19 Textbook Price Comparison & Textbook Search Tools


Buying or renting textbooks is hardly avoidable when you’re in college. Some of the college textbooks you have to buy can be really expensive. However, by buying cheap textbooks or using free college textbooks, you can cut down the cost and save a lot of money.

There are a lot of places where you can buy used or new college textbooks online today. However, to find the best deals, you have to compare the prices from all those websites one by one. Most students are busy with academics. Since they don’t have time to search them one by one they just buy without looking for the best deals.

However, there are ways to save your time as well as get the best deals for college textbooks online. Those are textbook search engines and textbook price comparison tools that are free to use.

19 Textbook Search Engines and Textbook Price Comparison Tools

1. BookFinder

source: bookfinder.com

Looking to buy college textbooks in used or new conditions or international textbooks? Then you ought to check out BookFinder, a simple HTML design website that was founded in 1997.  Even though it is old it is one of the most powerful textbook search engines out there still.

To find the best textbook deals you can use the author name, textbook title, or ISBN. Also, they have advanced features where you can choose to search for new or used textbooks, first editions, and even choose shipping destinations.

This textbook search engine also provides textbook buying prices, textbook selling prices as well as textbook rental prices from inventories of over 100000 booksellers worldwide.

2. ISBNSearch

isbnsearch.org search books by ISBNjpg
source: isbnsearch.org

Other than using an author name or textbook name you can use ISBN to find your textbooks. ISBNSearch is a book search engine that started back in 2008. However, this website is not affiliated with the International ISBN Agency in any way.

Unlike in other textbook search engines, you can only use ISBN to search for textbooks. It’s really simple to use, once you’ve entered the ISBN of the textbook this search engine will show you a price comparison for new textbooks, used textbooks as well as textbook rentals.

3. CampusBooks

campusbooks search campus textbooks free
source: campusbooks.com

The next textbook search engine is CampusBooks, a price comparison tool to compare prices of new textbooks, used textbooks, and textbook rental with a modern look. This website also lets you compare textbook buyback prices.

CampusBooks’ search engine will help you save money on college textbooks by giving you a vast list of international, hardcover, digital, and paperback textbooks prices. They have a unique tool called Bookbag that you can use to add up to five textbooks you want to buy and then compare prices of them all at once. This tool will help you find cheap college textbooks and save your searching time.

CampusBooks also have textbook search and price comparison apps available in google play store and apple store.

4. GetTextbooks

gettextbooks.com search free textbooks
source: gettextbooks.com

This is one of the most potent and straightforward college textbook search engines out there. On GetTextbooks, you can search for multiple textbooks at once by adding various ISBNs, author names, textbook titles into their search engine. Also, just like in CampusBooks.com, you get to compare textbook buyback prices.

If you want to find reasonable textbook buyback prices, then this is a great tool for you to do that. Unlike in other textbook search engines, you have to register in GetTextbooks.com to see some of the prices for textbooks. Still, you can access the best cheap textbook prices without registering on the website.

5. BigWords

bookfinder4u textbook price comparison tool

You can use this orangey looking website to find almost any college textbook and ordinary book for low prices. On their home page, there is a top sellers list as well as a book list by the category.

Bigwords have an advanced search feature that allows you to search for books by textbook title, author, publisher, publication year, and even keywords. Most textbook search engines do not have an advanced search feature like on this website.

Just like in CampusBooks, this website has a Bookbag that you can use to make a booklist you want and compare the prices from various sellers at once. Comparing them at once will save your time not to mention the money you spend on books.

6. SlugBooks

slugbooks search for used and new textbooks
source: slugbooks.com

University of California student in 1996 started Slugbooks to help students find cheap textbooks and save money via the internet. Even though they have a few up and downs still, this website is one of the best textbook price comparison tools out there.

At their home page, you can choose either Buy and Rent Textbook option to get cheaper textbook buying prices and choose the “sell the textbook” option to find textbook buyback prices.

Both ISBN’s and textbook titles can be used to search textbooks, and the tool will present a price comparison table from over ten textbook selling websites.

7. BookGlit

bookglit textbook search engine
source: bookglit.com

This is not your usual textbook search engine; BookGlit is a metasearch tool for serious book collectors to help them find antiquarian and rare books online for low prices. That does not mean you cannot use this special tool to find textbooks online and compare prices from various sellers to find a more affordable textbook in excellent and usable conditions.

You can either search for books via author name, book title, keywords, and ISBN. Also, you have the option to choose the condition of the book and sort the list by price, Author, and title.

8. AddALL

addall textbook price comparison tool
source: addall.com

What if there was a way to compare prices of new or used textbooks, magazines, and rare books all at once? AddAll provides you access to a simple book price comparison tool that shows book prices from over forty websites to buy textbooks with over 20000 sellers.

This website looks so simple, but its search tool is a lot advance compared to others. You can compare textbooks prices with shipping and used and out of print books by author name, textbook title, keyword, or ISBN. Their “memo” feature also help you keep track of book deals you found while looking for more textbooks.

9. BookFinder4U

bookfinder4u textbook price comparison tool
source: bookfinder4u.com

Buying or renting college textbooks for cheap prices is the best thing you could do to save money on college textbooks. To help you buy used or new college textbooks or rent them, BookFinder4U has a search tool that will compare textbook prices from over 130 bookstores worldwide with over 200 million new and used books.

You can search for textbooks by their title, author name and keywords. They also have an out-of-print book search engine to help you find rare and old books.

10. BookScouter

bookscouter search textbooks for free
source: bookscouter.com

Just like any other textbook search engine out there Bookscouter also provides cheapest buy or rent textbook prices and reasonable textbook buyback prices from over 30 vendors. To get started all you have to do is enter the textbook title, author name, or ISBN into the search box, then you’ll get an extensive textbook price comparison list.

However, unlike other book price comparison tools, this website has a tool called Bookscouter PRO, which costs 29.99$ a month. This feature helps you identify potential textbook deals, bulk price lookups as well as historical buyback price lookups.

If you have a few textbooks that you want to sell for a reasonable price, then this tool will be useful for you. Otherwise, stick to their free search tool, which will be more than enough to find cheap textbook deals.

11. DealOZ

dealoz sell,buy and buyback textbook prices
source: dealoz.com

Ever thought saving 97% off college textbooks is possible? With DealOZ you may be able to. This price comparison tool can help you compare over 200 vendor prices for buying used and new college textbooks, compare book rental prices, and from over 50 stores for textbook buyback prices. Searching for textbooks via title name, keyword, author, and ISBN is available.

The tool shows if there are coupons that you can use when you’re buying textbooks. You can use the DealOZ textbook comparison tool for free without registering however if you sign up as a new member you can get 5$ bonus additional to coupons.

12. UsedBookSearch

usedbooksearch search for cheap used textbooks
source: usedbooksearch.net

The average student spends about one grand per semester on college textbooks. After a semester or two, those books are useless in most cases. If you can use used textbooks instead of buying new college textbooks, that decision alone will cut down your college costs.

UsedBookSearch used textbook search engine identifies used textbook prices all over the world and provides you with accurate price comparisons. You have the option to search for books by author name, title, ISBN, keywords, Year of publication, condition, and cover.

Also, you could select where you want to search for them and options are worldwide, the USA, Canada, and the UK.

13. Alibris

alibris cheap international textbooks online
source: Alibris.com

This is not entirely a textbook price comparison tool. Alibris is one of the best places to buy new and used textbooks as well as music, movies. However, their price comparison tool does help to find cheap college textbooks from a lot of sellers, and you can choose to buy the hardcover, softcover, alternate editions of the textbooks.

You can search for textbooks via title, Author, or ISBN. Once you get the result, you can find textbooks with free shipping, like new or used condition textbooks. Also, they have a seller rating system which will also help you find an excellent place to buy cheap college textbooks.

14. Biblio

biblio college textbooks buy
source: biblio.com

You must have over ten or more textbooks to buy recommended by your professor or lecturer for a semester. If you couldn’t find some of those on free college textbooks websites you may have to buy them which will affect your budget.

Biblio is a search engine that allows you to search for cheap college textbooks by their title, ISBN, Author, or keyword. You have access to advanced options where you can choose to buy the hardcover, first editions, excellent and new like condition textbooks, signed books.

There is an option to specify a price range if you are looking to buy textbooks in a specific price range.

15. CheapestTextbooks

cheapesttextbook textbook search app
source: cheapesttextbook.com

Saving up to 95% from just college textbooks is not a bad deal at all. When you buy books from used textbook websites, you are already saving money. If you went with digital textbooks you can even save much more money.

CheapTextbooks finds you the best textbooks deals students can get on the web for free. Searching by ISBN, title, author, or keyword is possible, and you can also find textbooks via textbook subjects.

Additionally, they also can give you textbook buyback prices. A lot of textbooks engines do not have the function to search for just textbook rentals to get a price comparison. But CheapTextbooks bears that feature.

16. TextbookRentals

textbookrentals college textbook rental comparison
source: textbookrentals.com

Most textbook price comparison tools tend to provide the used textbook prices and rental prices all at once. However, if you are looking for just textbook rental price comparison that is overwhelming since you are not looking to buy and own the books anyway.

Search tools like CheapTextbooks do have their textbooks rental price comparison tools, TextbookRentals is similar to that, but it can only be used to compare textbook rental prices. You can use either ISBN, title or author name to complete the search. 

17. Booksprice

booksprice comapare prices of textbooks and books
source: booksprice.com

Another free new and used textbook price comparison tool is available on the internet. This website may have a bit of an old look and an ugly user interface, but that does not mean this can’t help you save money on textbooks.

On Booksprice’s homepage, you can select textbook subjects if you want to search by the subject or you can search for textbooks by the ISBN. Advanced search option lets you search for textbooks via title, author, keywords, publisher, and textbook format from major textbooks sellers online.

18. RentScouter

rentscouter textbook rental prices compare
source: rentscouter.com

RentScouter is a textbook rental price comparison tool. However, unlike TextbookRentals this tool also can compare prices for textbook buying and textbook buyback prices. You only have to select Rent, Buy, or Sell option from the dropdown menu before you search.

You can only use ISBNs to check the prices of textbooks, and that’s the only downside of this textbook price comparison tool. They also have a tool to find student loans and by partnering with Gazelle they help recycle electronics.

19. TheCheapTextbook

Thecheaptextbook price comparison tool
source: Thecheaptextbook.com

You may not have heard of this tool or got mistaken by the CheapTextbooks website. This tool can help you track down cheap textbook buying and renting prices from a lot of sellers online.

On TheCheapTextbook website, you can search for textbooks by ISBN, Title, or Author. Be sure to select one of the Buy or Rent options first. Even though you don’t need to sign up to get cheap textbook prices if you do, you can access more textbook coupons and even stand to win free college textbooks.

In a Nutshell

Using a textbook price comparison tool or a few saves your time. And of course a lot of money by finding the best textbook deals for you. There won’t be a textbook you cannot find using these textbook price comparison tools.

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