What Does SAT Stand For?


If you are a high school student thinking about applying to colleges after high school graduation there are a couple of tests you might have to take.

SAT test is one of those tests you have to take to before college admittance. The SAT is the most frequently taken standardized test for college admissions in the United States.

Have you ever wondered what does SAT stand for? – If so, let’s find out what it really means in this short post.

What Does SAT Originally Stand For?

The SAT test was introduced in 1926 and has been used in the United States for over 90 years. It was used to measure a student’s college-specific skills. The SAT acronym back then stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test.

However, the word aptitude means “the natural ability to do something” which didn’t really represent the SAT test since students had a chance to learn the subject rather than naturally know the subject. Therefore, in 1993 College Board decided to change the acronym SAT to Scholastic Assessment Test and divide the test into two parts called SAT 1: Reasoning Test and SAT 2: Subject Tests.

However, the word “assessment” meaning was the same as “test” which turned the meaning of the Scholastic Assessment Test into the Scholastic Test Test. Therefore in 1997 College Board decided to make changes to the test again.

What Does SAT Stand For?

In 1997, College Board changed the name of the test back to SAT, with “SAT” having no meaning. Even though SAT went through a couple of changes the “SAT” acronym still does not have any meaning to it.

SAT Acronym Meaning – FAQ

What Does SAT Acronym Stand For?

SAT Acronym stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test originally and it was changed to Scholastic Assessment Test in 1990 by College Board.

Has SAT always stood for Scholastic Assessment Test?

No. Originally it was introduced as Scholastic Aptitude Test and it was changed to the Scholastic Assessment Test after the College Board changed the test in 1990.

Why did the name change for the SAT?

The meaning behind the SAT acronym didn’t make any sense. Therefore College Board decided to change the “SAT” Acronym’s meaning.

What Does SAT mean Now?

The acronym “SAT” does not have any meaning now after the changes made in 1997 by the College Board.

Conclusion – What Does SAT Stand For?

Originally, SAT stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test and it was later changed into Scholastic Assessment Test. However, after the changes made into the SAT test in 1997 the acronym “SAT” has no meaning and it is just SAT.

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