many forms and wait for a few days or even weeks to get a straight answer.

In A Nutshell

These nine things might be a simple mistake that many employers can evade, but most candidates take a lot of time working on their resumes, CVs, and job applications after hours of search for the right job. That could be you or someone else, so be prepared to face these when you are applying for your first or your dream job.

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