30 Last Minute Halloween Party Snacks (Easy to Make Recipes)


Thinking of throwing a Halloween party at the last minute? Bet you are pretty much worried about what type of easy Halloween party snacks to make to serve your guests. You know what they say about “a party without food isn’t a party at all.”

Since this is Halloween and you want to impress your guests, buying snacks from Walmart won’t help you. But there are easy Halloween party snack recipes out there that you could make in less than 30 minutes.

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Halloween Party Snacks (Easy To Make Recipes)

It does not matter how easy the snack recipe is if it could not be made in like an hour when you are having a Halloween party at the last minute. And you might not even have an hour if you still haven’t done any Halloween decorations. But you could make these snacks under 30 minutes and at some would take an hour to be ready to serve.

Make & Serve in 1-30 Minutes

01. Yogurt Banana Pops – The most Healthiest and one of the best easy Halloween snacks you could make in just 2 minutes, and all you need is greek yogurt, banana, and chopsticks to make ’em. (via midgetmomma)

02. Dracula Dentures – Dracula and the Vampires are the only ones invited. (via The Girl Who Ate Everything)

03. Mummie Brie – Cheese topped mummie brie pastry that will haunt your friends at night forever. (via sodelicious)

04. Pumpkin Deviled Egg – One of the Easiest Halloween appetizers made out of hard-boiled eggs. And it only takes 10-15 minutes to make these babies. (via Tasty)

05. Jack-O-Lantern Cheese Quesadillas – You know what they say about Halloween, it’s a day that you can play around with food. Why not do that by making these awesome 5 minutes cheese quesadillas. (via midgetmomma)

06. Monster Bark – Best snack you could make in just five minutes and still impress friends you’re having over at your place. (via liluna)

07. Pumpkin Pie Dip – 10 minutes to make fluffy and creamy pumpkin pie dip to serve with graham crackers cut into pieces. (via cookingclassy)

08. Tangerine Pumpkins – For the people who do not like sugar-filled snacks or candy, pumpkins made out of oranges would be the best snack. (via brendid)

09. Halloween Lollipops – Still want some more DIY candies? These reddish lollipops would make a nice addition to your Halloween party. (via midgetmomma)

10. Boonana Ghosts – A paleo Halloween snack made out of banana, coconut butter, and popsicle sticks that would be ready to serve in 10 minutes. (via allthenourishingthings)

Make & Serve in 30-60 Minutes

11. Enchanted Brooms – Fun Halloween snack made out of fruit rolls and pretzel rods. (via Womansday)

12. Witch Finger Cookies – It’s creepy to eat witch finger cookies, which basically looks like someone’s fingers, but it will be a fantastic snack to serve at a Halloween party. (via SimplySoGood)

13. Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats – For a spooky dessert instead of making a Halloween cake, why not make a bunch of these Rice Krispie Treats?. (via prettyprovidence)

14. Strawberry Ghosts – Fruity Halloween ghosts made out of strawberry and chocolate chips covered with a vanilla coating. (via candiquik)

15. Apple Kabobs – Serve candied apples wrapped in chocolate coating instead of letting ’em eat just apples. (via HomeMadeInterest)

16. Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus – Easy to make healthy dip recipe that vegans will fall in love with. (via thehealthyfamilyandhome)

17. Mummy Cookie Balls – A Halloween version of cookie balls decorated as mummies. This could take more than an hour to prepare cookie balls but totally worth the time (via kraftwhatscooking)

18. Monster Sandwich – How about spooky monster sandwiches instead of just serving a salad on rolls. (via tasteofhome)

19. Mummy Dogs – Halloweens all about spooky Halloween costumes and candies right? but what about both packed into one. (via Pillsbury)

20. Brownie Spiders – Most people are scared of spiders, how about letting them eat these cute chocolate spiders. (via tasteofhome)

Halloween Cake Ideas (Less Than 60mins To Make)

21. Spiderweb Cake – You probably have seen too many spider web decorations on Halloween, but have you ever seen a Halloween spider web that’s edible? (via SugarHero)

22. Ouija Board Cake – Wanna communicate with a ghost on Halloween? What’s better than to use an Ouija Board Cake do that. (via Not Quite Nigella)

23. Mice Cakes – Let’s freak out Halloween party guests by letting them eat tasty but still spooky mini mice cakes. ( via The Cake Blog)

24. Buried Alive Cupcakes – No bake easy to make cupcakes look like a buried alive person trying to come back to life. (via cutoutandkeep)

25. Cake Pops – Simple to make cute cake pops ready to serve at a Halloween party, decorated as pumpkin, mummy, or spider web. (via Sothern Living)

26. Meringue Bone Cake – Chocolate buttercream cake covered in meringue bones that is so simple to make. (via preppykitchen)

27. Frankenstein Cake – Perfect Halloween dessert, a chocolate cake creatively decorated as the monster, Frankenstein. (via BettyCrocker)

28. Pumpkin Cake Graveyard – Craved pumpkins iconize Halloween, but what about a pumpkin cake graveyard? (via foodnetwork)

29. Witch Cake – Not only a scary-looking cake but also a somewhat funny witch cake with spooky decorations. (via womansday)

30. Halloween Bundt Cake – Colorful easy to make Halloween cake made of orange and black layers and colorful icing drizzles. (via LittleDairyOnThePrairie)

In a Nutshell

When it comes to having a last-minute Halloween party, you only got a little bit of time to focus on making snacks and food. Pick a few recipes that could be made in the time you have left, and if you could ask someone to help you out with the food or the decoration,o you could make more snacks. And if you know more easy Halloween party snack recipes, let us know.

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