Eating Chocolate before an exam (BOOST YOUR MEMORY)

chocolate before an exam while studying

Did you know that the food, drinks, and snacks you take when you’re close to an exam affect your exam performance? It’s pretty much unbelievable, but it can and does affect your test score. There are healthy and affordable study snacks, foods, and drinks that students can eat without any problem at all.

While studying for an upcoming exam, reading notes and books can be overwhelming. Due to the stress, it’s possible that you won’t remember that much at all. It’s harder to study and memorise under the pressure of the exam. So, the brain foods that help you memorise can be a great option to help you prepare for the exam.

Eating Chocolate can boost your memory


Chocolate is a great snack that you can eat while studying or when you’re preparing for an upcoming exam. The cocoa in the chocolate contains properties such as flavonoids. Studies showed that Flavonoids help your brain and your heart. Eating chocolate before an exam can improve your brain function because it boosts your blood flow to the brain.

Aside from helping your brain to memorise chocolate will help you focus and will improve the functions of the areas of the brain that will help you study. Chocolate won’t stop at helping you study; it will protect from many brain-related medical conditions such as dementia and strokes. Also, eating chocolate can actually help you lose weight.

The greatest thing about chocolate being a great study snack is that it won’t be just in one flavour or one form. You can get chocolate drinks and bars with flavours like mint, raspberry. Eating chocolate before an exam will help you remain healthy, boost your memory, and study. It will make you prepare for your exam better and help you get a high score.

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