How to Take Care of Textbooks

how to take care of textbooks and library books

Selling the textbooks after you have no use for them for your upcoming courses or at the beginning of your career is the optimal choice. You are in college – so getting some wear and tear on college textbooks is unavoidable.

But to sell textbooks they need to be in good condition with less wear and tear. If you have no idea how to do that – no worries in this post let’s find out how to preserve textbooks to sell them later on.

How to Take Care of Hardcover Textbooks

Most textbooks you are going to use will be hardcover books – unless you decide to buy digital e-textbooks. They are the easiest textbooks to keep safe since they have really good covers that protect the books. But the below measures must be taken if you want to keep the textbook in prestige condition.

  • Store Properly: Keep your textbooks on a bookshelf or somewhere with protection from outside forces and minimal exposure to sunlight and humidity.
  • Use Only When Studying: Take books out of the place you keep them only if you want to refer to the textbooks and when you are done store them properly back on the bookshelves.
  • Don’t Write in Textbooks: Do not write small notes for yourself or highlight certain paragraphs for later use. This will make the textbook unusable in most cases – not being able to sell the textbook when you are done with it.
  • Drinks Away: We all drink coffee while studying but coffee stains on textbooks are not a good thing. To avoid stains keep your foods and drinks like coffee away from the textbooks even while you are studying, especially when it’s the exam season.
  • Do not Throw Books Around: When you are done referring the textbooks don’t just throw them around – which will damage even the covers causing more wear and tear. Instead, safely place them in a good place such as a bookshelf.
  • No Paper Clips: Do not use paper clips to keep track of sections you are using or bookmarking since it could damage the papers in the textbook – especially if the book is a loose-leaf textbook. Try to use paper bookmarks to keep track of your reading and avoid damaging the textbook.
  • Keep Your Hands Clean: When you are taking out the book or when touching the pages always keep your hands clean and dry – this will help you keep most stains away from the pages of the textbook.

How to Take Care of Library Books

The library is considered a way to get free textbooks – if you disregard the cost of the library membership fees. Just as the textbooks you purchase – the books you are getting from the libraries also required care since they will help most college students avoid purchasing unnecessary amount of textbooks and save money. Here are some of the tips to keep library textbooks in good condition.

  • Keep books on the designated shelves.
  • Keep books upright and firmly supported by the books in between.
  • Never leave the book open at a 180-degree angle.

How to Take Care of Old Textbooks

Old textbooks might have more wear and tear than your regular textbook – if not they are very prone to wear and tear and more damage. Follow these additional tips to keep your old textbooks safe.

  • Keep the books away from direct sunlight and air vents.
  • Dust old textbooks regularly.
  • Keep books stored vertically.

Now, if old textbooks are beyond preserving – it’s better to get rid of them by recycling textbooks instead of selling them.

The Conclusion

Unless you opt-in for free college textbooks – buying expensive textbooks for academics is unavoidable. Selling textbooks that were previously used can actually help you get some money for new textbooks. But you need to preserve textbooks safe with less wear and tear to make them sellable.

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