116 Services That Went Free (or Discounted) Due to Covid-19 Outbreak

ree services discounts coronavirus

Life got much harder after the coronavirus breakdown for everyone in the world. Social distancing became necessary to stay safe from the virus and to help prevent the spread.

As of this moment, most companies have sent their employees home and set them up with work from home systems, schools announced closures and they started delivering academics via the internet, public places such as restaurants, bars closed to maintain the social distancing.

When you have no work to do at home it does feel great, doesn’t it? Yes, but when you have little too much time on your hand – it can affect your mental health and physical health.

That’s why a lot of companies like Google, Amazon have offered their services for free and some for insanely enormous discounts for the lads who are going insane due to the boredom at home.

So, if you could not find anything useful to do around your home, this will be an excellent chance to try these free services.

There are a lot of them here, so take your time and filter through to find the services that may be useful to you. You won’t regret it.

Let’s dive right in.

Stay in Touch


01. Comcast Comcast is giving away all of its customers free unlimited data for the next 60 days due to the covid-19 outbreak.

02. Sprint Sprint is upgrading its customers with an existing data plan to unlimited for the next 60 days, and they are offering their customers an additional 20GB worth mobile hotspot data for free.

03. Mint Mobile Mint Mobile is giving away Unlimited Free Data add-ons until May 14 for Mint Mobile Customers to help them stay connected to the community.

04. T-Mobile T-Mobile is upgrading its existing customers to get unlimited mobile data for the next 60 days if they have a current mobile data plan.

05. Speeko A public speaking coaching app for health-care and public health professionals and free resources to the public.

06. AT&T – AT&T removed its broadband internet service usage caps, to make sure that their customers who are over the limit won’t be charged overage fees.

Free Online Storage and File Sharing

dropbox offers free space due to covid-19

07. MeeroDrop Transfer files online for free, to help the people who work from home MeeroDrop extended file capacity to 10Gb and data can be accessed for three months.

08. Dropbox For Non-profit organizations and NGO’s dedicated to fighting Covid-19 dropbox offers free Dropbox Business Plan and HelloSign Enterprise subscription.

09. Box Free 3 months access to Box Business plan, which allows you to share files securely and other features such as unlimited storage, mobile access, and advance security reports.

Online Communication Services

10. Loom Pro –  Screen recording platform removed the recording limit on their free plan until July 1. They also have lowered their pricings on their pro subscriptions.

11. Krisp –  Krisp is a noise cancellation app which helps you remove background noises from calls. They are offering all users free 120 minutes of noise cancellations per week. They have also given free unlimited access for students, teachers, and health-care and government workers for the next six months.

12. Jamm – Jamm is a video call platform that allowed free four-month access to its services, which will be useful for remote workers during this pandemic event.

13. Google – Due to the covid-19 outbreak, Google is offering advanced hangout meeting video-conferencing features to all G Suite and G Suite for Education users for free.

14. GoToMeeting – GoToMeeting is offering free three months free access to LogMeIn products for Healthcare professionals, education institutes, Municipalities, and non-profit organizations.

15. BlueJeans – BlueJeans offers free 90-day access to its video conference service to first responders and Non-Governmental Organizations.

16. Bloomz – Bloomz has made its premium version free until June 30 to all schools to allow users to communicate in real-time.

17. Lifesize – Cloud-based video collaboration platforms offer a free six-month license for all the organizations that were hit hard due to the coronavirus.

18. Intermedia – Intermedia offers free video conferencing until the end of 2020.

Read or Listen to Books For Free

19. Amazon Kindle Unlimited – Amazon Kindle Unlimited is offering a free two-month subscription to the new and returning readers, and They have over a million free titles of e-books and audiobooks.

20. Scribd – World Largest Digital Library is offering a free 30-day trial for new users to give an unlimited reading experience for their users for free.

21. Apple Books – Apple has released e-books and audiobooks for free to help people kill the boredom while staying safe in their houses during the coronavirus lockdown.

22. Guggenheim – The Guggenheim Museum is offering over 200 modern art books available to the public which you can download as PDF or read them online.

23. National Emergency Library – Internet Archive announced the National Emergency Library on March 19 2020, to help the students and teachers access a large library for free without going through a waitlist.

24. Audible – Audible by Amazon is offering free access to kids for streaming a lot of stories to help them stay active, focused and engaged.

Unlimited Free Entertainment

ree services discounts coronavirus

25. CBS All Access – CBS is giving free month access to the CBS All Access subscription which has more than 20 Titles in their library including Star Trek Picard, Blue Bloods, NCIS and Man with a Plan. You can grab this using the gift code “GIFT”, and the offer is valid until April 23.

26. HBO – HBO is making 500 hours’ worth of programs which includes free titles such as Sopranos, True Blood, The Wire, Detective Pikachu. It’s available for free via HBO Now, and HBO GO starting from April 3, and you do not need a subscription, they are available via  HBONOW.com or HBOGO.com and their mobile apps.

27. Movie Everywhere – Movies Everywhere is an app that brings your purchased movie collection altogether. They have added a screen pass that will allow members to lend their movie collection to their friends or family.

28. Shudder – Shudder a streaming service that streams mostly thriller and horror movies, offers free 30-day access to the titles they have. Grab this using the promo code “SHUTIN”.

29. Sling T.V. – Sling T.V., an American Internet T.V. Service is offering access to on-demand movies, television shows, Entertainment for Kids, ABC News Live for free on a temporary basis due to the coronavirus.

30. Acorn TV – Acorn TV that has many British dramas and comedies always has offered a 7-day free trial, but due to this pandemic even they are offering an extended free trial for 30 days. Use the code FREE30 to get the offer.

31. Amazon Prime Video – Amazon offers Amazon Prime video subscription for free for 30 days that allows you to watch a ton of T.V. shows, movies.

32. Fios T.V. – Fios T.V. customers will get 30-day free access to select premium channels in Fios T.V. including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz starting from April 1.

33. NBA – NBA is offering NBA League Pass Free for 30 days and no credit card required to grab the offer. You can access NBA League Pass content until they resume the season when it becomes safe.

34. NHL – NHL have decided to make 2019-20 NHL Regular-season games full replays available to stream on-demand, and you can access them via NHL.com and NHL app and NHL Live in Canada.

35. Netflix Party – Install the Netflix Party chrome extension and have a nice long distant movie night with your friends and family. It’s totally free.

36. SiriusXM – SiriusXM is offering free access to their 300+ channels worth streaming service for North America until May 15.

37. Sundance Now – Sundance Now has extended their 7-day free trial to a 30-day free trial due to this pandemic event, you can grab it using the code “SUNDANCENOW30”.

Live Performances and Music

38. Nightly Met Opera Streams – The New York City Metropolitan Opera started streaming live opera performances.

39. Live on Social Media – Musicians have started live streaming live performances via Instagram and Facebook. Take a look at your favourite musicians on Facebook and Instagram pages to see if you have missed some of them already.

40. Berliner Philharmoniker – Orchestra based in berlin offers more than over 600 of their performances free for 30 days. All you got to do is use the code “BERLINPHIL”.

41. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra –  While the Australian opera is closed to the public, they have live-streaming their performances on Youtube.

Start A New Hobby

42. Zencastr – Start and host your own podcast using Zencastr’s basic Hobbyist plan, which is free until July 1.

43. Brit+Co – Offers access to all of their online classes for free where you can learn to make DIY crafts, design and much more. You can claim the offer until April 9 using the promo code “SELFCARE”.

44. Know-How Series –  Creative writing and Branding mixture class by Frolic media company, is free until the outbreak ends.

45. Nikon –  Nikon’s online photography classes are now free, and you can access them via Nikon School until April 30.

46. Final Cut Pro X & Logic Pro X – Apple offers 90-day trials to their video and audio editing apps.

47. iKaossilator –  Download the iOS or the Android app from the Korg, and start making your own music using a single finger, offer is valid until March 31.

48. Minimoog Model D – Download Minimoog Model D iOS app from Moog Music and use your iOS device like a synthesizer.

Take Care of Your Health

49. Barre3 –  Barre3 workout class is offering a free 15-day trial for non-members during this pandemic event. You can get the offer using code “BARRE3HOMEBOY”.

50. Tracey Anderson Method – Tracey Anderson Studio offers a 2-week free trial which gives you access to their online workout classes for free.

51. P.volve – P.volve online fitness platform is streaming 15-20 minute workouts on Instagram and youtube. If you have missed them already, you can sign up for a free 30-day streaming trial using the code “OnePvolve”.

52. Blink – Blink Fitness is hosting free virtual fitness class on Facebook live weekdays at 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

53. FitOn – Free access to workout classes via the FitOn app that covers workout from various styles and techniques.

54. Down Dog Yoga – Down Dog offers all of their apps for free until May 1, which will give you access to their yoga guides and video library.

55. Nike – Nike training club app has a lot of free workouts created by professional trainers which you can use to improve your workout at home until it is safe to go to the gym.

56. Pure Barre – Pure Barre Studio offers free 30 days access to Pure Barre Library when you use the promo code “EXTENDEDTRIAL”.

57. Obe – Obe Fitness is currently offering a 7-day free trial for users which you can use to access daily live classes and over 4000 workout videos.

58. Planet Fitness – Planet Fitness is live streaming at-home workouts for free via Facebook daily starting at 7 p.m Eastern Standard Time.

59. Physique 57 – Physique 57 barre studio offers a 7-day free trial that gives access to its online on-demand classes for its users.

60. CorePower Yoga – CorePower Yoga on Demand offers free access to a large collection of their online classes via CorePower Yoga On Demand.

Check this Ultimate Guide to Staying Fit While Traveling if you want more information on how to stay healthy at home during this pandemic.

Relieve Stress at Home

61. Talkspace – Talkspace is offering 100$ off from all of their pricing plans with the code “1004U”, and they plan to provide free therapy for health-care workers.

62. Dark Noise – A simple yet powerful app that helps you sleep, focus or relax using ambient noise. Usually, the app costs 3.99$ in the store, but the developer has made the TestFlight beta available to anyone for free.

63. Aura – Aura, a meditation app, offers a free 3-month subscription, which you can use to access meditation, life coaching, inspiring stories and music using the promo code FINDPEACE2020.

64. Headspace – A meditation up which has over 60 million users worldwide, is currently offering free subscriptions to U.S. health-care workers until the end of 2020.

Free Food Deliveries

65. Uber Eats – Uber Eats waives off delivery fees for all of your orders from more than over 100000 independent restaurants in the U.S. and Canada during the covid-19 pandemic.

Clothes and Wears

66. Draper James – Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s clothing brand is giving away free dresses for teachers across the U.S. to show gratitude for the work they do during the covid-19 pandemic. Teachers can fill out this form with their school I.D. to grab the offer, which is valid until April 5.

67. Crocs – A Free Pair for Healthcare initiative of Crocs hope to provide health-care workers with a free pair of comfortable clogs until their supplies last, which you can grab every day at 12 p.m eastern standard time via their website.

Keep Learning New Stuff

68. Skillshare –  Skillshare offers a 2-month free trial to their course library, which you could use to learn skills such as design, crafts, animation, and coding.

69. Coursera – Coursera is an online learning platform that has access to a lot of free courses and paid certification courses by famous colleges. They are offering over 400 Ivy League courses for a limited time period during the coronavirus outbreak.

70. Edx – Edx is another learning platform similar to Coursera, which has a huge collection of courses that are free for students.

71. Cambridge University Press – Now, students can access the library of college textbooks, journals, and references by Cambridge University Press for free until the end of May.

72. LinkedIn Learning – LinkedIn is offering free business courses and materials via LinkedIn Learning for free.

73. General Assembly – General Assembly offers free intro class into coding during the covid-19 outbreak.

74. News-O-Matic – Until June 30, Students and Schools can access News-O-Matic for free. But first, the teacher has to fill out a form to create a News-O-Matic account, then the teacher can create a class and set logins for students.

75. Kahoot – Teachers and School or Education Institute admins can access Kahoot’s distance learning tools for free during the coronavirus outbreak.

76. Moz – Moz academy offers all of their courses for free due to this pandemic to help the community. You can grab it using the code “wegotthis”.

For Students, Kids and Schools

77. U-Haul – College Students can now access 30 days free self-storage from U-Haul when you sign up with your college ID.

78. Adobe Creative Suite – Adobe Creative Suite offers free access to Creative Cloud until May 31 for college students. To get the offer, your school or college should have an active adobe plan.

79. Khan Academy – Free online learning platform Khan Academy offers more learning resources for students.

80. PBS Kids – When you subscribe for the PBS Kids newsletter, you get to access daily released educational games and activities for age 2-8 kids.

81. Verizon – Fios customers can get the Verizon’s offer, 60 days free access to educational resources, games and tools which include Chegg and Quizlet. Yay!

82. Scholastic – Scholastic’s Learn at Home website is offering free daily online courses for Pre-K to Grade 6 Students.

83. Outschool – Until the end of 2020, Outschool is offering free access to its online classes for public school students.

84. Panopto – Panopto offers three months free access to capture and share videos for businesses, colleges and schools.

85. Lunch Doodles – Children’s book author Mo Willems is hosting online sessions called Lunched Doodles for kids, which you can access via Kennedy Center Education youtube channel.

86. Caribu – This app help kids connect to a virtual playdate with Caribu, similar to FaceTime, but it has activities such as drawing, playing games and even reading books. It’s now free for a month; you just have to download the app.

87. Skillshare Students – Skillshare decided to let students access skillshare for free using a .edu or .k12 email address(school verification) during this pandemic.

Gaming Deals

88. Epic Games – As usual Epic games are giving away free three games per week, so this week you can get Drawful 2, Gone Home, HOB and Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments(Soon).

89. GOG – GOG is giving away 27 P.C. games for free which includes games such as Cayne, Beneath a Steel Sky and Ultima 4.

90. Amazon Prime – If you are an Amazon Prime Subscriber you can get Earthlock, Kathy Rain, Etherborn, Ligthtmatter and Turok five P.C. games worth over 100$ for free.

Services and Software For Remote Workers

91. Humu –  To help you work from home, Humu, a company, specializes in productivity of remote working is offering free short, scientifically made email suggestions for remote workers to make their work easy and productive.

92. Zoho – Zoho offers their app collection for free until July 1, which has a lot of tools including video conferencing tool, document sharing tool and Cliq team chat tool that remote worker may find useful.

93. Wrike – Wrike, a work management tool’s Professional Edition, has gone free for the next six months due to this pandemic event.

94. Workplace – Facebook offers their paid version of the social network, Workplace fore free to government agencies and emergency services for the next 12 months.

95. Challo – Challo’s collaboration app CafeX’s has made free until July 1 due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

96. Avaya – Avaya a video conferencing tool offers their Business and Power Tiers to any customer free access to Spaces video and chats platform for 30 days.

97. GanttPro – A project management software, GanttPro is offering their service free to health-related charitable organizations until August 15.

98. Microsoft – Microsoft is offering premium versions of their Team collaboration tool for free as a part of the six-month free trial offer for Office365.

99. Slack – Slack, chat app made their apps premium version free to anyone who directly provides support to Covid-19 research, mitigation, or response.

100. Vonage – Get access to 3 months’ worth of free business communication service from Vonage for education, health-care professionals, and non-profit organizations in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

101. Dialpad – Cloud-Based phone system, Dialpad Talk Pro is free for two whole months which includes video conferencing and UberConference Business.

101. TechSmith – TechSmith is offering free licenses to their Snagit Screen Capture tool and TechSmith Video Review software until June 30.

102. Nimbus Note – Nimbus is offering free access to the Nimbus Note Business Plan, which can help you simplify your work and bring your team together even at a distance for the next few months.

103. Ribbon – Ribbon communications offer a free [email protected] license for free through June 30.

104. Kissflow – 14-day free trial to their SaaS-based workflow automation and business process management tool.

105. Clarity Wave – ClarityWave is offering 3 months of free access to their employee engagement software. Their software helps businesses to ensure employees stay focused & engaged while working remotely.

106. JottfulJottful is offering small businesses & self-employed folk personalized guidance on the best technology and people to get your business not only online, but to succeed. In addition, Jottful is also offering free marketing services!

Online Marketing and Support Tools

107. Creatio – Creatio former bpm’ online offers their customer centre edition for free until October 1 to the organizations in the front line fighting against the covid-19.

108. Benchmark – Simple yet powerful email marketing tool Benchmark offers a free trial that may help you create email campaigns and send them at ease.

109. HootSuite – Small businesses and non-profits now can access HootSuite Professional for free until July 1.

Security Software and Services

110. Bitdefender – One of the best security software out there, Bitdefender offers 12-month free access to Enterprise-Grade security for all health-care organizations.

111. Kaspersky – Six months Free licence to one of the leading security software there is. Kaspersky Security might just help you upgrade your cybersecurity.

112. 1Password – To manage your workforce, share logins safe from anywhere 1Password offers free six months to their business plans.

113. SecureAuth – Security features like Risk-based Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA), Single Sign-On(SSO) and Phone Fraud Prevention, SecureAuth has made their Intelligent Identify Cloud package until December 15.

114. OneClick – Three month worth free remote access to OneClick’s basic starter package for those who are currently working from home due to the outbreak.

Other Services

free services during covid-19 for healthcare professionals

115. Delta – Delta announced that they would be providing eligible medical professionals to fly for free to certain areas of the United States, which are heavily impacted due to the outbreak.

116. Novoresume – A resume making tool is offering their premium resume templates for free for one month due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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