16 Best College Clubs & Extracurricular Activities in College


Employers love to look at your resume for what types of soft skills you have and what type of extracurricular activities you were involved in as well as your educational qualifications.

So, Other than building skills and doing certification courses to build your resume, there is another thing you can do, that’s extracurricular activities and joining the clubs in college that you will love.

Getting involved in a college club, one that you might fit into, and even finding and choosing the clubs you want to join can be hard for some students. But if you really want to make an outstanding resume for yourself, you should get involved in them.

So, here is our list of the best clubs that you can join in your college to look greater in your resume.

16 Best College Clubs and Extracurricular Activities You Should Consider Joining to Impress Employers



If you are into sports like soccer, basketball or any other sport out there, you could get together with the students who are also into sports and make a sports team. Employers love students who balance both academics and extracurricular activities, but sports is something they would love since that shows that you are an active person.


There is a lot of work you can do for your college magazine or newspaper if you are into writing, designing, or editing. But be punctual and do not forget that you have to write articles or design or edit before the publishing time. However, if you would join a college magazine, you will automatically learn to finish your assignment on time, and you won’t ever have to deal with late assignment issues.


Don’t get the wrong idea here; debate teams are not just about political debates. Public speaking is a valuable skill that every student must have or build in their college years. If you have any debating experience before, no worries, this still would be a great fit for you. Even if you are not much of a speaker, you can join a debate team and work on your public communication skills.


Your college life will be busy for sure, but when you send your resume to your future employers, they will also take a look at what you did during your higher education years. One of the best things to put there is Public Service since most employers will be impressed by that since it shows that you are humane, kind, and not selfish. If you are not sure about what to do, participate in different types of public service opportunities and figure out what you want to do first.


Peer tutors are students pursuing different types of degrees. You can be a peer tutor if you are good at any subject, and the best thing is you don’t have to be a major education student. The great thing is most schools pay for you or gives you course credits for peer tutoring. Other than that, your employers will love to see that you can explain complex concepts to the people who don’t understand them well, and they will see how well you developed your skills. Peer tutoring also can help you develop your public speaking and communication skills.


Greek Life is something that will teach valuable employment skills from the start of your college life until the end of it. You will learn how to communicate and how to handle yourself in social situations during your sorority recruitment. As you get more comfortable and involved with your fraternity or sorority, you will be doing stuff like recruiting new members and even serve on committees. You will learn many skills like money management, event organizing, and coordination, leadership, and teamwork being in a sorority.


Do you want to build your resume and turn on your Shakespeare at the same time? If so, all you have to do is join your college’s poetry club and practice your poetry. Many of you might be wondering how poetry would help sharpen up your resume. These days many employers look to hire people with arts and humanities knowledge, and it won’t matter what field you are applying for.


Becoming a resident assistant in your college years can impress an employer than most extracurricular activities. Resident assistants have many responsibilities like counseling and conflict management that will help students develop their communication skills, time management, flexibility, and leadership skills, which will look great in their resume.


Orientation Leader’s job is to speak to the new incoming college students. You will spend a lot of time speaking to the new students as well as more event planning and socializing events. Becoming an orientation leader will help you develop communication skills as well as leadership skills, which will look much greater in your resume and your cv.


The theatre is not about just acting; it has much more responsibilities such as planning venue and music, organizing, planning lighting as well as production if you are up to it, you can do one or a few things. Theatre can make you a better person at multi-tasking as well as developing your communication skills, organizing, and planning skills.


A lot of students struggles to begin a start-up in their college years; a lot of colleges have entrepreneurship clubs to help students those students. Joining one you might gain a lot of knowledge and experience about starting a business from scratch, how to make products that help people, and doing a presentation, which will, in the end, help you develop your soft skills such as verbal public speaking skills.


There will be a lot of academic clubs related to the field you are going into if you already have an idea of what field you are going into. Like if you are an environmental major, you can join Environment Clubs. If you don’t have a major yet or not sure what you should get into, you could join pre-professional groups or communities that will help you decide what major you should get into. Joining an academic club related to your major can sell your resume since it will show your employer that you also have some experience, to begin with.


If you believe in something and if you are willing to fight for your cause, it can make your resume look much better than others since employers love people like that. Joining cultural clubs like Asian American Association can also make you look great on the campus as well as in the community.


If you are a college student who is on a tight budget, you might want to join a cooking club. Cooking clubs are most of the time will be funded by the schools, and you can get free foods for joining one, and all the ingredients will be provided for free. Also, you will learn how to cook; even if you have no idea about what to do, there will be people in the club that will help you cook.


It’s easy to miss your family, including your pets, when you are away on campus. So, there is one thing you can do if you love animals. You can join a club in college that helps pets and animals at nearby shelters or even rescues. Joining a pet club will make a huge impact on your resume since it shows how much humane and kind you are and that you’re not selfish or afraid to do something like that.


College is filled with students that have different ideas, some of them like to play esports, some will be joining sports teams. There is another thing you can do, that is traveling and exploring the outside, and that includes adventures like hiking, surfing, and more. This will help you explore the environment and even build personal skills like confidence, and employers love people like that.

In A Nutshell

When your employer sees your resume they won’t just take a look at your educational information, they will also take a look at how did you spend your college years. So, other than building professional skills like computer skills and putting them on your resume, do some extracurricular activities such as the above, also can help you sell your resume.

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