Gamification of Fitness: Practical Time Saver When Exercising


Ever felt not motivated to get yourself through the treadmill for more than a few minutes? Or feeling tired or not doing enough compared to others and trainers at the gym?

There are things you could do to stay motivated while working out if you want to stop feeling that way. All you have to do to overcome this is to make a few changes to your workout.

Gamification of fitness is just one way that works really well for anyone who has an electronic device like a smartphone. Using a fitness gamification app may or may not cost a few more bucks, but even if it does it is totally worth it since it will help you stay healthy.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is an old term that was introduced by Nick Pelling back in 2002; however, until a decade late, this term was not used. Gamification simply means converting non-gaming systems into a game that has game mechanics such as a scoring system, challenges, and even rewards.

How Does Gamification Apps Help in Fitness?

As you already know, rewarding yourself can keep you motivated to do almost anything, and the reward can be a small thing like a snack or a more extended study break.

Just like that, Gamification fitness apps use game mechanics to keep you motivated throughout your workout until you reach your target by adding game techniques such as scoring systems, rewarding. Competitions and personal challenges.

So, here are some of the best fitness gamification apps to help you turn your workout into a game.

fitbit gamification of fitness apps

Best Gamification of Fitness Apps Examples That You Could Start Use Right Now


The longest-staying fitness app in the app marketplace due to its constant updates and simplicity.

Fitbit will help you keep track of your daily fitness activities such as how many steps you walked, the number of calories you burned, set your sleeping goals, nutrition goals, track weight, and even measure your hydration levels.

This app allows you to share a view of your workout or a self you took when you were working out and send it to the followers or your friends on any social media platform, email, or even through texts.

FitBit will always give you a gentle push towards your goals using notification, and when you reach your milestones and objectives, you will earn badges as rewards.

Games are the best when you can play with them with your family or friends, through Fitbit challenges, Fitbit has allowed you to compete with our Fitbit-equipped family and friends.


Gaming mechanics are not enough to motivate some people during the workout. They sometimes just need a little bit of distraction from the fact that they are exercising to get it done.

Unlike other gamification fitness apps Zombies, Run! It provides an excellent experience to the users by giving a feeling that you are being chased by zombies using different missions, music.

The app also offers interval training and help when working out in the gym or outside. Zombies, Run! has more than over 200 missions, award-winning stories, and about 1 million users so far. To survive the zombies, all you got to do is get out and run – be sure not to let the zombies get to you!!!


Teemo is an iOS fitness gamification app that helps you to stay motivated and turn your spare minutes into simple and effective workout minutes. Unfortunately, Teemo is not available on the android Appstore yet.

This app simply puts you on a workout adventure, and you don’t have to be alone since you can also invite your Facebook friends to take on the adventure with you while challenging each other.

Teemo has ten workout adventures you could choose from while focusing on strength, endurance, and flexibility. Collect rewards as you go forward with your workout adventure to boost your motivation.


Fitocracy is a gamification fitness app that is mostly focused on community competition game mechanics to motivate people to exercise. However, just unlike in most gaming apps

Fitocracy treats every workout as a mission to help you to go through them and stay fit, and of course, a reward will be waiting at the end of the mission – which literally will help you stay focused on workouts and feel accomplished.

This is a free fitness gamification app, and they also have a coaching plan that costs 1$/day. Using the coaching plan, you could access more missions, and you can choose a coach who can help you reach your workout goals.


Nike+Run Club app is one of the best gamification fitness app so far. Nike has collaborated with headspace to make sure that you take care of your physical and mental health at the same time by using the Nike+Run club app.

What motivates you better other than a game is someone telling you constantly that you can do it. This app will always motivate you to exercise and track your progress and even get personalized coaching.

You can also invite your friends to run with you and even compete with them by hashtagging your specified goals.


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