Pearson+ Textbook Subscription Service

pearson plus textbook subscription servicepearson plus textbook subscription service

Textbooks have never been expensive as this year – and seems it is increasing in the upcoming years even with e-Textbook options. This has impacted college students’ lives since they have to spend some serious money on college textbooks.

To make it easier for students and save money on textbooks – Pearson has introduced a new subscription service for textbooks called Pearson+ with affordable monthly and quarterly plans. With that being said let’s find out more about Pearson textbook subscription service.

Pearson+ eTextbook Titles

Many electronic textbooks are available in Pearson+ counting 1500+ titles. From mathematical subjects such as calculus, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry to subjects like biology, criminology, sociology, psychology and computer science and language textbooks are available through Pearson+. You can use their textbook search tool to find textbooks through ISBN, keywords, or textbook titles to find the textbooks you need for college.

Pearson+ Subscription Plans

pearson plus textbook subscription plans

Pearson offers two plans for their textbook subscription service Peason+. The first one is the single e-textbook subscription plan which costs $9.99/month or $39.96 for 4 months. With this subscription, you get access to a single textbook title as the name suggests, and study tools such as flashcards, audio, videos, and notes from subject experts.

Their second subscription plan Multi costs $14,99/month or $59.96 for 4 months and lets you access their whole textbook library containing over 1500 textbook titles. With this plan, you would also get access to study tools such as flashcards, notes, and videos like in the Single plan.

Accessible Devices

On both Single and Multi textbook subscription plans on Pearson+ you can use up to two devices to access the textbook library. As for devices, you can use either use Pearson+ through your laptop or on your smartphone using the mobile app.

You can access the textbooks offline and some books also allow you to listen for the audio versions as well. With this advanced note-taking methods, flashcards, and live support for students are provided.

Features of Pearson+

pearson plus language learning app

Apart from a large textbook library and study tools such as note-taking methods, expert videos, and flashcards, Pearson+ provides additional features to help college students grasp the content of the textbooks and even prepare for upcoming exams.

  • eTextbooks: Access to a large electronic textbook library with tools to highlight, take notes, create flashcards, and get audio for many titles.
  • Practice for Exams: Provides practice questions and videos tailored for your course of choice and even ask a question from tutors to help students prepare for exams.
  • Learn a Language: Pearson offer free access to their language app which has lessons designed by experts in over 41 languages.

The Conclusion

OER textbooks are a good option to save money on textbooks – but not every college textbook can be found on free textbook websites online. As for expensive textbooks and the unavailability of free textbooks – Pearson has offered an affordable textbook subscription service through Pearson+. With a large textbook library, they provide access to many study tools such as flashcards, note-taking methods, audio of textbooks, and more.

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