What is the Highest SAT Score Possible?

what is the highest sat score possible

SAT is one of the most famous college entrance exams taken by millions of students in the United States and throughout many countries in the world. By 2023, College Board aims to make the SAT test digital.

A good SAT score is considered to be above 1050-1060 which is the average SAT score in the United States in 2020 according to the College Board. After the 2020 update to the SAT, the score range has changed to 400-1600 on the SAT.

Let’s find out what is the highest SAT score possible that you could archive on SAT and whether it makes any difference in getting accepted into colleges.

What is the Highest SAT Score Possible?

1600 is the highest possible score on the new SAT which is considered the perfect SAT score. Section wise you need to score 800 each on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math sections to achieve the SAT highest score.

List of Schools with Highest SAT Score Range

There are only a few schools within the highest SAT score range. These are mostly Ivy League schools.

If you are planning to get into one of those schools, here are the acceptable SAT score for those schools.

SchoolAcceptable SAT Score
Brown University1425
Tufts University1428
Amherst College1434
Carnegie Mellon University1432
University of Pennsylvania1442
Harvard University1460
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)1500
Rice University1515
Yale University1520
California Institute of Technology1530

What is the Highest SAT Score Range?

The maximum SAT score is 1600 while the minimum SAT score is 400. The highest SAT score range is said to be between 1470-1600 which stands in the 99th SAT percentile. This SAT score is perfect for applying to Ivy League schools.

What is the Old SAT Highest Score Possible?

2400 was the highest possible score archivable which was the 99th SAT percentile on the old SAT. Old SAT had three sections which scored 800 max scores for each section. The new SAT is much shorter than the old SAT.

How many students ace the SAT test?

There are no data available from the College Board about test takers who get perfect scores. However, each year there are a few students who ace the test by getting into the 99th SAT percentile or the highest SAT score range.

The Conclusion – Highest SAT Score

The highest possible SAT score is 1600 and the highest possible SAT score range is 1470-1600 which is in the 99th SAT percentile. Getting into the highest SAT score range could help you get into Ivy League schools.

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