50+ Easy Couple Halloween Costume Ideas for 2022


Halloween is coming soon and preparing for it must be somewhere around your mind right now. And the costumes for Halloween day could change the whole experience of Halloween.

We’ve put together a list of easy Halloween couple costume ideas that will be rather easy to recreate and creative. These costumes will help you turn more than a few eyes on your matching costumes at the Halloween party.

DIY Last-Minute Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

01. Captain & Mermaid

source: Pinterest/@icodinach

Captain and Mermaid is the perfect Halloween costume for a couple, especially if you are here picking a Halloween costume at the last minute.

02. Rachel & Ross From Friends

source: instagram/@caitlynnlawson

“You were over me? – When, When were you Under me”

If you are a fan of the Friends tv show, you may remember this scene. Why not copy this look for the Halloween Party, bet many will recognize you there.

03. Men in Black 

source: instagram/@ka0riir0

This could be the best last-minute couple Halloween costume and the most affordable one since you might already have what you need to pull this off.

04. Till Death Do Us Apart

source: @itsgabdiaz

A scary Halloween couple costume idea that’s a little bit creepy. And you may need some makeup to pull this one-off.

05. Mario and Luigi

source: instagram/@princess_tavarez

Pretty sure this is the best couples Halloween costume for Nintendo players. And it’s pretty easy to dress as Mario & Luigi since you only need red & green t-shirts, blue overalls, and matching hats.

06. Safari Couple 

source: camillestyles.com

Dress up as a fearless safari guide couple for a Halloween party. And you might find these in your closet if you are lucky.

07. The Burglars 

source: Pinterest

You could absolutely wear this for a Halloween party at the last minute if you got two black and white striped t-shirts and eye masks.

08. NHL  Player & Trophy

source: Pinterest

If you are or were a Hockey player or crazy about Hockey, this costume would be the best couple costume you could wear for any kinda party.

09. Prison Break

prison break halloween couple costumes ideas pinterest
source: instagram/@zuzjab

Nobody hates prison break. And it’s rather easy cosplay that you could recreate just by using a couple of orange jumpsuits.

10. Addams Family

addams family couple halloween costume
source: instagram/@pudge_ransom

Dressing up as Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams from the Addams Family is another last-minute easy Halloween costume you could enjoy.

11. Up From Disney

disney up costume for couples
source: @blancaandbrandonphotography

Disney’s up costume as Carl Fredricksen and the house with some balloons tied together. This may be one of the best DIY Halloween couple costumes on this list.

12. Barbie and Ken

source: Pinterest

“Come on barbie, let’s go party!!!”

If you both got blonde hair then Barbie and Ken is easier to recreate with a pink dress and a shirt as well as a pink scarf and a headband.

13. Gossip Girl

gossip girl halloween costume for college students
source: Pinterest/@brendances

Remember Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl? Pretty sure you do since they are that much of an unforgettable couple.

14. Ellie Sattler & Alan Grant from Jurassic Park

jurassic park themed halloween costume cute couples pinterest
source: instagram/@gliocas_

Many of you may remember the very first Jurassic Park film in 1993. If you do then you will fall in love with idea that going to a Halloween party as Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant set out for an adventure.

15. Jack Skellington and Sally

source: jacoblordi.com

If your man is tall and you are short compared to him, then you may be able to bring these two characters out from the classic movie Nightmare before Christmas.

16. Napoleon and Deb

easy halloween couple costume napoleon
source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a cute last-minute Halloween couples costume then Napoleon and Deb from Napoleon Dynamite is another good costume to wear to a Halloween party.

17. Peterpan and Tinkerbell

peterpan and tinkerbell couple costume for halloween
source: instagram/@jillybeanconnor

Tinkerbell and Peterpan were both great college Halloween costumes that young people loved. When put together they may also create a great cute couples Halloween costume.

18. Skeletons

skeletons easy scary halloweens couple costume
source: craftedbeauty.co

Skeletons would be everywhere on Halloweens day, but no one would be expecting you to be dressed as skeleton groom and bride.

19. Twins from Shining

twins from shining halloween costume ideas
source: instagram/@cospositive.cosplay

“Come play with us, forever and ever – and ever”.

If you are looking for a last-minute scary couples Halloween costume this is perfect. And if you put some fake blood on the dress you may actually scare someone on the Halloweens.

20. The Corpse Bride 

source: Pinterest

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride inspired couples to costume for Halloween and you may need some makeup replicate.

21. Pumpkin Heads

pumpkin heads halloween costume for lazy couples
source: instagram/@doradynov

Jack O’ Lanterns are a big part of the Halloween decorations. This may be the easiest couples Halloween costume that you could copy in the last minute.

22. Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny

bugs bunny and lola bunny cute halloween couple costume
source: instagram/@thebrookediaz

Who’d thought Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny costume would be a sexy couples costume that you could recreate with just a pair of tank tops and bunny hats.

23. Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf

little red riding hood costume
source: pinterest/@savannahmoats

The Little Red Riding Hood is a famous story that everyone has heard in their childhood, but it is also perfect for a couple whos looking for a sexy yet scary halloween costume.

24. Netflix and Chill

netflix and chill halloween costume diy
source: tallglassoffashion.com

Who said you can’t have both outside fun and “Netflix and Chill” at the same time.

25. Waldo and Wenda

waldo halloween costume for college couples
source: Pinterest

“Waldo and Wenda” from the Kid’s series Where’s Waldo is another great college couples Halloween costume that you could copy even at the last minute.

26. Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole

Bert Macklin and Janet Snakehole
source: Pinterest

A funny couples Halloween costume that you could copy in minutes that will make you Burt and Janet from Parks and Recreation comedy series.

27. Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch couples costume
source: Pinterest

Another Disney-inspired easy couple Halloween costume that is perfect for a young couple and a good college Halloween costume for a couple to wear for a college party.

28. Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable 

kim possible and ron stoppable comedy halloween couple costume ideas
source: instagram/@utexjess

Anyone would recognize at the party as characters from Kim Possible even without Rufus.

Easy Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas

29. Alien & Astronaut

source: Pinterest

“Okay, Houston, we’ve had a problem here.” Another easy & eye-catching Halloween costume for a couple.

30. Mr. & Mrs. Incredibles 

mrs and mr incredibles halloween costume for couples
source: instagram/@amandaselzer
“Honey, where’s my super suit?”
Incredibles are here to save the day with a fun Halloween costume that is perfect for a couple.

31. Mario & Princess Peach

source: annadanigelis.com

Rescuing Princess Peach was the main objective of Mario, and you may be able to just do that on  Halloweens day. Also, if you didn’t like going to a Halloween Party like Luigi & Mario this would be great.

32. Topgun

topgun costume for halloween couple
source: Pinterest

You two can be two aviators from the Topgun movie if you have a pair of green jumpsuits.

33. The Purge

Source: @paige_amy

Looking for a scary yet easy couple costume to go to a Halloween party? Then this costume inspired by The Purge could be the one you’re looking for.

34. Devil and Deamon

angle and devil couples halloween costume easy and scary
source: instagram/@eeriexfaerie

Devil and the Deamon is an easy scary Halloween costume idea for a couple if you have the time to do the proper makeup.

35. Batman & Catwoman

batman and catwoman halloween costume
source: Greg Larro

Dress up as the most powerful superhero Batman “Bruce Wayne” and “Selina Kyle” the Catwoman for Halloween to solve the crime at Dark Night.

36. Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast costume for halloween
source: @melasbb12

37. Frankenstein and Bride

frankenstein and bride halloween scary couples costume
source: instagram/@elenaserenamorena

38. Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam

lady liberty statue and uncle sam costume
source: instagram/@mamawild3

39. Double Stuff Oreos

double stuff oreos costume
source: Pinterest

When it comes to Halloween costumes, it doesn’t always have to be a scary one.

See these double stuffed Oreos – yummy aren’t they?

40. Beetlejuice

beetlejuice funny couple halloween costume ideas
source: instagram/@staygoldlilly

Lydia in the red dress and Beetlejuice are classic characters that won’t go unnoticed at a Halloween party.

41. Aladdin and Jasmine

aladdin and princess jasmine cosplay for halloween
source: instagram/@karimmina.noloc

Jasmine and Aladdin are the perfect college Halloween costume idea that anyone could recreate with a little time they have.

42. Devil and Angel

devil and angle costume for couples
source: instagram/@jocelynrhyder

Angel and the Devil in the Halloweens day together, what could go wrong?

43. Hunter and Deer 

hunter and deer couples costume for a party
source: instagram/@lucy_and_lorenzo

Deer and the hunter is another simple yet awesome couples costume for the halloweens day.

44. Tooth and Tooth Fairy

tooth and toothfairy costume
source: instagram/@goosam

If you are looking for a DIY last-minute couples costume, Tooth Fairy and Tooth made out of pillows could be just what you are looking for.

45. Mary Poppins and Bert

Mary Poppins and Bert easy halloween couple costume
source: instagram/@shelsterphotography

46. Moon King & Sun Queen

sun queen and moon king got halloween costume ideas for couples
source: instagram/@jaclynneanne

These two created their own version “Sun Queen and Moon King” which is the perfect cute couples costume for a halloweens party.

47. Joker and Harley Quinn

Joker and harley quinn halloween costume ideas pinterest
source: pinterest

“I’m bored play with me” – Harley Quinn and Joker could be the most amazing couple Halloween costumes you going to see from Suicide Squad.

48. Coca Cola and Captain Morgan

couple halloween costume ideas pinterest 2021
source: Pinterest

Coke and Rum, a brilliant cocktail – or is it a brilliant couples costume idea for Halloween.

49. Spiderman & Venom

spiderman and venom halloween costume ideas
source: instagram/__santina82393

Spiderman and the Venom costumes may be the most favorite Halloween costume that you could turn into a couples costume idea in an instant.

50. King and Queen of Hearts

diy halloween couples costumes creative pinterest ideas
source: Pinterest

Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts from Alice in the Wonderland is another perfect costume which others will be impressed with.

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