Best 5 Geometry Textbooks in 2023


Geometry is one of the basic topics of mathematics which mostly talks about 2D shapes such as lines, circles, squares, and triangles. Geometry is mostly taught in 10th or 11th grade in high schools. And to learn mathematical subjects such as Trigonometry you need to have a better understanding of geometry.

Studying geometry may help you develop many foundational skills such as analytical skills, logical skills, and problem-solving skills. And many professionals such as engineers, loggers, doctors, and most people use geometry in their daily lives. If you want to self-study geometry, you ought to use the best geometry textbooks available today.

Best 5 Geometry Textbooks 2021


01. Painless Geometry

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  • Recommended for the ACT and SAT Prep
  • Practice Problems Included
  • A Great Self Studying Material
  • Affordable Price
  • Some concepts are not explained in depth

Painless Geometry is a geometry textbook from the Baron’s Painless Homework textbook series by Lynette Long. And it’s one of the most recommended mathematical textbook series for SAT and ACT prep.

The author has explained the concepts of geometry clearly so anyone could easily understand them. Even though some concepts are not explained in-depth, anyone could understand them by solving the given exercises.

A decent amount of quizzes and illustrations are given throughout the textbook to motivate the students. Compared to other geometry textbooks or mathematical textbooks, Painless Geometry is affordable. So, this geometry book is great for high school or college students or anyone who is self-learning to understand geometry painlessly.

02. Elementary Geometry for College Students

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  • Great For Self-Studying
  • Over 150 Practice Problems
  • Easy To Understand Concepts
  • A bit high Price Point

A geometry textbook is written by Daniel C. Alexander who is a college professor with 40 years of experience in teaching mathematics. It’s also one of the recommended reference textbooks for many college courses as well.

The author has made geometry concepts easy to understand for high school and college students. And more than 150 practice problems are included which students could use to test themselves and relearn concepts if needed. Elementary Geometry for College Students is another good geometry textbook for self-learners.

If you missed geometry in high school and you want to put more time to learn geometry in depth this is a good reference material to use. But compared to other textbooks if you are buying this textbook brand new it could cost you more than a hundred bucks. So, it’s not the best affordable geometry textbook in the market.

03. Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Geometry

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  • Concepts explained in depth
  • A lot of Practice Problems (every difficulty range)
  • Answers included (Solution Manual)
  • Reasonable Price (For the Textook & Solution Manual)
  • Not the best for self-learning geometry

A geometry textbook from 2 books set by Richard Rusczyk US mathematical Olympiad Winner, the founder of Art of Problem Solving (AoPS), and the author of many mathematics textbooks covering topics such as algebra, precalculus. Two book set includes the Introduction to Geometry textbook and the solution manual.

The author has taken a different approach to help the reader understand the subject in more depth. There are over 900 practice problems included in the AOP Introduction to Geometry in four categories which are section beginning problems, exercises, chapter review questions, and challenge problems. Section beginning problems are broken down into small parts and used to explain the fundamentals of geometry.

This textbook was most likely aimed at students who are taking mathematical classes. So, this wouldn’t be the best choice if you are trying to self-study geometry all by yourself. This textbook explains everything about geometry that middle school student has to know in-depth. So, it’s also suitable for college students taking advance mathematical classes as well.

04. Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge

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  • Used in High Schools & Colleges
  • Practice Problems Included
  • Solution Manual Available ()
  • Good For Self-Studying
  • Higher Price
  • Confusing Content Outline

  • 30 Years-Old Textbook

1991 Geometry textbook by McDougal Littell made for grade 9 and higher-level students. Even though this textbook is 30 years old it is still used in many high schools and colleges as a reference textbook.

Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge teaches the logic of geometry by proving them and includes a lot of practice problems. Doing the practice problems will help improve your geometric analytical skills and problem-solving skills.

Also, there is a Solution Manual for Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge, the solution manual available that will help you check your own work. This geometry textbook is good for self-studying geometry since the book explains everything step-by-step. However, the content outline could be a bit confusing for someone who is already in a geometry class.

This is a 784 pages textbook and it’ll take a while to go through it. Therefore, it’s not the best textbook for reviewing geometry in a small time. And for a 30-years-old textbook, the price of the book is a little high, but it’s money well spent if you are a complete beginner to geometry.

05. Geometry For Dummies 

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  • Best For Self Learning Geometry

  • Cheaper Price

  • Well Explained Concepts

  • Good For Reviewing Geometry Concepts

  • Few Practice Problems
  • Not Suitable for Advanced Geometry/Mathematical Classes

Geometry For Dummies is a book by Mark Ryan. As the name suggests, Geometry For Dummies is a textbook made for everyone that wants to learn geometry. Mathematical textbooks tend to have a lot of pages. But even though this textbook covers all the geometry concepts it only has 416 pages which makes this the best geometry textbook if you just want to review geometry concepts quickly.

However, there are only a few exercises included in every chapter. Therefore it may not be for you if you just want more of a learning by practicing an approach to geometry. However, you could also get the Geometry: 1001 Practice Problems for Dummies if you want more practice problems with step-by-step answers.

Geometry for Dummies could be the most affordable geometry textbook out there. Even though this is a great textbook for self-learners, it is not the best choice for students who take advanced geometry classes.

The Conclusion

Geometry is the foundation for many mathematics topics such as trigonometry, algebra, calculus, and more. So, mastering geometry in school is pretty important – to do that except for the class the only thing that will help you is doing more practice questions by referring to geometry textbooks.

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