Squaredmile is a website that provides lists of best gear and gadgets, electronics, supplies, maintenance information, furniture, advice, best digital tools, fashion ideas, health tips for office and home office owners/workers. Clusters to Heavy duty chairs, most interesting men and women fashion tips and products, relationship advice to earning and saving money advice – we consider all the things you might search. Squaredmile was founded in December 2018.

We provide the lists of this information after researching, testing and getting more information from users. Doesn’t know how to design your home office ; Need extra 500$ per month , does your family says you’re addicted to the job; Suck at office politics and any other matter; don’t know what to wear when you’re going to the workplace; finding a job is hard doesn’t know where to start?; We work hard to find the best solution for you. If the content you search for is not here, you can directly request it via email, contact form, getting in touch with us via social media.
We use a few best content writers and editors to make sure that our content is the best out there. But they are not aware of any of our business relationships or partners.Need the best deals.

How We Find the best products

Well, we focus on the product out there and picks the best products that may be suitable for many people. Who has time to go through 100 of products in too many categories these days? We pick best our there after researching and reviewing a few dozens of products. Everyone is different and has a different taste in everything. We try to find the best solution for everyone considering tons of factors, such as price, the best deal, personal taste and more.

How do we Keep ourselves afloat?

Once we get our content from the editors, we publish them on the site. After that sales staff picks the method of making revenue. This may include affiliates, advertisements, lead generation or sponsorships.

However, these methods DO NOT interfere with how we pick our best products in our lists or the information we provide. We use these to support our team, review more products and keep our office afloat and hopefully increase our reviews on many sides.
We are all about finding what is best and the perfect fit for you. We are here to save your time, money and your effort of reading tons of things making your decision thinking easier and effective.

If you still didn’t find what you were looking for or have something to ask, feel free to get in touch with us by using the contact us page.