10 Things You Could Do to Cope with the Isolation


These days most you hear on social media or news is about COVID-19 outbreak and how it has terribly impacted our life. Schools and workplaces have been closed down, and the authorities have advised us to stay at home until it becomes safe to go outside.

However, studies and working never did stop, well at least for most of us. Right now, either you are working from home or studying at home since most schools and universities have started delivering course materials via the internet.

Hearing about COVID-19 every day and dealing with isolation while working or studying at home can affect our mental health as well as our physical health.

Down below you can find ten steps that you could take to cope with the isolation these days.


01. Sweat it Out

Just because the gyms are closed it does not mean you cannot still stick to your workout routine. Even if you have no home gym, you can still try some home workout routines or something like Yoga, Barre, Pilates or Zumba.

Famous fitness gurus have been doing youtube lives to help the people stay at home while sticking to a good home workout routine. Also, there are a lot of fitness apps has gone free due to COVID-19.

02. Your Four-Legged Friend

Spend time with your pet can help you deal with the isolation, and you can show your pets how much you have missed them. Take them out for walks (but stay close), play around the backyard and give them the attention they need.

You got no pets; no worries comb through the internet and find some awesome funny pet compilation videos.

03. Stick or Change Your Routine

Regardless of what news you hear about COVID-19, you cannot give in to all that craziness. Continue your daily routine, even if you have to remove some things in your daily schedule.

If you did not have a study plan or work plan before, use the time that you have right now to create a productive study schedule.

04. Go outside

It kinda sucks when you cannot go shopping in the mall or go on long walks or go to a movie theatre to catch a new movie that just dropped in. However, isolation does not mean that you need to remain in a one-room 24 hours a day.

So take a short walk around the neighbourhood or in your backyard at least to get some sunlight, that might help you cope with the isolation.

05. Talk to Your Friends

Isolation does not mean that you cannot stay in contact with people you know. Maybe physically, but you can always contact them via social media or using apps like messenger, WhatsApp or Viber.

06. A New Hobby

You may have hobbies such as playing games online, painting or singing. While continuing those hobbies you have, you can always add a new hobby to that list. Pick a hobby that you are passionate about, and you can stick for a long time.

Try out some good hobbies like starting a youtube channel, a quarantine vlog or something like gardening. Here are some tools that went free during coronavirus outbreak, take a look and grab the ones that will be useful to you.

07. Learn Something New

Skills such as communication skills, computer skills or playing a musical instrument are essential in college and when you are applying for jobs.

Trying to learn at least one of the skills you need to have for your career or the skills you wish you had would be a productive thing to do and a great way to cope with the isolation at home right now.

08. Read from The Couch

By doing this, you can have fun and learn something new at the same time, and you don’t need to go to a library to get a book now. Amazon Kindle and Scribd offered their subscriptions for free during this pandemic to help people stay at home.

So, by grabbing one of those subscriptions you could read or listen to a book from your couch.

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09. Check Out Free Apps or Services

How many free and paid apps that you have seen on Google Play or Apple Store, or services and subscriptions on the web that you always wanted to try.

Here is some good news, some companies have offered those paid subscriptions and services for free during the COVID-19 outbreak. Grab the ones you always wanted to try and enjoy them for free.

10. Be Honest with Yourself

Isolation can be hard on yourself, so taking care of your health is vital during this time. However, it is even much harder to admit that you have health issues, especially mental health issues.

If you are having dark thoughts, you should not keep lying to yourself and do not keep your family in the dark if it does not help you should seek professional advice.

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