Thoughtful Box of Sunshine Ideas [150+ Yellow Gifts Ideas]


We all have tough times that we feel like we can’t get through whether it’s a bad breakup or homesickness or feeling alone. But a call, a text, a hug, or hanging out with our friends or family works like magic and helps us pass those.

Have you ever received any gifts from your loved ones during the hard times you were going through? If so, you are fortunate, and you know those helps you stay happy even by a little bit. A box of sunshine is something just like that.

The Idea of A Box of Sunshine

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The yellow sunshine box is a box, or a basket or a bag (anything that could hold some gifts) filled up with bright yellow gifts to brighten someone’s day. It’s the perfect gift in any kind of situation – could go as a college care package, gift for a friend, a loved one, parents, grandparents, or as a get well soon gift.

This small yellow box can cheer up anyone going through a hard time, and the whole idea behind it is just brightening someone’s day whether it’s your loved one, your neighbour, or a friend.

What to Put in a Box Sunshine?

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Making a yellow sunshine box is super easy. These care packages are a thoughtful gift that could work in any situation and suitable for any person regardless of their age.

The fantastic thing is you can’t find a wrong way to do this; all you need to do is find a way to fit yellow gifts all into one package.

However, follow these simple steps to make the best sunshine box you could make.

Step 1: Find a box, basket, bag, or anything that could hold the things you are going to put in.

Step 2: Wrap the box in yellow tissue papers, paint the box in yellow if you must.

Step 3: Find yellow sunshine printable or draw one of your own if you could, and put it on the package.

Step 4: Find a way to put all of the yellow gifts you picked into that package.

That’s it, and you’re ready to go.

120+ Things to Put Inside Yellow Sunshine Box

Now, let’s find out what you could put inside a box of sunshine, hoping to brighten up someone’s day. It could be anything that’s yellow or in a yellow package – from candy to clothing.

Yellow Packaged Candy

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1. Gums – Juicy fruit chewing gum pack would last a couple of weeks even months. These sugar-free gums got a lot of health benefits as well.

2. TicTacs – Bubble gum, donut, and blueberry flavoured Simpson’s tictac and Despicable Me Minions tictac could pause your hunger for a while.

3. Hard Candy – Skittles Brightside sharing size pack‘s candy flavors are just amazing.

4. Chocolate Bars – Crunchy and crispy Butterfinger chocolate candy bars pack hold full size six chocolate candy bars.

5. Candy Variety PackMars Variety Fun Size Chocolate Favorite pack contains 55 pieces of candies including m&m’s, Twix, Snickers.

6. Gummies – Sugar-free gummy bears can be bought in any local store.

7. CaramelsChewy sugar-free caramels from Werther’s Original is sugar-free but taste like real sugar.

8. Chocolate Chip Cookies – Kellogg’s Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies is a great snack to have while drinking milk or coffee.

9. Protein Bar – Nut-free vegan lemon protein bar that is egg-free and dairy-free would make a nice gift for a vegetarian.

Yellow Packaged Snacks

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10. Almond Nuts – Great Value Whole Natural Almonds or Blue Diamond Honey Roasted Almonds pack is a good gift for a student or a hard worker.

11. Popcorn – Healthy snacks to take while studying or watching a movie.

12. Potato Chips – Crispy and delicious Lays Classic Potato Chips Yellow pack, Lays Stax would make an excellent addition to a yellow sunshine box as a snack.

13. Fruit Snacks – Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers would make a lovely gift snack for kids and young adults.

14. Variety Snack Pack – If you want to add multiple spicy snack packs to a sunshine box Frito-Lay Flamin’ Hot Mix Pack is a great choice.

15. Pretzel – Rold Gold Pretzel Sticks and Rold Gold Pretzel Twists are just delicious and salty.

16. Cookies – Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies, Nabisco’s Ginger Snaps cookies, Nestle Toll House Ultimates Pecan Turtle Delight Cookies make a great tea time snack.

17. Oreos – Who hates Oreos? Nobody does. Oreos Golden Sandwich Cookies, Double Stuff Golden Vanilla Sandwich Cookies, or a pack of Oreo Thin Lemons would be an excellent choice of snacks.

18. Oatmeal Cookies – Keebler Country Style Oatmeal Cookies and fibre one oatmeal raisin soft-backed cookies come in yellow packages.

19. Applesauce – Awesome gift to put into a yellow sunshine box which has a classic apple taste. Mott’s Applesauce is excellent as a snack, side dish, and a baking alternative filled with vitamin C.

20. Onion – If you’re looking for a salty and crispy snack to gift, nothing would be good as Funyuns Onion Flavored Rings Singles.

21. CrackersHoney Graham Crackers from Keebler’s, Lance Sandwich Crackers, and Wheat Thin’s Whole-Grain Wheat Crackers make good study snacks and a lovely gift to put on in a yellow sunshine box for a student.

22. Trail Mix – If you are looking for an affordable healthy and salty snack, Kar’s Gluten-Free Sweet n’ Salty Trail Mix would be an excellent pick.

23. Wafers – There are a lot of yellow wafer packages in vanilla flavour you could find in any local store.

24. Corn Nuts – Super cheap Crunchy Corn Nuts is a healthy snack that has a savoury and salty taste combination.

25. Fudge Stripes – These Keebler’s Fudge Stripes from Amazon is a delightful anytime dessert snack.

26. Cheese balls –  Gift a real snack made out of cheese, Utz cheese balls barrel can help someone brighten up their day just by taking a few bites.

27. Tortilla Chips – Looking for a less salty snack to gift? Calidad’s Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips pack is what you are looking for. It’s much affordable than other brands and in a yellow package.

28. Fries – Chesters Flamin Hot Fries Puffed Snack pack would be a nice gift to snack for spicy lovers.

29. Chickpea – Hippeas Bohemian Barbecue Organic Chickpea Puffed Snack pack is gluten-free and a nice snack to gift to a vegan.

30. Dips – For Veggie and Dip lovers, Fritos Jalapeno Peppers Hot Bean Dip is the best thing you could put in a box of sunshine.

31. Dried Fruit Packs – Organic Dried Unsweetened Mango Snack, Banana Chips, or Sun-Maid Dried Golden Raisins would be a nice snack to gift to someone who loves organic foods.

32. Turkey Sticks – Tasty and nutrition filled Original Turkey Snack Sticks from CHOMPS, is a nice snack to gift someone who loves meat.

Boxed Meals+Side Dish Ideas

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33. Taco – With Old El Paso Stand n’ Stuff Yellow Corn Taco Shells Pack let someone have a Taco Mexican style dinner in just 20 minutes.

34. Noodles – Quick make A Taste of Thai Straight Cut Rice Noodles are gluten-free, and a nice meal idea for a vegan.

35. Rice – Easy to make Goya Spanish Style Yellow Rice Mix and Success Boil-in-Bag White Rice packs are just amazing and ready to eat in only 10 minutes.

36. Ramen – Could be used as both the main course or a side dish. Ramen noodles are one of the best affordable meal plans if you are on a budget these Ramen Noodles Soup Pack from Maruchan is a good yellow meal to gift someone.

37. Spaghetti – Plant-based Barilla ProtienPlus Multigrain Spaghetti has a classic pasta taste.

38. Sunflower Butter – Anyone can take gluten-free Sunbutter Natural Creamy Sunflower Butter without worrying about the top eight allergens.

39. Beans – They are filled with a lot of nutrition, whether they are black beans, soybeans, kidney beans, or pinto beans. Bush’s Mixed Chilli Pinto & Kidney Beans is a mild spice but also a lot tasty.

40. ToFu – If you are looking to gift some food for an Asian or someone who loves Asian food, the Nori-nu Silken Extra Firm Tofu pack is a good one to go with.

41. Almond Butter – Good & Gather Honey Almond Butter Squeeze Pack is a great alternative for peanut butter and for adding extra sweetness to any type of food.

42. Cakes & Cupcakes – Creamy Cupcakes are have natural flavours that should be able to brighten up anyone’s life.

43. Peanut Butter – Know someone who has sweet & salty cravings? RX Nut Butter Honey Peanut Butter is a good pick, and it tastes great with anything like fruit, vegetables, toast, oatmeal, smoothies.

Yellow Packed Breakfast & Cereal Ideas

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44. Breakfast Cereal – Who doesn’t love having cereal in the morning, especially if you are gifting the box of sunshine to a kid. Also, it would be a nice breakfast meal idea to gift someone.

45. Granola – Another healthy type of breakfast cereal filled with a lot of nutrition. If you are looking to include a breakfast meal in a yellow sunshine box and if you don’t like just gifting a breakfast cereal, then granola is the best pick.

46. Oats – Have tons of health benefits, such as lowering blood sugar level, helps weight loss, reduces the risk of getting heart disease. A good breakfast idea that you could gift someone rather than just cereal.

Yellow Drinks and Beverages Ideas

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47. Fruit & Vegetable Juices – There are a lot of yellow fruits out there and packaged juices made out of them like orange juice and mango juice. This would be a nice additional gift to someone who loves fruits.

48. Coffee – Several brands have yellow coffee packs that you could gift someone who loves coffee or tea or both to brighten up their day.

49. Tea – There are various types of tea, such as herbal tea, black tea, green tea. Also, they are healthy for anyone, and they also can relieve stress. If you know someone who hates coffee, tea could be an alternative drink to gift them.

50. Chocolate Drinks – Those who love chocolate also loves drinking low-fat chocolate drinks, especially athletes. Since it helps restore muscle after a workout chocolate drink is something you could gift an athlete. And it suits anyone regardless of their age.

51. Energy & Sports Drinks – Caffeine addicts will love drinking energy drinks. But still, they should stick to one can per day to stay healthy. This would be a nice thing to gift for people who are in sports, who workout every day and needs to keep themselves hydrated throughout.

Yellow Covered Book Ideas

An excellent way to apply meaning to a gift in this case to a box of sunshine is gifting books. It is also a great way to express deep feelings for someone, especially if they like reading books. We’ve put together a small list of yellow books that you could put on a yellow sunshine box.

source: instagram/@ambiejen

52. Hello Sunshine – Freya Ete

The Best book to include in a yellow sunshine box filled Freya Ete’s artful illustrations which have a lot of messages. If you are gifting the box of sunshine, you are making to someone who’s having a hard time regardless of their age; this is the best book you should put in. A little warning tho, after you have this book on your hand, you might want to keep it for yourself.

53. Swing Time – Zadie Smith

A book about two girls who dream of being dancers but only one of them has the talent. The other one has a lot of ideas about music, time, rhythm, and especially what frees a person. This New York Best Selling finalist yellow covered book would be a lovely gift to put on a sunshine box.

54. How Art Can Make You Happy – Bridget Watson Payne

A yellow covered book from The How Book Series from Bridget Watson Payne. This book explains how and why art can make someone feel happy and fall in love with art for the people who never took an interest in art. It teaches things like how to talk about art anywhere, how to go to a museum to enjoy art.

55. Get Happy! – Anthony Gunn

A book filled with practical tips to find happiness for anyone by Anthony Gunn, a psychologist. A well-made book you could gift someone to find their joy through the simple yet practical suggestions in the book.

56. Happy – Derren Brown

A yellow book about how to become happy filled with simple examples and things you might have already heard or done. Just reading this book can change our perspective of everything and gifting this book could help someone conquer happiness to make their life better.

57. Watchmen – Alan Moore

Award-winning and best selling graphic novel by Alan Moore, which brings out the human side of superheroes. If you are looking for a comic book to include in a yellow sunshine box, this is the best one you could gift a DC comic fan.

58. Hope in The Morning – Courtney Peppernell

The book is filled with simple words and heartwarming messages that could brighten up anyone’s morning. This amazing poetry book was written to help raise money for the wildlife affected by the bushfires in 2019/2020. Hope in The Morning really suits anyone as a gift, especially for someone who’s going through a rough period.

59. Before Happiness – Shawn Achor

Self-improvement book by a Harvard trained researcher Shawn Achor, this book points out that before we become happy or success, we need to train positive thinking. A great book that has some fantastic tips, especially for someone who’s having a bad day at work.

60. Her Favorite Color Was Yellow – Edgar Holmes

A wonderful collection of poems about how it feels to find true love, lose everything then getting it all back together. This will be the best poetry book to include in a sunshine box if you are gifting it to someone whos having trouble with their love life.

61. You are a Badass – Jen Sincero

27 Chapter how-to personal development book filled with inspirational stories, advice, and easy exercise to help find and change bad habits that stop you from getting where you want to go. A good book to gift someone who’s having a hard time making good money.

62. Conversations with Friends – Sally Rooney

Novel about a very complicated relationship and once someone starts to read this one they’ll forget all the trouble they’re going through. This book has a way of making the reader glued to the book until they reach the end.

63. Can You Be Happy For 100 Days in a Row – Dmitry Golubnichy

An online viral movement launched in 2013, which challenges users to be happy for each day until they reach happy 100 days in a row. This guide book will help someone stay happy with simple directions by just making them feel something special.

64. The Girl With All The Gifts – M.R. Carey

A novel which anyone who loves zombie apocalypse books may find interesting since it’s different than all the other books out there. A dramatic yet personal touching novel that you can gift to anyone who loves horror and thriller books.

65. Furiously Happy – Jenny Lawson

In this book, the author has written about her own battle with chronic depression in a funny way; there is no way that someone won’t laugh when they read this one. Gift this book to someone whos going through a hard time. Reading this one will make them feel even they are going through a rough period, there is still hope they could be happy.

66. The Bride Test – Helen Hoang

A story about love and losing all that you love yet still healing yourself and getting back up again to be the person you wish yourself to be, regardless of how bad the situation you are in. This is a good novel by Helen Hoang that you could gift to any casual reader.

67. Pulp – Robin Talley

An excellent yet entertaining book with historical value to it. The books tell a story about a woman who fells in love with other women, stepping out of the comfort zone, the difficulties and challenges they have to face. This is one of the best LGBT books out there that anyone could read without taking eyes off the book.

68. Pretty Little Liars Book Set 1 to 4 – Sara Shepard

Everyone knows about the Pretty Little Liars television series, and this is the book set 1 to 4 of that was based on. You could gift this book set to anyone who likes to read casually since you won’t find anyone who hates this book set.

69. Nemesis – Phillip Roth

Everyone has doubt reading Phillip Roth’s books because when they look at the context, they think all those books are depressing reads, but they are not. They explain what real life is and rather than depressing all they do is uplift you. Nemesis is a story about a man who got caught in the polio epidemic during World War II; it’s a sad but beautiful read.

70. Another Moster at the End of This Book – Jon Stone

What awaits at the end of this yellow book? Another monster? Another beautiful journey of Grover and Elmo. This is one of the best children’s books of sesame street by Jon stone and would make the best gift for a kid.

Yellow Gifts for Friends & Loved One’s

source: instagram/@amazonnjackk

71. Journals & Goalbooks – Give your friend a small Journal to help her/him achieve their goals fast and be productive.

72. Calendars – Seeing a yellow calendar every day would be another thing that will help brighten up someone’s morning. If you could add a few personalized quotes printed on yellow cards to it to make it more interesting.

73. Wall Art & Hangings – Looking for something to give your friend whos moving into a new place or going to college? Consider gifting them some wall arts and wall decorations to help them make their dorm room look good.

74. Mugs – 

75. Jewelry – If you are giving the yellow sunshine box to your girlfriend as a birthday gift, then you might want to include jewellery, and that will show you how thoughtful you are.

76. Pillows – 

77. Yellow Water Bottles

78. Picks – Do you know how many guitar picks get lost every day? A lot. If your loved one is a guitar player, he/she will appreciate a few guitars pick more than anything.

79. House Plant Pot – Adding a house plant is a great way to naturally purify the air without spending much on an expensive purifier. Gift a yellow house plant for your lover or friends to help them add more house plants into their rooms.

80. Bracelets – Remind your friends that you always care for them, and all ways will be there for them. Gift your loved one a yellow bracelet that practically says “you are my sunshine”.

Yellow Clothing & Wearables

source: @liviosborne

81. Socks – 

82. T-Shirts –

83. Tank Tops

84. Pajamas

84. Wrist Watch – 

85. Shorts

86. Shoes/Sneakers

87. Masks – This cute PAUFOGA Active Carbon Mask is made out of cotton and has five active carbon filters which can help your loved one stay safe from polluted air and such.

88. Gloves – Put a small pack of yellow reusable gloves from Vgo into the box of sunshine. These are great for doing dishes, for painters, and even for gardening.

Yellow Get Well Soon Gifts

source: instagram/@starbardee

89. Teddy/Stuffed Animals – Giving a giant Teddy for as a get well soon gift will bring smiles to their faces. You could say that you won this at a carnival for them to make it even more thoughtful.

90. Coloring Books – A gift that most suitable for kids, one may think. That may not be true; there are a lot of adult coloring books you could gift someone as a get well soon gift to help relieve stress.

91. Essential Oils/Diffuser – There are a lot of essential oils out there with different health benefits and uses. They can help reduce headaches, anxiety even migraines.

92. Sleeping Mask – Sleeping is an important thing when someone’s sick and needs to rest up. Help someone sleep much better by gifting them a sleeping mask.

93. Aromatherapy Candles – An excellent way to help someone feel calm, relax, recharge themselves, lower anxiety & depression, and be more productive. Would make a lovely gift to someone whos going through a stressful time.

94. Salt Lamps – A natural air purifying method which also has a lot of health benefits such as reduce allergies and asthma, boost blood flow, raise energy levels. A Himalayan salt lamp is a great get well soon gift you could give.

95. Puzzles/Board Games – If your ultra-tech geek friend is sick, this would be a nice get well soon gift you could include in a yellow sunshine box.

96. Wipes & Tissues – Need an item to gift for your friend who quickly catches a cold? What would be the best get well soon item to put in a yellow sunshine box rather than tissues and wipes?

Yellow Self-Care & Beauty Gift Ideas

source: Instagram/@bluvlee12

97. Skin Care Kits/Sets

98. Bathing Accessories

99. Facial Masks – 

        • POSTA Gold Eye Masks
        • Que Bella Hydrating Pineapple Peel Off Face Mask
        • Sweet Chef Ginger & Vitamin C Sheet Mask

100. Creams & Moisturizer

101. Fragrance – 

102. Lipsticks/Lipstains

103. Sunscreens

104. Shampoo & Conditioner

105. Scrubs

106. Baby Care Items

107. Body Wash

108. Cleansers

109. Makeup Organizers – Caboodles On The Go Girl Yellow

Inexpensive Yellow Items to Gift

Looking for the best inexpensive gifts, you could put on a yellow sunshine box? This part is probably for you then. Take a look at the thoughtful gifts you could include in a yellow sunshine box to make it more attractive without spending a lot of money.

source: pinterest/@abbylajoice

110. Nail Clippers – This Toenail Cutter from Up&Up would be a pleasant and affordable thing to gift your friend inside a sunshine box.

111. Note Cards – If you are giving the sunshine box to a college student as a care package, don’t forget to include a note card pack, which is useful for them. This oxford yellow ruled notecard pack from Esselte is would be a great choice to go with.

112. Office/Fridge Magnets – These yellow Scribble office magnets can be used as refrigerator magnets as well as whiteboard magnets.

113. Sticky Notes – Help your loved ones remember stuff by just plain simple method, writing it down on Post-it sticky notes which are recyclable.

114. Happy Quotes – Gifting the sunshine box to someone going through a rough period? Why not give them these 365 days happy notes to help them smile and shine.

115. Balloons – Lift your loved ones by merely gifting these sunburst yellow latex balloons from Walmart.

Cute Yellow Things to Gift

Still, got some space left on the sunshine box? No worries. Why not try to make it more beautiful by adding some cute yellow stuff to it? These inexpensive yet cheap yellow things will make your sunshine box look much cute.

source: twitter/ @bailey_estep2

Yellow Sunshine Box Ideas

Now that you have gathered yellow things full of sunshine to put in a box of sunshine, all that’s left is to find something to put them on and decorate it best you can. Now let’s find out what you can use as a container.

There is a lot of yellow gift baskets online that you could buy, but just to make it exciting use something you already have or could find easily. Such as,

              • Wooden Box
              • Plastic Container
              • Wicker Basket
              • Watering Can
              • Laundry Basket
              • DIY Basket Ideas

You can use literally anything sturdy enough to hold all the gifts you’ve picked. If the container is not yellow cover it up with yellow wrapping paper or yellow scotch duck tape. Be sure also to use a box of sunshine printables on the outside of the container to make it more beautiful and put a smile on your loved ones’ faces.