12 Best Dorm Room Headboard Ideas

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The school-issued dorm furniture, especially the fundamental dorm bed you get, would not be much comfortable as you would have imagined. As a student, you would sleep and even sometimes read in bed. So, you may have to allow some of the dorm student budget to add some bedding such as a college dorm room headboard, and a comforter to make it comfier.

Best College Dorm Room Headboard Ideas

There are many headboard ideas in various styles, colors, and more options that would go with your ideal dorm room ideas. However, picking one of them would sometimes be a bit hard. So, we have put together a small list of dorm-friendly headboard ideas -specially made to mount on the dorm bed easily without needing any tools.

01. LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard

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This is the most dorm-friendly, comfortable headboard for dorm rooms, compatible with most dorm bed frames. It is completely customizable with three tufting styles and six colors which will give your dorm room a nice modern look.

In addition, it is made with good quality material and has an additional wall mount which gives you the option to mount it on the wall. And installing the headboard is pretty easy since no assembly is required, and it comes with a lifetime warranty (for spot cleaning only).

02. WOWMAX Large Reading Headboard Pillow

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Dorm beds come in mostly Twin XL sizes, and even if your school-issued bed already got a headboard or not, Woomax Large dorm headboard pillow would help you read in the bed more comfortably without a doubt.

This bedrest pillow comes in fifteen colors, and adding this to the dorm bed basically makes your dorm a comfortable couch where you could sleep and study comfortably. The Wowmax headboard pillow is made with high-quality material and portable as they come, as a plus, it’s effortless to clean.

03. Silverwood Powered Headboard For College Dorm

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The perfect dorm bed headboard comes in five different colors. And it can be attached to the wall easily by using four removable strips. It’s also able to sit within the metal frame of the dorm bed. However, this can’t be attached to the metal frame of the dorm bed.

Silverwood Headboard has two 5V USB ports on the top and a power outlet to power up the USB ports, which can be used to charge your phone without even getting out of bed.

04. Prepac Astrid Twin Headboard

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This headboard will help you save more space by letting you store books. Of course, you could always add photos, and house plants to add a great look to your dorm or keep healthy dorm snacks on top of it. Prepac Astrid bookcase headboard comes in three color options.

The bookcase can fit over 70 books, and it is effortless to clean the headboard by just wiping it with a clean cloth. But, unfortunately, it will take some work (not much) to assemble the headboard. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, you could always order it with expert assembly.

05. Beveled Corner Curve White College Dorm Headboard

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ir?t=skillerx55 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0957XDRK7The perfect white dorm headboard that will just easily wedge between your dorm bed frame and the mattress. If you don’t like the white color, you could always cover it up with a fabric or any dorm tapestry you’d like. This sturdy and ultra-comfortable Beveled dorm headboard is lightweight, so it is straightforward to carry, and you could install it yourself since no assembly is needed.

06. Intelligent Design Cotton Headboard Pillow Cushion

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This headboard pillow is a very nice way to add more look and comfort to the school-issued dorm bed without actually buying the actual thing. And you would also be saving some money from the college dorm budget.

All you got to do is place the pillow on top of your bed, and you got a nice comfortable bed with a headboard. As a plus, to clean the headboard pillow, all you have to do is machine wash it gently.

07. MeMoreCool Rectangular Headboard Pillow

dorm bed headboard pillow

MeMoreCool’s durable and easy-to-clean reading pillow is another good twin xl headboard for the dorm room available in nine color choices. Super soft material and great neck and back support make this pillow a nice comfortable headboard. This will help you read in bed and sleep much more comfortably after a tiring day at college.

08. Modway Lily Tufted Faux Leather Headboard Twin XL

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Apart from being a DIY customizable headboard, this one comes with seven adjustable height positions. This Modway headboard is the perfect upholstered twin headboard for a college dorm room, especially for vegan college students. The tufted design will add a nice look to the room, and the good quality material used would ensure long durability.

09. South Shore Furniture Twin headboard for Dorm

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A cool-looking white headboard with storage space to place small items such as photos, books, and houseplants. If you want a pure white-looking dorm bed, this is another good option. Assembling this headboard takes two people and would need some tools. However, you get 7 days of support that you could use and a 5 years warranty for this white dorm headboard.

10. College Bedding DIY Dorm Headboard

diy dorm headboard for college dorm room
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Ultra-comfortable thick DIY dorm headboard from DormCo that can easily wedge between your dorm bed frame and the twin/twin xl dorm mattress. If you already have dorm room ideas that you want to play with, this would be a great headboard since it’s fully customizable to your liking.

11. Art3d Peel and Stick Headboard 

dorm headboard stickers stick and peel
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These peel-and-stick headboard stickers are rather easy to install and way costless options for a headboard. And anybody who sees it will be easily tricked into that you own an expensive-looking dorm headboard. Art3d water-resistant peel and stick-panels come in grey and white, and they are great for sound insulation in the dorm room.

12. Zinus Jessica Modern Studio Upholstered Metal Headboard

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ir?t=skillerx55 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B073QZXMGTA very basic, affordable metal headboard for the college dorm room that is easy to assemble. It’s only available in two color options, and you also have the option to buy their mattress, which is sold separately. This would match any dorm look, and the 5-year worry-free warranty Zinus provides is also great. However, if your dorm mattress is not at least 6 inches tall, there will be a reasonable gap that you have to deal with.

The Conclusion

Choosing a good dorm headboard could be a very personalized choice, according to the college dorm theme and your preferences. However, the above bed headboards for dorm beds are the best ones for college students.

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