How Long Does It Take To Send SAT Scores?


After taking the SAT most test takers to worry about how long it takes their scores to reach their target schools. Usually, test takers receive their SAT test results within two weeks of time which they include in the college application.

On the edge of applying to colleges, every student who took the SAT has this question – How long does it take to send SAT scores to colleges? 

If you are wondering the same thing – Let’s find out without further ado.

How Long Does It Take to Send SAT Scores to Colleges?

Colleges do not receive your SAT scores instantaneously even if the College Board has sent you the score report. It will take approximately around 1-2 weeks for colleges to receive your SAT test results after scores are available online.

Colleges receive the SAT test scores through the software with your other college admission materials. Colleges do select how often reports are downloaded which could be once per week or once a day.

When it comes to sending SAT scores to colleges you have two options which are either sending the free report or paid rushed report. Let’s find out which one will get to the college faster and if it is worth paying for the rushed report.

How long does it take to send Free SAT Report?

When you sign up for the SAT test, you have the option to send the SAT report to four schools for free. The free reports will take approximately 1-10 days or three weeks to reach the colleges that you have chosen while signing up.

Also, you can change the schools you send the free reports to until nine days after taking the test. If you had signed up for a fee waiver then you can send free SAT reports to any amount of schools you want.

How long does it take to send a Rushed SAT Report?

The test takes also have the option to opt-in for rushed SAT reports which you have to pay 31$ additional to the normal SAT report fee. Colleges receive the rushed SAT reports for approximately 1-2 weeks which is not different from free SAT reports.

Is the Rushed Report Worth It?

Rushed SAT reports do not make any significant difference when looking at the time they take to reach the schools. They are pretty expensive hence in our opinion opting for rushed reports is not worth it.

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The Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Send Free SAT Report?

Approximately it takes around one to three weeks for your SAT scores to reach the schools you have applied to if you used free SAT reports. Rushed reports do reach the colleges a couple of days sooner but they can be pretty expensive.

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