121 Best Fun Things to Do While Being Stuck at Home

best things to do at home while being stuck

Social distancing is vital to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, so a quarter of the world is at home right now.

However, it must be getting insanely dull for you to stay at home right now, not being able to carry out your life way that it was before.

However, there are things you can do to have a good time even at home until it becomes safe to leave your home, they will help you stay away from the boredom.

If you are here to see the best things that you can do when you are stuck at home, you’ve landed in the right place, and you are going to LOVE this(updated) guide.

We can guarantee that almost anyone can do these best home activities at least some of them.

You can go through the list and find the ones you have been looking for, and choose the best ones among them that suit your personality and lifestyle.

Let’s dive right in.

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Best Fun Things to do at home

01. Online Games – Team up with your friends online and play multiplayer games like Playerunknown Battlegrounds, Call of Duty or Escape from Tarkov.

02. Stream Video Games Online – Live Stream your gameplay using online services such as Twitch and Facebook Live.

03. Start a YouTube Channel – If you have a talent like graphic designing, singing, or something worth sharing with the people, you can start a YouTube channel.

04. Make Your Own Spotify Playlists – No matter how many awesome playlists Spotify has, they always have at least one song that you don’t like. It’s time to make your own Spotify playlist.

05. Learn to Dance – Do you have any dancing moves in you? Even if you do or if you don’t, find some new dancing moves that may be easy for you to learn.

06. An Adult Fortress – Who said building fortress at your home is for kids? Grab your pillows and blankets and make a place you could last longer.

07. Karaoke – Got some singing skills? No worries if you don’t. Have a karaoke at your home since no one listened to your voice before at your house.

08. Read Fictions – Go back to your couch and read one fiction or a few that you always wanted to read.

09. Watch an Opera – Watch free and live HD operas live streams by New York’s Metropolitan Opera at your home.

10. Puzzle Together – Stuck at home with your lovable ones? Take a puzzle, and when you are finished, go for another one if you are up for it.

11. Make Sushi – Can’t go out to have some sushi? Try some easy homemade sushi recipes.

12. Poker Game – Play some poker if you know how to if you don’t think you got time to learn it now.

13. Dance Party –  Turn on some music and dance like nobody’s watching.

14. Try a New App – Try some apps you wanted to try on the app store and find out if they have any value for you.

15. Movie Night – Turn your projector on and have a movie night.

16. Watch Sports Matches – No sports matches to watch? Find and watch some of your favorite old sports matches.

17. Go Through Your Old Stuff – Have some old stuff like books you could never figure out how to organize? As you go through them, you might have flashbacks about old memories.

18. Write a Poem – Take a pen and write everything that comes into your mind right now, then make a poem out of them.

19. Make Small Videos – Make some small video clips about how your life is right now and share them through social media.

20. Watch Performances Online – Even though the live concerts have been cancelled check social media, you may find that your favorite artists are live streaming right now.

21. Old Fashioned Monopoly Game – Not a fan of poker or any other board game, play a monopoly game for god sake.

22. FaceTime with Your Friends – Even though there is no way to meet your friends right now, that does not stop you from having a chat on FaceTime with them.

23. Virtual Picnic – Experience a virtual picnic without leaving the house and No Ants! Guaranteed.

24. Romantic Bubble Bath – Throw a bubble bath for yourself or take a romantic bubble bath with your partner.

25. Colouring Book – Be a kid for a while; no one would judge you. Find a coloring book and start coloring right now.

26. Try Legos – Try to make some Legos, you don’t have to make perfect ones.

27. Homemade Snacks – Try to cook some snacks at home and eat them with your family.

28. Watch Movies You Avoided – Gather the movies you missed and watch them one by one, and be sure to add a review since you have the time now.

29. Make Paintings – Never was an artist? That’s okay. Try to make some paintings of your taste.

30. Netflix Party – Use the Netflix Party chrome extension to watch Netflix with your friends.

31. Board Games – Got some board games like chess. Play them with your family and do a tournament if you have some board games skills. You can also try a board game mobile app.

32. Disney At Home – Watch Disney shows and movies at home with your kids, or take a virtual tour to Disneyland.

33. Theme Park Visit – Go on virtual tours to USA’s greatest national parks using Google Earth.

34. Google Home Mini – Figure out tricks of google home mini with the time you have.

35. Make a Scrapbook – Gather all of your old photos, organize them, and make a scrapbook.

36. Shop Online – Can’t go to the mall right now? Have an online shopping adventure.

Meaningful Things to do at home

37. Study – Continue your studies online and prepare for online exams better.

38. Social Media Cleanup – Had some unwanted or fake friends on social media? Get rid of them; the time has come.

39. Go outside and Listen to Music – Take your headphones and listen to music on your mobile while sitting outside.

40. Call Your Relatives – Show that you care about your relatives, make the call last a bit longer than usual.

41. Learn a New Language – Learn Spanish, French, or any language you want to learn. Language skills do look good on your resume, and you can impress people by getting fluent at them.

42. Listen to Podcasts – Find podcasts that you would love to listen to and learn new stuff from them.

43. For Dummies Books – Learn a new skill by reading a how-to or for dummies book.

44. Learn to Write Proper Emails – Take your time to learn how to write emails, especially formal email writing.

45. Find Your Life Goals – You don’t have any life goals? Find what you want to do with your life with this little time you have right now.

46. Learn to Play the Guitar – Who doesn’t want to play the guitar? Try to learn to play it; there are tons of lessons available on YouTube.

47. Try a New Music Instrument – Not a guitar fan, or are you an expert guitar player? Learn any other musical instrument you want to master, such as ukulele, piano.

48. Call-A-Friend – It’s time for the Call-A-Friend option. Give a call to at least one of your friends and see how they are right now.

49. Grab Free Stuff – A lot of services and apps went free due to the outbreak, try some of those apps before the free period is over.

50. Instagram Unfollows – Take this time to unfollow Instagram profiles you have no interest in.

51. Old Photo Albums – Go through your old photo albums and revisit those old golden memories.

52. Update Your Resume/Portfolio – Sharpen up your resume, CV, or portfolio. Be sure to add the new skills you learned during the pandemic.

53. Cook Books – Read some cooking books or online cooking recipes to learn how to make new foods. Then try them out if you are up to it.

54. Make a New Budget – Take a look at your current budget and make some changes to it.

55. Read a Biography – Read biography book you always wanted to read or listen to the audiobooks using Scribd.

56. Unwanted Newsletters – Check your emails and find unwanted newsletters you subscribed to. Then unsubscribe one by one.

57. Learn Calligraphy – If you are into designing, learn calligraphy. There are a lot of lessons on YouTube.

58. Training Your Dog – Never had time to train your dog properly? Take online help from people who have trained their dogs and train yours better.

59. Start a Journal – Happiness is the most important of our life, which will come to gratitude. Take the first step by starting your journal.

60. Read a Magazine – Pick a magazine that you always loved to read and go through the content. If you can’t find physical magazines, use Scribd free trial to get one.

61. Learn Magic Tricks – Who does not love magic? Everybody does. Learn some easy to master awesome magic tricks on YouTube.

62. Old Books and Magazines – Go through your old magazines and book collection. Read them, and if they are not useful to you anymore, try to donate or recycle old books and magazines.

63. Learn to Cook – Learn how to make a healthy meal, a study snack, or a late-night snack by yourself.

64. Watch Global & Local News – Be sure to update yourself about the current situation of the country and the whole world.

65. Virtual Walk on a Museum – Take a virtual museum tour by yourself or with your loved once.

66. Learn Graphic Design – Have you given thought into learning graphic design? Well, you have the time right now to learn it.

67. Start a Vlog – Start your quarantine time vlog, and upload it to YouTube or any other social media.

68. Animal Live Streams – Although the parks are close, you can still do virtual park visits from your home. Also, you could just sit back and watch animal videos or compilations on YouTube to calm your mind.

69. Learn to Sing – Try to go through the vocal exercises to find out your real singing voice.

70. Connect with Celebrities – A lot of celebrities have been actively helping people on social media like Facebook, Instagram.

71. Take Online Classes – There is a ton of learning content available on the internet right now, take some of those classes to gain some new life or professional skills.

Relaxing and Healthy Things to at Home

72. Workout – Can’t go to the gym right now? Try to do some home workout, and if you need help, there are tons of fitness services that went free due to the outbreak.

73. Listen to Classic Music – Classical music and focus music can help you focus on your work and help you stay healthy right now.

74. Eat Healthy Foods – Chocolate!!! Be sure to take some healthy meals and snacks while you are at home.

75. Living Room Yoga – No more yoga in the park? Take a yoga mat and help yourself for a Living room yoga session.

76. DIY Spa session – Why go to expensive sessions while you can do it home? Try some DIY home spa methods.

77. Meditation – Want to relax your mind? Start mediation since it’s one of the best ways to relax your mind.

78. Watch Aurora Borealis – Watch Northern Lights using Northen Light Live Cams.

79. Try Zumba – Sick of working out or yoga? Try Zumba for a couple of days to see if you like it.

80. Take a Nap – There is nothing like Sleep that will help you stay relaxed.

81. Pedicures – Give yourself an inexpensive but spa-worthy pedicure.

82. New Hairstyle – Try new hairstyles, you may find a one that looks good on you.

83. Make Face Masks – Use your old clothes to make face masks and donate them if you have extra.

Creative Things to do at Home

84. Recycle Your Old Books – Get rid of your unwanted old books. It would be nice if you could just give them away for someone who needs them instead of recycling old books.

85. Make DIY Crafts- Learn to make DIY crafts from the things you throw away, such as plastic bottles, old clothes.

86. Make a Movie – Use your camera or your mobile phone to make a short movie about anything you want.

87. Your Own Puppet Show – Make your own puppets and prepare for a performance that your family can enjoy.

88. Try New Recipes – Found a recipe for a food you never heard before? Try to make them according to the instructions.

89. Try Origami – Got some copy paper in your home? Make some origami animals just for fun.

90. Bake Cookies – Bake some cookies and eat them when watching a movie with your family.

91. Write a Short Story – Try to write a short story about anything you want.

92. Reinvent Yourself – Do you feel your life is meaningless? Maybe you should reinvent yourself if that’s going to help you be happy.

93. Publish a book – Write an ebook about a story you wrote. Publish it to Amazon Kindle; maybe you would become the best selling author.

94. Make Greeting Cards – When this is all over, you may want to send some cards to your relatives or friends.

Decorating & Organizing Stuff to do at Home

95. Repaint Your Walls – Give your walls a new look by changing the color. It would be a nice thing to do at home with your life partner.

96. Cleanout Closets – To keep your closets dust and mold-free, you should clean them at least once a month if you didn’t have the time before you should clean them now.

97. Clean Your Windows – Clean your windows regularly to brighten up the room and let the air in.

98. Re-Arrange Furniture – Try some new ways of the home and office furniture arrangement.

99. Make Wall arts – Paint something that you love on and have it framed once this is over.

100. Fold Your Clothes – Always keep your clothes organized, it’s a space saver.

101. Clean Your Purse – If you are worried about your purse’s condition, you should keep it cleaned.

102. Organize Your Room – Room’s messy? Everybody’s room is a bit messy. That’s okay, but you should keep your room organized and clean always.

103. Redesign Your Room – Try to rearrange and redecorate your room a bit. You might be able to even add a much nicer look to the room.

104. Clean Your Car – Can’t go on a long drive right now, but you ought to keep your vehicle clean.

Back Yard Activities to do Your Family

105. Start A Garden – Pick a location in your backyard and try to start a garden; survival gardening is a hot topic these days.

106. Play with Your Pets – Play ball or throw stick with your dog outside.

107. Picnic in the Backyard – Make some cookies and go on a picnic in your backyard with your family.

108. Backyard Camping – If you have a camping tent, go on a nighttime backyard camping trip.

109. Plant Trees – Tree’s and plants help us breathe every day, why not help them by planting more trees.

110. Movie Night out – If you have a projector, Bluetooth speaker, screen, and a power strip, why not have a movie night outside.

111. Water Balloons

112. Mini-Golf Course – 

113. Wall Decorations – Make some wall decorations from the things you throw away like old books and magazines.

114. Costume Party – It’s not Halloween yet. But that doesn’t stop you from having a costume party, does it?

115. A Time Capsule – Make a time capsule to hold your memories of this moment.

116. Plant Seeds

117. Outdoor Games

118. Tea Party – Have a tea party in the middle of your garden with your lovable ones.

119. A Performance – Sing a song, read a story, or take your puppet show outside, and entertain your family.

120. Make a Music Video – Singing and playing skills are better now? Why not make a cover of songs you love or one of your own?

121. Plan a Vacation – Make a plan to go on somewhere with your family once this pandemic is over.

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