10 Tips to Turn Your Late Assignment [& GET AWAY WITH IT]


It’s hard for professors to check for plagiarism when students turn their papers and essays into actual papers. Nowadays, the majority of college professors make their students turn in their papers and essays in electronic ways such as email to make it easy to check for plagiarism.

Let’s say It’s 4 p.m, and you remembered that you have to turn in your forgotten uncompleted assignment and submit it by the deadline at 5 p.m. Has this ever happened to you? Bet it has. When you could not submit the assignment on time or before, most professors do not retake it, and in the end, you will end up harming your grades.

Turning your essays and papers is never will do any good for you in life. The professors have a strict timeline because of a reason, which is to make you practice work on time. Later with time, when you get a good job, you’ll make the same mistake and get behind in work. You never want that.

10 Tips for Turning in Your Assignment Late


There are ways you could turn your papers and essays late, but we strongly advise against it because it is never good for you. But some of these methods won’t do any harm, so if you want to keep the grades that much worse, you can try them.

01. Identify Your Mistakes

First, find out why did you forget to finish your assignment in time. Unless if that because of an unavoidable reason like a health problem, you should first identify why you could not do it. This step will help you never let it happen again, well, unless you are never going to take action.

02. Talk to Your Professors

You should talk to your professors as soon as possible, which means before the deadline that you have to submit your assignment. If you have a good reason for not finishing the assignment in time, your professors will appreciate reaching out to them.

Also, this will show your professors that you didn’t wait till the last minute to finish your essays and papers, and you have at least tried to do it. That might warrant you a second chance, but no guarantees.

03. Take Responsibility

Make sure to convince your professor that you knew that your professor announced the deadline in advance. That might get you on their good side since they appreciate that acknowledgment.

04. Use minimum excuses as possible

Professors do not like excuses. It is not to be harsh to you; it is just because it was because the deadline was announced earlier. Some students use excuses when they couldn’t finish the assignments that were given to them. So, using excuses will make you look like a lazy student who didn’t care about assignments.

05. Check and Turn in your assignment

Depending on how you talked, your professor will grant you an extended period to submit the assignment. So, make sure that your assignment is finished and has no mistakes. Reread it at least one time and submit your assignment.

06. Assure your professor that it won’t happen again

Assure your professor that you care about the subject, and you understand what happened is wrong, even if it has a valid reason. Make sure to convince him that it won’t happen again.

07. Don’t get upset about the points

If you did not submit the assignment in time and your professor was kind enough to give you an extended period, you may get a lower score than other students even if you have completed the assignment better than others. Don’t mind your points; be thankful to your professor since he still let you submit it also if he could choose not to.

08. Don’t let it happen again

Actions make a better impression than the words, so be sure never to let it happen again. Always finish your assignments and submit them before the deadline. Do not wait for the deadline to come to submit it.

09. Try to Cheat the System: Not Recommended

As you know, no electronic way is perfect. So, you maybe can find a way to cheat the system. But be warned, before you, many students must have tried to do that, and your professor must already know that what you are trying to do. So, directly talking to your professor is the best way to deal with a late assignment.

10. The Corrupted File: Not Recommended

This is not a good way either, but you can try it be warned your professor must have already known this. All you have to do is make your word document unreadable, so when your professor takes a look at it, it will show a message like “there was a problem with this file’s content.” Then if your professor asks you to send it again, you should apologize for the inconvenience and try to send the working word file (not the corrupted one).

In A Nutshell

With your busy student life, you will have assignments that you forgot to turn before the deadline. However, like you already know by now, there are ways you could still turn them in, even if you get a few points taken off.

Be sure what you want to, the best way to deal with a late assignment is directly contacting your professor. Cheating the system is much riskier, and it won’t work sometimes. If your professor gets the idea of what you are trying to do, you might he’ll get a wrong impression on you.

To evade submitting a late assignment, the best thing you can do it finish and submit the assignment before the deadline.

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