Best Physics Textbooks in 2023

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Physics can be a hard subject to learn for us all – well at least on some levels. Learning physics starts in high school by learning about the application of motion, forces, and gravity. If decided to go for college-level physics courses advanced topics on electricity, motion, thermodynamics and more will be covered.

Even though these topics can be hard – or seems like you can actually learn them really fast and effectively by using one or a couple of good textbooks. So we’ve gathered up some of the best physics textbooks that are good for self-educators, high school, college, and even grad students – recommended by graduate school students for the next generation.

1. College Physics: A Strategic Approach

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College Physics: A Strategic Approach 4th Edition, authored by Randall Knight, Brian Jones, and Stuart Field, is a highly recommended physics textbook suitable for college, high school, and self-education. It effectively engages students by integrating real-world examples and connecting physics with other fields. The book fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deeper understanding of physics as the fundamental science underlying various phenomena.


  • Relevant and engaging content with real-world examples
  • Emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Includes supplementary materials like a solutions manual
  • The personalized learning experience with the Mastering Physics platform


  • Not a good physics book to refer to for high school students
  • The solutions manual and supplementary materials contain some errors

2. Physics (Masteringphysics)

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An excellent resource for algebra-based introductory physics courses in high school and college. It offers a problem-solving approach with real-world applications, making it accessible and engaging for students. Walker’s friendly writing style and clear explanations of complex concepts ensure a solid conceptual understanding of physics. The book’s extensive range of homework problems and examples provides valuable guidance for problem-solving.


  • Problem-solving approach with real-world applications
  • Friendly writing style and clear explanations
  • A comprehensive range of homework problems and examples
  • Available in two volumes for flexibility
  • MasteringPhysics platform enhances student engagement and personalized learning experiences


  • MasteringPhysics not included with the textbook
  • not suitable for advanced levels

3. Fundamentals of Physics

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Fundamentals of Physics 10th Edition by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker is a highly recommended textbook suitable for college, high school, and self-education in physics. The authors provide a comprehensive resource that fosters scientific reasoning and problem-solving skills. The textbook features clear explanations, ample practice problems, and “checkpoints” for reinforcement.


  • Comprehensive resource for calculus-based physics
  • Clear explanations and concise content
  • practice problems and “checkpoints” to keep the flow
  • New features like Video Illustrations enhance engagement
  • Suitable for college, high school, and self-education


  • Earlier chapters may feel less connected to important materials

4. University Physics with Modern Physics

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University Physics with Modern Physics by Hugh Young and Roger Freedman adopts a guided practice approach, helping students develop problem-solving skills and recognize patterns in different problem types. It provides an easy-to-understand and interesting approach to explaining concepts, making it a valuable resource for students at all levels.


  • Guided practice approach for problem-solving
  • Key Concept Statements and Key Example Variation Problems for improved comprehension
  • Clear explanations and high-quality printing
  • Wide range of practice problems
  • Suitable for high school and college or university-level physics courses


  • Can be an expensive textbook

5. Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide

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An excellent resource for self-learning basic physics concepts. The book presents complex topics in a practical and engaging manner, making them easy to understand. It covers a wide range of subjects, including Newton’s Laws, energy, electricity, magnetism, light, and sound. It contains clear explanations, frequent questions, and self-tests that aid in comprehension and self-assessment. The self-paced teaching style allows for gradual learning and progress monitoring. Unlike many textbooks, this one is suitable for high school, and college students, and self-learners.


  • Practical and reader-friendly approach to learning physics
  • Covers a wide range of basic physics concepts
  • Clear explanations and easy-to-understand language
  • Suitable for high school and college students, as well as self-learners


  • Some topics can be expanded

The Conclusion

Physics can be a tough subject to get around – but with a good physics textbook and going through some examples for each topic mastering physics is not impossible. So, above list of physics book recommended by the students who used them will help you ace the physics tests in high school, college and even in graduation school.

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