Best 6 Laundry Hampers For College Dorm Rooms in 2022


Having dirty clothes piled up in your dorm room would make it look really bad much harder to stay organized. So, there should be a dorm hamper included in your “college dorm must-have list” without a doubt.

Laundry hamper bags come in various styles, designs, and various features different from each other. And choosing one could take some time, thus to save you a lot of time we have put together a small list of best dorm hampers for dorm rooms.

Best 6 Laundry Dorm Hampers For Dorm Rooms in 2021

01. CleverMade Collapsible Laundry Tote – Best Overall Dorm Laundry Hamper Bag

best dorm hampers

This CleverMade collapsible laundry basket and hamper with durable handles are perfect to keep in your dorm room. Especially, if you are not the person to do your laundry every day since it has a huge amount of space (almost two loads) to keep your dirty laundry.

When you are not using the hamper you could always fold it down perfectly flat and store it under your bed or in any small space. It also has a heavy-duty structure powered with a reinforced steel rim at the top and a rigid baseboard at the bottom which makes CleverMade Collapsible Laundry Tote the best overall dorm laundry hamper.

02. Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper – Best Affordable Dorm Hamper

best dorm hampers

This foldable dorm laundry hamper is the most durable and simplest laundry hamper for your dorm room. Since it’s a collapsible laundry hamper after using it you could always fold it and store it under your bed. And it only takes a couple of seconds to fold it and no effort is needed, or you could just twist it into a small circle.

The sturdy mesh build allows the fresh air intake and it will help you keep it clean by avoiding moisture buildup and odors. This hamper has two very durable handles which make carrying this hamper around very easy.

03. Chrisley 106L Collapsible Laundry Hamper – Most Spacious Dorm Hamper

best largest dorm hamper

If you need to keep your messy laundry away from sight until laundry day, Chrisley collapsible laundry hamper is the best laundry hamper you could choose for your dorm room. Inside they have used sturdy breathable oxford fabric which guarantees the durability of this laundry hamper.

The extra space makes this perfect for holding dirty laundry for a week. It has shoulder straps to help you carry it and when you aren’t carrying it you could just leave it standing up or hang it up on a door. Chrisley collapsible hamper’s drawstring design and button clasp will help you transport without dirty clothes falling all over the way to the laundry.

04. The Fine Living Company Drop Your Pants Here Hamper – Best Hanging Hamper Bag

best door hanging laundry hamper bag

This space-saving Drop Your Pants Here hamper bag is the best-looking hamper bag to use in your dorm room to keep dirty laundry. You could hang this on a door with the free two chrome door hooks you get with the hamper bag. Zipper on the bottom can be used for quick unloading when you are doing laundry.

The material used in this is way thicker and stronger, so it won’t have a problem holding all of your laundries. Although the material used is really good, the zipper is a bit worrisome since it’s made out of plastic. And it almost feels like it could break after using it for a few months. Other than that this would be a great hamper bag to hold your laundry in the dorm room.

05. Lifewit Freestanding Laundry Hamper – Best Large Standing Hamper Basket

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Lifewit Freestanding Hamper is made out of lightweight polyester with a PE coating interior to keep the clothes inside dry. This large dorm hamper could hold up to 72L worth of clothes and it also has a 100L version which is great if you do your laundry once a week. Collapsible design allows you to fold it and save dorm space while you are not using the hamper.

One unique feature this dorm hamper has is this could be carried by just holding the one handle. And when cleaning you should not use a washer and dryer since it could destroy the PE coating interior of this dorm hamper.

06. DII Coated Anti-mold & Waterproof Laundry Bin – Best Rounded Hamper Bin

best round laundry hamper for apartments and dorm room

This lightweight rounded shape laundry hampers bin from DII is waterproof and made with 100% cotton fabric. If you don’t like the rounded shape they also have a rectangle-shaped hamper in both small and large sizes. The hamper bin’s interior is anti-mold coated to make sure that there is no absorbing or leaking moisture. Also, this sturdy Hamper bin could hold a lot of laundry in it.

DII Anti-mold & Waterproof stylish hamper is foldable when not in use. However, when opening up after folding the hamper it could look like it’s wrinkled. Since this is a waterproof laundry hamper you could easily use a sponge and water to wipe if you want to clean it.

What To Watch Out For When Buying a Dorm Hamper

Keeping the dirty laundry in a laundry hamper rather than piling it up somewhere would make your dorm room look good and clean. However, when buying a laundry hamper for the dorm room there are a few things you might look out for since there are a lot of hampers out there.

Size & Storage

When buying a hamper bin you need to consider how much space of the dorm room or small apartment that it would take to keep it. And that will depend on the size of the hamper bag. Some hamper bins are foldable to help you keep them stored in small spaces like under the bed when you are not using it.

If you don’t have much space to keep it choose a small hamper bag or a large foldable laundry hamper. Also, you could choose a hanging hamper bag which could be kept on a door but they won’t be able to hold much dirty laundry.


Cleaning a hamper bag is a must because if you don’t it will smell really bad. When buying consider buying a washable hamper for your dorm room otherwise it would be a bit hard to clean it. If you bought a non-washable hamper bag then store’s page to see if there are any special instructions given.

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