Top 20 Amazing Spotify Study Playlists to Listen While Studying


According to some people’s thoughts, listening to music while studying is a bad idea. That’s partially true because it’s tough to stop following the lyrics or humming the melody when you hear music that you love.

But there are types of music like instrumental music, classical music that helps you focus on your studies better and relieve stress. Here are the best Spotify study playlists containing tons of tracks that’ll help you study at ease.

Best Spotify Study Playlists for Long Study Sessions


1. Intense Studying

Created By – Spotify

The perfect playlist for a long study session that could be intense and stressful for your brain. It has about 215 tracks filled with classical pieces from artists like Bach, Chopin, and tracks by contemporary composers and artists like Aphex Twin. Intense studying playlist has about 2.3 million followers on Spotify and a run time of nearly 9 hours. The tracks on this playlist won’t make you sleepy since almost all of them have a moderately fast tempo.

2. Deep Focus

Created By – Spotify

If you keep getting distracted easily and want to focus on your studies or work, Deep Focus is the best Spotify playlist you should tune into. This playlist has 190 instrumental tracks from composers like Eline Moss, Jacob Yoffee with a moderate tempo. Deep Focus Spotify playlists run nearly 10 hours and have more than 3.3 followers on Spotify.

3. Superior Study

Created By – ctclaudiat01

Do not get distracted by the title; this is not just to help toppers study who studies more than a couple of hours a day. It has about 236 songs, including old piano tracks by Mozart and some modern pianists like Ludovico Einaudi. Unlike some other study playlist on Spotify, Superior study contains more than just piano tracks. It also has cello tracks, acoustic tracks. This user created playlist runs up to 15 hours and has about 1500 followers on Spotify.

4. Focus

Created By – Spotify

When studying something, all you need to do is focus on those hard for you to learn. Just Focus is one of the best playlists on Spotify that’ll help you pay attention to your studies better. This playlist has about 94 tracks, mostly piano music, with a moderate tempo that’ll help you focus. Just Focus has about 150k followers on Spotify and has a total running time of over 4 hours.

Best Instrumental Spotify Study Playlists


5. Instrumental Study

Created By – Spotify

With a collection of 288 soft study musical tracks with a moderate tempo and slow tempo, Instrumental Study Playlist has gotten over 1.4 million followers on Spotify. This is the best Spotify playlist to listen to if you have to study for a long time. Since this one runs up to 11 hours, you won’t get bored or sleepy.

6. Piano in the Background

Created By – Spotify

A calming piano playlist with nearly 1.4 million followers on Spotify is suitable for listening to while studying or working. Especially if you want to blow off some steam and relax, this would be a great playlist. Piano in the Background is filled with over 300 piano tracks, which run up to 14 hours.

7. Workday Lounge

Created By – Spotify

This playlist could be the best playlist that you could listen to while studying, working, commuting to work, or school. Workday Lounge has about 100 amazing tracks with awesome tones (not only piano) with a total running time of 5 hours. It has over 240k followers on Spotify.

8. Peaceful Piano

Created By – Spotify

Wouldn’t you love to feel drawn into a world that was created by peaceful piano sounds? Peaceful Piano with a total of 289 beautiful piano tracks such as Blue River, Der Wandervogal, Ripples will make you forget that you’re studying something tough to learn. This playlist has gotten over 6 million followers on Spotify, and if you are really stressed-out, this is a great playlist you oughta listen to.

9. Study Mix (No Lyrics)

Created By – Morgan Staub

For those who love to listen to instrumental covers of modern songs with awesome beats when studying, this is a great playlist to pick. The Vitamin String Quartet, Lindsay String, The Piano Guys, 2 CELLOS covers modern songs like “Back to Black,” “Let It Go,” “HeyThere, Delilah,” “Radioactive” and so on. This playlist has over 5000 followers on Spotify.

9. Acoustic Concentration

Created By – Spotify

Love acoustic instrumental tunes and want to listen to songs with no lyrics? If so, this Spotify Station has 61 acoustic string music such as “Sail On,” “dreamcatcher,” “Grace” that you won’t get tired of listening to. Acoustic Concentration runs for 6 hours and has over 550k Spotify listeners.

10. Study with the Piano Guys

Created By – The Piano Guys

The Piano guys have some awesome tunes on their Spotify page, and this is a playlist filled with those covers that are suitable for a study session. Study with The Piano Guys has about 25 songs with famous covers of “All of Me,” “Someone You Loved,” “Without You,” “Story of My Life,” and was able to get 21k Spotify followers already.

Best Study Beats & Chill Music on Spotify


11. EDM Study No Lyrics

Created By – Coffierf

Some of you may think that Electronic Dance Music is not your typical study music, so that it won’t work like instrumental music. Surprisingly EDM study music with no lyrics also could work for some students, especially athletes. This playlist has 58 EDM tracks and about 12k followers on Spotify.

12. Chill Lofi Study Beats

Created By – Spotify

Sometimes all you need is some beats on your head to wake up and focus on your studies. Chill Lofi Study Beats playlist has 195 tracks such as Latitude, Lost Town, Ocean, which has the perfect study beats. Playlist got nearly 650k Spotify followers and has 11 hours worth of cool study beats.


Created By – Amber Charnaudi

Another fantastic study beats playlists with 126 songs from music producers and artists like Eric Lau, Sleepdealers. It also contains a few Jazz tracks like Life’s Perspective, PAPA. NO LYRICS! has gotten nearly 20k likes on Spotify and has a total running time of 5 hours.

Best Spotify Study Music with Lyrics (For Study Breaks)

spotify music with lyrics for studying

14. Chill Tracks

Created By – Spotify 

Sometimes it could get a little bit rough to listen to instrumental music or classical music. And you want to change the playlist even for just a few minutes in your study breaks. Chill Tracks has over 150 soft-beat songs that make you want to dance for a while and more than 3 million followers on Spotify. But do not let this Spotify study playlist distract you from your studies.

15. Pop Study

Created By – Spotify

Music can sometimes distract you from your studies, but sometimes study music without words can bore you. If that happens, you should turn to a Spotify playlist that contains music with words such as Pop Study. This playlist contains over 60 moderate-tempo pop songs from artists like Calum Scott, Lewis Capaldi, OneRepublic, and James Arthur. Pop Study has over 300k Spotify followers and nearly 4 hours of run time.

16. Brain Food

Created By – Spotify

Not that kind of brain food you eat, but better than most of them. Brain Food playlist is the best one you could pick to help you study better while listening to music. It contains over 100 tracks from slow tempo to moderately fast tempo with many piano/synth riffs. Brain Food has gotten over 3.3 million followers on Spotify, with over 5 hours of run time.

17. Study Vibes

Created By – Spotify

Need a change of music? Why not turn to the chilled electronic music containing words that’ll help you study without getting bored easily. Study Vibes contains 51 songs from artists like Sofi Tukker, Postcard Boy, and TWO Lanes with nearly 3-hour playtime. This playlist already has more than 280k followers on Spotify.

18. Totally Stress Free

Created By – Spotify

You could easily get stressed out when studying, especially a subject that seems hard to you. And if you want to distress Totally Stress Free playlist is the best playlist that would do that without distracting you too much. This one contains 100 songs from artists and bands like Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles.

Best Classical Spotify Study Playlists

classic music playlists

19. Study: Classical Concentration

Created by – Falwriting

Everybody used to listen to classical music while studying, but not many people listening to classics now. Study: Classical Concentration on Spotify has about 50 classical tracks, including famous ones such as Nuvole Bianche, Autumn Moon on a Calm Lake. The playlist was able to get 15k followers on Spotify.

20. Classical Music for Studying

Created By – Maestro Music 

Classical music is the best genre you could listen to while studying since it has many benefits, such as helping focus better, relieve stress, and boost your memory. Classical Music for Studying is another great Spotify study playlist with over 65k followers you ought to listen to while studying.

In A Nutshell

Making your own Spotify study playlist is the best choice, but it also takes a lot of your time. Choosing the wrong type of music also can distract you from your studies. On these  Spotify study playlists, you may find one or a few that should help you study without distracting you. And you are in a study group discuss and make a playlist that everybody likes to study with. A good playlist will be able to help you focus on your studies and memorize the content much easier.

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