25 Great Ideas of Cute Back to School Nails for 2021

back to school nails ideas

It is important to have good nails so that you don’t ruin your manicure when you are doing normal everyday tasks. This technique involves painting your nails with different colours and then using light strokes of nail polish to create lines on the nails. Or put decals to make a nice school nails art design that you would like.

We have picked out some awesome back to school nails art designs that you could start your classes with after being stuck at online classes for a long time. 

01. Apple Red

apple red back to school nail art

There’s nothing more than apples that symbolises school – and you may also win your teachers heart by painting your nails with their most favourite colour. 

02.  Yellow Emojis

yellow cute school nails

Back to school season can bring out many new emotions and they can be illustrated using your favourite emojis. 

03. Contrast Nails

back to school contrast nails
source: jdm_nailedit

Even though there are hundreds of colours in the world – there is nothing quite more like white and black. Play with them until you get the look you want.

04. Crayons Nails

crayons lookalike nail art designs
source: nailed_it

Almost every school supplies list has Crayons included in it. Why not paint your nails to look like Crayons.

05. Back to School Hand Painted Nails

Back to School Hand Painted Nails
source: @nikkinails44

School supplies everywhere!!! Why not illustrate your notebooks, pencils, rulers, and some equation (both in life and textbooks) in your nails.

06. Basic School Supplies Nail Decals 

general school supplies art decals
source: enigmadesigncompany

General school supplies are the first thing to buy when it’s back to school season. Get these geometry sets, the backpack, a globe and writing accessories designs on your nails without much trouble.

07. A+ Graded Nails

get an A+ nail arts
source: ronronsnailart

Getting an A+ after studying for a long time is not for everyone. But let’s gives us our nails tips an A+, nothings gonna stop you anyways.

08. Blackboard Inspired 

source: @dibsonthatdesign

A simple blackboard inspired back to school nails that include numbers, letters, shapes and a sun (or you could do a moon). 

09. 4th Grade Style

4th grade style nail art
source: nails.bysuzanne

Back to school for the 4th grade with nail art designs with a pencil, letters, A+, blackboard and an apple which would make any 4th grader happy.

10. Notebook Study Quotes

notebook study quotes nail art
source: kuunani_nails

Put some of those study quotes you all have heard at least once that motivate you, with a notebook background.

11.  Butterfly School Nails

junior high school nails
source: lizzys_nailz

Paint your nails with butterflies with a light coloured background, which is perfect for your junior year in high school. 

12. Pitch Black

back to school black nails
source: basenjigirl_nails

Can’t pick a colour? Pick Pitch Black which is the most elegant and complete colour which is made with all the colours combined. 

13. Apple Nail Decals

apple nail decails diy
source: shoprisaspieces

Once upon a time, teachers used to receive apples as gifts for education. These apple nail decals sure would symbolise the appreciation of your teachers. 

14. Summer Daisy Nails 

summer daisy nails
source: naileditatbreez

Give your nails a daisy dotted look when the school summer break is just a few weeks away.

15. Feelings United

feelings united back to school manicure
source: samiofmiami

A school is a place of mixed feelings and these manicures show exactly that by illustrating annoyed emojis, love and dreams. 

16. Eager Learners

back to classroom nails
source: panda_planning

The cute hungry caterpillar is eager to eat that apple in front of it, just like most of you who are eager to go back to school after being stuck at online classes. 

17. Elementary Nails

back to school elementary nails
source: tamaminails

Be awesome and amazing – what a nice way to paint your nails for an elementary school teacher when it’s back to school season.

18. Deep Waters

natural deep water looking nails
source: bloomnailscj

A cool gel constructed natural manicure with a deep water theme that would give you an eye-catching view of your nails. 

19. Chemistry Major

chemistry nail art design
source: science_of_chemistry

The perfect manicure to wear for the school if you are a chemistry major – you could choose a dark base colour and illustrate any science-related icon that you’d like.

20.  The Cheat Sheet 

math formulas in the nails
source: pinterest

Forgetting your mathematical formulas are we now? Let’s put them on your nails – don’t use them to cheat on your exams though. 

21. Math Symbols 

mathematics symbol nails

They say that mathematics is the language of the universe – play around and find out what you could do with some of those language’s symbols.

22. Neon Sunshine

neon orange school nails art design
source: justtoya81

You may have had some losses in the previous school years. Start the new school season with bright dreams and goals, – or in this case with bright orange neon school nails. 

23. Chalkboard Math 

chalkboard math nails for school
source: nailsandstitching

All the trig graphs and the math equations you’ve drawn on the chalkboard – ever thought they could make your nails look awesome?

24. Paper Planes

paper planes old school nails
source: celestialnailstudio

Making paper planes in school was amusing, wasn’t it? – Take a look at these breathtaking nails painted as a flying paper plane. 

25. Mixed-Up School Nails 

mix up school nail arts
source: naillacquertherapy

Paint all of your nails with different illustrations that remind you of school like in the above nail art design which has a blackboard with numbers, pencil, copybook as well as an apple. 

In a Nutshell

These are some of the best school nail art designs we’ve found on the web and we will update the list from here on to help you find your ideal nail art design for school. 

All of these published school nails art design belongs to the original authors, which is why we provide the credits if known. If you don’t like to share your content this way please do apologize and contact us via [email protected] Or if you want to show your school nails designs on this page please do contact us directly via [email protected]

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