How to Loft a Dorm Bed (The Easy Way!!!)

how to loft a dorm bed

Dorm rooms are smaller places where you need to keep all your necessities when you are in college. So, saving space whenever you can helps you keep more items safe inside the dorm room.

Lofting the dorm bed could be one of the best ways to save space inside a dorm room to help store more of your belongings.

How to Loft a Dorm Bed

lofted dorm beds
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If you already decided that you need that extra space underneath your dorm bed, let’s find out how you can loft the dorm bed without much trouble.

To do this first you might need to find some lofting kits, check with your housing office or dorm since they sometimes do offer lofting kits free or you might have to pay extra for them.

They might also provide you with loft bed safety rails and a ladder if you are lucky. Otherwise, you might have to purchase them later on.

If you have everything you need together, then let’s find out how to loft a dorm bed with step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

Take off the dorm bed mattress first and place it in a safe place.

Step 2

Position the bed where you have enough space to turn the bed frame to its side.

Step 3

In the bottom of the legs of the beds place the wooden pegs on each corner.

Step 4

Use the attached wooden pegs to place the extra legs on the original bed legs and make sure that the legs fit perfectly to the original legs.

Step 5

Turn the bed to the right side and place it where you want it in the dorm room.

Step 6

Place the mattress back and add safety railings and the ladder if you already have found them.

Can you loft your dorm bed?

If your dorm bed has a slotted bed frame then you could simply take out the bed frame and move it up. Otherwise, you may need to find a lofting kit to lift the bed and get that all extra space underneath the bed.

Can you loft a dorm bed all by yourself?

Lofting a dorm bed does require some work such as moving the dorm bed, installing the lofting kit, and such. So, it is better that you get some help from your roommate or a friend.

How high can be a dorm bed raised?

The height of the lofted bed depends on your dorm bed. Normally, you would be able to get a height of 55-60 inches.

This is more than enough to store a couple of bags, a dorm mini fridge, and other necessities underneath the dorm bed.

When you are lifting the bed make sure you have enough space between the dorm bed mattress and the ceiling which should be at least 30 inches.

Are Bed Risers Good for Dorm Beds?

Some dorm beds are not suitable to be installed with a lofting kit. If you get stuck with one of those then your best option would be to install bed risers to lift your bed.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get as much space underneath the bed if you install bed risers instead of a lofting kit. However, you may be able to get some space to store your stuff underneath the bed.

Bed risers are more stable and safer than bed legs since they have a more larger and stable base. You won’t be able to find bed risers in the dorm or housing office.

But there are good bed risers available online and in local housing stores which you can find for affordable prices.

How high is a dorm bed with bed risers?

With bed risers, you won’t be able to lift the bed much high as using lofting kits. However, you might be able to get some space to store most of your stuff underneath the bed.

There are two sizes of bed risers available which are 3 inches and 5 inches bed risers. Combined together you may be able to lift the bed up by 8 inches.

However, going above 8 inches is not recommended because it could harm the stability of your dorm bed and your safety.

What to store underneath your dorm bed?

With the use of lofting kits or bed risers, you may be able to get more space underneath your dorm bed.

In this space, you could store many things such as a dorm mini fridge, and a TV, or you could even make it your study area if you have enough space to store a desk and a chair.

Conclusion – How to Loft a Dorm Bed

Since dorm rooms are smaller spaces, getting extra space can be a lifesaver sometimes. Lofted dorm beds are a smart way to get more space in your dorm room.

Hopefully, this post might have helped you to get an idea about how to loft the dorm bed in your room using either bed risers or a lofting kit.

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