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Before renting temporary office spaces

When your permanent office space undergoes construction or a renovation, it’s hard to think that you would stop working and give vacation time to your employees. Maybe your company has hired new employees and you don’t have enough space in your office, these situations are unavoidable.

The best solution would be renting temporary office space until the construction or renovation is finished in your workspace.

There are so many office space providers that you can rent temporary office space from. Whether you need an office for a week or a month or several, they have short-term and long-term lease periods.

When will you need Temporary Office Spaces?


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When You Need Additional Office Space

You might want a temporary office space if you’re a company or a start-up growing fast and hiring new people. You might not have enough space at your current office, and it might get a little bit overcrowded. So, you might need a temporary office until you expand your office space.

When You have Short-Term employees

Companies and Startups often hire seasonal employees and for them to work they might need to rent office space on a temporary basis. If that’s the case you might want to rent week-to-week or month-to-month based temporary office space.

In Case Of a Renovation

Constructions and renovation delays are not uncommon at all. Office decorating or making a few changes in the office such as wiring, building new private offices, can take a tremendous amount of time. You can’t afford to stop working in a case like this. So, you might want to rent a temporary office until the construction or the renovation is finished.

If You Failed to Secure Permanent Office Space

If you have ended your office lease and you couldn’t secure the next contract and lost the office space. You might want to rent a temporary workspace until you can secure the next lease.

Working while traveling

If you are an entrepreneur or a remote worker who works while traveling and someone who hates to work in a coffee shop, you might want to rent a temporary workplace.

Someone Who hates Isolation

It’s not an unusual thing to see that some remote workers or freelancers hate to work at home because of the isolation. Some use coffee shops, while some use shared office spaces.

What to look for before renting a temporary workspace?

Lease Period

Some workspace providers have short term lease periods, and some have long term lease periods, some have both. Depending on how long you need a temporary office to choose what you need carefully.

Enough Space

Before you rent a temporary office, you should check that if it has the space you need. If space wasn’t enough to fit all employees, it’s going to get overcrowded.


It’s hard to find temporary offices with furniture. See the office space provider provide you with an office that is furnished with ergonomic office furniture. If you couldn’t find one with  furniture you may have to rent office furniture.


Some may think this is unnecessary, but lockable storage in a shared office is a must. Especially if you handle valuable data in physical documents, lockable storage is needed to protect them in a shared workspace.


Check to see that the office has necessary office electronics such as printers, scanners, and copying machines. Otherwise, you would have to bring them in yourself.

Internet Access

Fast and Secure Wi-Fi connection is a must. If it has features to set your own private network, that’s even better. See what precautions they take to protect your data in the private network.

Access to Food

Who doesn’t like to eat and have coffee while working or on small breaks from work? So, access to an office coffee maker, snacks, and fruits is a must if you have a lot of employees.


See, the temporary office provider gives you access to their support team. In case something happens like an internet connection issue, it might come in handy.

Finding Temporary Workspace near you

Temporary office spaces are available in almost every city. You can find them easily by searching on google with a search term such as “Temporary office space near me” or with the name of the area you want, like “Temporary office space Los Angeles”.

There are various temporary office space providers out there. Finding a good office space provider who has temporary workspace available can be rough. It’s really hard to find temporary office space that is furnished even more.