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All You Need To Know About Renting Day Offices

A day office is an affordable option for anyone who needs a temporary workspace for one day. Short term offices are famous around people who travel the world for their jobs, entrepreneurs even freelancers.

Reasons for renting an office for a day

There are a lot of reasons to rent a temporary office space for a day. Whether you are an entrepreneur, telecommuter, office worker, or a freelancer, you might want to rent temporary office space or meeting space for a day for various reasons.

  • Remote worker needing an office for a day
  • A worker who travel needing an office space
  • When you get tired of the isolation from working at home
  • Someone who doesn’t like crowded offices (etc.: coffee shop)
  • For someone needs to have a private meeting

Private Day Offices


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Now, before you rent out day office spaces, there are two types of day offices available to rent. Those are private and shared workspaces.

If you are trying to avoid crowded places or like to work in private, private day offices are the ones you’re looking for.

However, if you’re trying to escape from the isolation from working at home, you should go with shared day offices.

Pros and Cons of Renting Day Offices


  • You can avoid being tied down to one office
  • Can rent per hourly or daily rates
  • A great choice to have temporary meetings
  • No long-term commitments financial or otherwise
  • Don’t need to own workplace furniture or electronics


  • Not suitable for a lot of people (unless it’s a temporary meeting space)
  • You might have to bring your personal items you need to work (laptop, stationaries)
  • Depending on the office space provider, you might not get enough snacks or food.

Day Office Rental

When you only need a temporary office space for a few days or a few hours, renting a short-term office for a week or month can have a significant impact on your budget.

Renting a day office is the most cost-efficient solution. You can rent by the hour at any time of the day. There are a lot of day office providers out there with flexible rates.

Finding and Renting Day Offices

Like we said in finding temporary office space nearby, all you have to do is google a search term like “rent a private day office near me” or with the location. You can also try to reach out to the office space providers in your area if you have rented office spaces before.