Absolutely Scary Halloween Costumes For Women

women scary halloween costume woman

Halloween is all about having fun, being spooky for a while, and making lots of happy memories with the people we love. A spooktacular Halloween adventure with these awesome women’s scary costumes! Dressing up can be so much fun, especially when you become a little spooky character.

So we’ve put a list of scary Halloween costumes for women which have amazingly scary costumes that you could wear to go to a party. Don’t worry, these costumes might give you a little shiver, but they’re all good and fun!

Best Horror Halloween Costumes for Women

Maleficent costume with horns and cape


Adorn Maleficent’s unmistakable horns, create her beguiling with dark makeup and flowing black gown to captivate everyone with your charm. Your transformation into the mistress of all evil will add an air of magic and allure to the festivities, leaving an indelible mark of enchantment wherever you go.


frankensteins bride scary halloween costumes for girls

Frankenstein’s Bride

With meticulously designed black and white hair, carefully stitched details, and an enigmatic aura, your ghostly presence will electrify the atmosphere of Halloween. As you embody this tragic yet alluring character, you’ll evoke a sense of curiosity and fascination, becoming a living embodiment of a classic horror tale that’ll resonate with all who behold your haunting beauty.

evil jester woman halloween costume
Source: California Costumes Store

Psycho Jester

Combining chaotic colors, twisted makeup, and a maniacal grin, you’ll create a look that simultaneously captivates and chills, ensuring an unforgettable impression on all who cross your path. Your transformation into this deranged character will blur the lines between fascination and fear, making you the embodiment of the darker corners of the human psyche and a standout presence in any Halloween gathering.

the nun costume halloween plus size

The Nun

Drape yourself in “Nun’s” chilling habit, featuring ghostly features and an aura of darkness that’ll send spine-tingling shivers through anyone who encounters your haunting presence. With each step, you’ll evoke a sense of foreboding, channeling the sinister energy that defines this iconic character and making this Halloween a truly unforgettable and eerie experience.

pennywise from IT halloweens scary costume ideas
source: instagram/@chexama


Pennywise, the iconic clown of terror – any woman can pull this one off with fiery red hair, sinister makeup, and an unsettling aura, ensuring a night of haunting memories. Your portrayal of Pennywise will cast a shadow of fear and unease, making you the focal point of Halloween conversations and captivating imaginations long after the night is over.

red riding hood costume for halloween party
Source: Leg Avenue

Red Riding Hood

Wear the iconic red hood that symbolizes innocence and adventure, while carrying a woven basket, embodying the spirit of the classic character. This costume blends nostalgia and charm, inviting everyone to relive the enchanting story and adding a touch of timeless magic to the festivities.

morticia addams gomez family costume

Morticia Addams

You could dress as the iconic matriarch of the Addams Family with Long black hair, elegant gothic attire, and enigmatic allure. Embrace her haunting charm and dark elegance as you captivate the night with your mysterious presence, becoming a living embodiment of a classic and beloved character.

Source: @paige_amy

The Purge

Wear scary masks and dark clothes that show chaos and tension from a strange world. Your costume will make people feel a little scared and interested, making them remember it and feel a bit spooky.

chucky women halloween costume scary adult
Source: Spirit Halloween


Dress like Chucky for Halloween with overalls, a striped shirt, and red hair. Hold a toy knife and smile for fun. You’ll look like Chucky, who’s a bit spooky but not too scary. It’s mostly costumes made for kids but there is no rule saying adults can’t enjoy a Chucky costume even if you are a woman.

Curse of La Llorona costume
Source: Rubie’s

La Llorona

La Llorona, is the haunting tale of a ghost dressed in a long white dress and a mysterious veil. This costume embodies the legendary ghostly figure, adding a chilling shiver to the atmosphere and making the story come alive.

Spooktacular Creations Adult Women Scary Scarecrow Costume
Source: Spooktacular Creations


Become a scarecrow, the most famous Halloween figure in the movies! Wear patched clothes and add a straw for a field-inspired look. Your friendly and slightly spooky outfit brings a touch of countryside charm to the festivities.

fun shack Corpse Bride Costume
Source: fun shack

Corpse Bride

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride with a tattered wedding dress and pale makeup. It would have an enchanting appearance that captures the bittersweet essence of this character, infusing Halloween with a dash of dark romance.

amscan Adult Alice The Psycho Costume
Source: amscan

Alice The Psycho

It seems like you’re looking for a Halloween costume that stands out, especially at a college Halloween party. For instance, take the innocence of Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” and mix it with a twist of psychological horror which will give you the perfect Halloween costume for a party.

The Conclusion

Didn’t those costumes look amazing? Halloween is such a special time when we can pretend to be someone spooky or silly, and it’s all okay! Remember, behind those scary Halloween costumes with masks and makeup are still our friends and family, having a great time together.

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