How To Work Productively When You’re Super Tired


Have you had a day that you were super tired or sick, couldn’t take a leave since you have a lot of work to do ?

We all had that kind of day where we don’t feel energetic to work. At the end of the day, you are nowhere near finishing your work and end up blaming yourself.

Working when you’re tired seems to be impossible, and you still need to survive the workday, especially if you have no more sick leaves to take.

But What if we tell you that there is a way to work correctly and productively even if you are super tired. Well, not actually the whole mountain of work you have, but some of it.

Reasons and Ways to Evade Being Tired at Work

There are a lot of reasons why do you always feel tired when you are working. Some of these reasons may not seem that much harmful.

But when you get tired at work, it’s not a secret that it might affect the work you do, and other people might notice your mistakes. So you should make some changes in your life to evade being tired at work.

01. Lack of Sleep

Sleep and work when tired
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Couldn’t sleep last night? Had too much work to do? It happens to almost everyone. But going to work the next day like it’s nothing is not a good choice at all.

Taking a few hours of sleep after a busy day is a must for anyone who wants to stay healthy. If not, it can affect the work they do in ways they won’t think about.


01) Sleep

Everyone needs at least a few hours of sleep a day. Average Healthy Person sleeps about 7-9 hours a day to stay healthy and not get tired the next day.

02) Power Naps

If you have a lot of work to do on a deadline, take small power naps in between your work.

03) Work Schedule

If you have a terrible work schedule, it might be affecting your work. That might be the reason why you can’t get the job done on time. So, create a better work schedule.

04) Late Night Snacks

There are so many things that might help you to sleep better, late-night snacks are one of those. Therefore, you can use them if you have trouble sleeping.

05) Go to The Doctor

If you have sleeping problems, hurry up and visit a doctor. The doctor might be able to help you out. If you want to, you could try a sleep clinic.

02. Working Restlessly

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Taking Rest after working a few hours is crucial if you want to work more productively, and you should add work rests to your work schedule.

Working according to your work schedule doesn’t always work, sometimes you have to work on your personal time to get it done. When you bring work home, it’s going to affect your health and the way you’re living.


01) Create a good work schedule

Your current work schedule must not be working anymore, so you should make a few upgrades to it or create a new one.

02) Taking Work Breaks

Just like study breaks, take a small break from your work after working for a couple of hours.

03) Limit Your Working Time

Work-Life balance is crucial if you want to stay healthy and increase your work productivity. It might seem to be impossible at first, but it will help you improve your work productivity.

03. Lack of Food Intake


Humans need the energy to do activities such as exercising, swimming, and even working. It does not matter you work from home sitting on a chair most part of the day; you need the energy to work properly.

You get the energy you need to work mostly from the food and the drinks we take on a daily basis. When you’re not taking enough healthy foods and drinks, due to the lack of energy, it can make you feel tired and sick.

Apart from that, if you have a healthy meal plan, it’ll also keep you healthy. Staying healthy does play a big part in work productivity.


01) Take Healthy Meals

Eat a healthy and balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Do not skip meals unless you have a diet plan.

02) Take Snacks

When you’re working munch on healthy snacks such as dark chocolate, tree nuts to stay healthy. This is a great way to kill workplace boredom.

03) Drink Drink Drink!!!

Always drink a lot of water. If you don’t feel like drink water and smoothies. Water will help you to remove the toxins in your body.

04. No Motivation

No motivation to do anything
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When you have a hard time when doing something vital for your life, such as work or study, it’s normal to feel tired.

Ever thought about why?

Most of the time, it’s because you don’t have any motivation to get the work done.


01) Stay Motivated

There are tons of ways to stay motivated at work, such as watching or listening to motivational tracks/videos.

02) Work Breaks

Taking a break from your work every few hours can make you feel that you earned something.

03) Snacks and Drinks.

Take snacks and drinks (stick to water if you don’t want to drink smoothies) on your work breaks.

05. Because You’re Sick

sick and work productively
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If you have cold and fever can affect the way you are living, as you already know. Also, illnesses like insomnia and depression and stress can affect your sleep. Which can make you feel even more tired at work. Who doesn’t feel tired when you’re sick?


01) Take a Sick Leave

Stop working and take a sick day and hurry up home to get some rest. You might think that taking sick leave will only pile up your work. However, if you stay at the office working, it will harm your productivity, and you won’t be able to get your work done correctly.

02) Visit your doctor

If you feel sick, visit your doctor and get treated as soon as possible. It’ll help you recover quickly.

03) Take enough rest

Taking rest when you are sick is necessary even if you have a pile of work to do.

04) Eat Healthily

Eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. You need more energy to recover when you’re sick.

05) A lot of fluids

Drinking a lot of fluids, especially water, can help your body to remove toxins fast for a quick recovery.

06. Lack of Exercise

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Lack of physical activities and exercise can make you feel tired. If you work in an office, change your working position, work standing up. You might want to start exercising as of this moment because if you don’t it will affect your productivity also it will put you at the risk of getting diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases.


01) Exercise

Make time in your work schedule for an exercise routine or something like yoga. If you don’t have time to hit the gym once in a while, do exercises you can do at home.

02) Go for a Run/Walk

Go for a run in the morning before you start work. To stay fresh, take a cold shower when you can.

03) Stretching Exercises

Use stretching exercises that you can do in the office. It’ll help you escape the tired feeling and stay healthy.

07. You Don’t Like Your Job

Hate your job? change it now
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When you do not like where you are currently employed or the work, you do, it will make you feel tired all the time. Maybe you don’t even like your co-workers or your boss. If something like that is happening to you at the office it can make you a bit tired when you are at the office.


01) Find Another Job

If you don’t like your job or your boss or your co-workers, you might want to change the place you’re working at.

02) Career Change

It might be hard to leave a job that’s getting you the money you need. But if you’re not happy at what you do, you might need a career change.

All things considered

Feeling tired or sleepy at work or is super normal for anyone, but it can harm the work you do, and it can damage your career path. When your productivity is down, your job can be and will be at risk, especially if you are an intern or temporary worker.

Working when you are tired at the office can be a challenge. However, it’s not impossible. Once you found why you’re always getting tired at work, use the solutions to avoid it affecting your work productivity.

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