15 Tips to Stay Motivated in School & College

how to stay motivated in college and school

Ever felt that when you start doing homework or a school project that you can’t wait to finish and you have the energy to do it, but when you are halfway there, you suddenly lose interest in it?

Every student, regardless of what type of education they are following, feels the same way at least at some point in their student life. However, if you don’t act fast, this can drastically change your life.

Now, don’t be scared. This is fixable if you act fast and make some changes in your life. Staying motivated in school and college is one of the things that can make a huge difference in your life.

Why Should You Stay Motivated in College and School?

why should I stay motivated in college and school

Staying motivated is difficult and never happens automatically until you get used to it, especially in school. There may be a lot of things causing you to feel unmotivated at college like exam stress, unhealthy foods. So, here are some of the best reasons to stay motivated in school.

Improve Your Grades

Staying motivated for an exam can be an essential part, that is if you want to get better grades in your exams. Staying motivated can reduce stress and help you prepare for the exams better.

Stay Healthy

Like eating chocolate reduces stress, motivation helps reduce stress and keep your mind healthy. Staying Healthy is just as important as getting good grades in your college and school exams.

Sleep Better

Have you ever noticed that you tend to get less sleep than you were before going to college, especially if you have exams nearby? Stress can affect your sleep cycle and reduce how many hours you sleep per day. But motivation can help you reduce stress and get some sleep which is healthy.


We are social creatures. It does not matter that you are an introvert; you need to socialize in college and school. Motivation can help you do that without having any problems.

What Happens If you did not motivate yourself at school?

If you didn’t stay motivated, what happens is you get bad grades, you get bad at building skills you need for your career, such as communication skills. In the end, you will hate even going to college, ending up dropping out of college.

It does not matter what type of education level you are at, staying motivated is crucial if you want to evade burnout.

How to Stay Motivated in School & College?

Staying motivated in school or college is not easy, but anyone could do it. But it is not going to happen automatically until you have done the things to motivate yourself in college regularly for some time. If you hang in there, you may be able to do it fast.

So, here are some working ways that you can motivate yourself in college and school pretty darn easily.

15 Tips for Staying Motivate in School & College

15 Tips for staying motivated in college and school

You already know that if you won’t stay motivated in school, terrible things like getting bad grades and even worse would happen to you. But there are some easy things that anyone could do to help yourself to stay motivated and evade those horrible things.

01. Change Your Normal Routine

All students like every other person have a daily routine that we always stick to, sometimes you do precisely the same thing every day without even noticing much.

Sticking to a routine is a good thing, but doing everything precisely at the same time, and the same way can be boring and make you feel unmotivated. Make some small changes into your routine like where you exercise, where you eat.

02. Semester Schedule

Always find out your next semester schedule and prepare for it. Knowing your school schedule and what teachers going to teach, you can save you the trouble of finding the textbooks you want and prepare for your exams better. If you couldn’t find out what books would professor use, ask him about it.

03. Make a Study Plan

You may already have gotten bad grades in school, that’s most of the time because you don’t study according to a study plan or you don’t have a good study plan.

So, before you start to do anything, know what you have ahead and make a good study schedule.

04. Set Small Goals

When you create your schedule, make sure that you set small goals that are easy enough to reach. Setting small goals to reach big stuff is easier than trying to get big things at once. Because it is easier, you will feel happy when you archive those small goals, and when you do, you will be motivated to get the next thing done.

05. Focus on Tough Stuff

You may have subjects or modules that are tough for you to learn, like calculus or trigonometry in mathematics.

Just because they are hard, you can not afford to skip them unless you don’t want to reach your final goal. You should take more time to learn them.

06. Prioritize

Setting small goals intends to get you anywhere if you don’t prioritize. Always study and do the things that you need to do first.

Then move on to the rest. Make your study schedule like that to make it easier and help you to reach your final goal.

07. Always Reward Yourself

Have the habit of quitting just after you start doing or trying something new that may change your life, in a good way?

Unfortunately, this is common, and it does happen to everyone. But rewarding yourself for reaching the goals can motivate you to stick to your study schedule.

08. Taking Breaks

Most think that it is good to study for a couple of hours without taking any rest, and you do exactly just that when you have a nearby exam.

Taking breaks is essential when you are studying to stay more productive take small five to ten-minute break for every half hour you study. This step can make you like studying more and motivate yourself to get through your exams.

09. Face Failure 

Failing on the first try, keeps most students away from trying that again and unmotivate them, making them think that they can not do it.

What you need to do is face your failures and take a look back and find out what you did wrong. You might have gotten bad grades in your exams, but you can still get better grades in the upcoming ones.

Stop worrying about the fast, prepare better for what’s yet to come.

10. Change Your Friends 

Who you are studying with and taking the class with can affect your motivation in ways that you won’t even think. Even some teachers can affect the way you are studying, but most of the time, you can not change that. But if you can go ahead and do it.

You can change the people you are hanging out within your school or college. Make some new friends and join study groups if you like to study with a crowd.

11. Exercise

Exercising the right way every day is healthy for everyone, and it is hard to find someone who doesn’t exercise at least once a week. If you don’t like working out every day, you have alternatives like yoga, pilates.

Sometimes you need the motivation to stick to a workout routine, but still exercising can make you healthy and stay on track to achieve great stuff.

12. Eat Healthy Food

Snacking is essential when studying just as taking your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But the food and snack you take should be healthy for you. There are organic study snacks, which may be beneficial for your health, such as dark chocolate.

However, if you have a habit of eating at night when studying, you should stick to late-night snacks if you also want to get some sleep.

13. Try New Learning Styles

Your learning style and the time you chose to study may be affecting your grades. If you could change to a new learning style or change the time you are studying, it can help you study more efficiently. It will help you study and prepare for your upcoming exams.

14. Get Help & Stay Positive

You might run into problems that you can not solve just by yourself. You might feel down because you can not do it by yourself. But don’t think that way, stay positive and evade negative thoughts like that.

You can ask someone for help from your friends, teacher, or student counselor if you feel like you need help from someone else.

15. Identify Problems & Find Solutions

Every cloud has a silver lining. You may already have a lot of problems that affect your studies and make you feel unmotivated. What you should do is identify what is affecting your studies and find solutions.

Like if you always get distracted by your mobile phone, you should find solutions like keeping your phone away when you are studying. If you need help, ask your friends, teachers, parents, or do a quick search on google.

All Things Considered

Staying motivated in school and college is crucial if you want to survive a couple of years there until you graduate. However, most people fail to stay motivated in school because they do not know how to.

There are a few things anyone can do to keep yourself motivated, and those are not even that much hard. However, these simple steps can help you get better grades, stay healthy, and happy in college.

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