Is Khan Academy Good for SAT?

is khan academy good for SAT prep

Khan Academy is a great free resource for SAT prep no doubt about that. They also provide enough resources and tools for you to get prepared for the exam. But with other available SAT prep courses and resources, a question comes to mind – is Khan Academy Good for SAT Prep?

Without further a do let’s find out.

What is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy is one of the best free e-learning websites out there. They started out featuring a math video series by Sal Khan and expanded into a much larger organization that provides educational content for free.

They now feature lessons in many subjects for all ages including science, mathematics, economics, engineering, and more. Rather than just providing students with educational videos through their website they provide quizzes, a sophisticated program to track students’ progress, and more tools.

Currently, Khan Academy also offers an SAT Prep course for free on their website.

Khan Academy SAT Prep Course

With the new SAT 2016, Khan Academy partnered with College Board to provide the student with a free SAT prep course through their website. It’s a high-quality free SAT prep course, especially for students who cannot afford paid SAT prep materials and SAT prep programs.

Khan Academy has an approximately 100 million user base, many trying out the free SAT prep course. You would get access to practice tests which you can try online or offline after downloading the test.

  • Free of Cost
  • Partnered with College Board (Organization that administrates the SAT test)
  • Well-produced instruction videos
  • Practice Tests included
  • Tools to Track your Progress
  • No Score Guarantee
  • Minimal Test Strategies
  • No physical materials such as SAT Prep Books

Let’s find out if the Khan Academy is good for SAT prep or not.

Is Khan Academy Good For SAT Prep?

In a short answer, Yes – Khan Academy’s free SAT Prep courses should be included in your arsenal without a doubt. It’s a high-quality SAT Prep and provides a good introduction to the SAT test.

Khan Academy’s SAT Prep provides a good program to students who cannot afford books or prep programs that are expensive. However, it is not a complete prep course compared to the other programs available these days.

For instance, they have limited practice tests and have the minimum SAT strategies used throughout their program. Hopefully, in the future, it could get better. However, it is still worthy of use for prepping for the SAT test.

Alternatives for SAT Prep

While the Khan Academy SAT program is the best free SAT Prep program out there, there are alternative SAT Prep programs that you could use to get the best possible score on your SAT test.


PrepScholar is well-known for test prep programs including SAT prep. Unlike the Khan Academy SAT Prep program, the PreScholar SAT Prep program is not free. It cost around 400-600$ depending on the program. However, they do offer a money-back guarantee if you do not improve your SAT score by 160+ points.

PrepScholar also offers a free consultation, over 7000 practice questions, hours of lessons, more SAT strategies, and even tools to track progress. Using their programs students will be able to identify their strengths, weakness, and how to improve their abilities.


Magoosh is another brand in SAT Prep, even though it is not famous as PrepScholar it does offer quite a good SAT Prep program. It provides around 1750+ practice questions with high-quality explanations and 3 practice SAT tests through the app.

Unlike the Khan Academy SAT Prep program, Magoosh is not free. It would cost you 129$ for the SAT Prep program. They also offer a 100+ points increase money back guarantee. So, looking at what you get out of the program Magoosh SAT Prep is the best affordable SAT Prep program there is.

Conclusion – Is Khan Academy Good for SAT Prep?

In a short answer – Yes, Khan Academy’s SAT Prep definitely should be in your arsenal when preparing for SAT test. They do offer quite good video lessons, practice tests, and more tools. However, if it is affordable you should also consider other SAT prep programs to get the best score in your SAT test.

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