20 SAT Practice Test to Help You Ace the Exam

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A good SAT score can help you get into your top choice of school and even get you a merit scholarship. Rather the question is what can help you get a good SAT score other than studying? – Practicing for it is the best way to prepare for the exam.

Here are some of the best SAT practice tests available today that you can use to ace your SAT test.

01. College Board

Offered Tests: 8 (2 of them are Skippable)
Downloadable: Yes
Cost: Free

As you already know College Board is a non-profit organization that administers the SAT test nationwide. They also offer eight official SAT practice tests for students which are made by the test makers themselves.

So, these eight practice tests may be the closest real practice test you could experience before sitting in for your SAT test. Recently, Khan Academy introduced a free SAT course on its platform partnered with the College Board. So, you can also find these eight practice tests at Khan Academy.

Even though College Board provide you with eight practice tests, skip test 2 and test 4 since College Board themselves redacted those tests since they didn’t accurately represent the current SAT test.

  1. SAT Practice Test 1
  2. SAT Practice Test 3
  3. SAT Practice Test 5
  4. SAT Practice Test 6
  5. SAT Practice Test 7
  6. SAT Practice Test 8
  7. SAT Practice Test 9
  8. SAT Practice Test 10

02. IVY Global

Offered Tests: 9
Downloadable: Yes
Cost: Free Tests – 3 | Paid Tests – 6

IVY Global offers students test prep guide books, sample questions, and practice tests for SAT. They offer two free SAT practice tests which are downloadable with detailed answers, analysis, and scoring reports.

They also provide a free SAT diagnostic test to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. Apart from the free SAT tests, they have a paid SAT 6 practice tests book with detailed answers and IVY Global website allows you to score the tests.

  1. SAT Online Practice Test 1
  2. SAT Online Practice Test 2
  3. SAT Diagnostic Practice Test

03. The Princeton Review

Offered Tests: 1
Downloadable: No (Online)
Cost: Free

The Princeton Review offers many test prep courses and materials as well as practice tests for SAT. They also offer a free SAT practice test online for students apart from their paid online prep classes, SAT prep books, and self-study materials.

To take the free SAT practice test provided by The Princeton Review you have to create a free account on their website. After going through their full-length SAT practice test you would get a score report with an analysis of areas that you could improve.

  1. Full-Length SAT Practice Test Online

04. Kaplan

Offered Tests: 1
Downloadable: No (Online)
Cost: Free

Kaplan is another known company in the tutoring and test prep market that provides test prep courses for many tests. In addition to SAT prep courses, Kaplan offers private SAT tutoring and daily practice questions for students.

They also provide a free SAT practice test which you could take after creating a free account on their website. After taking the practice test, you would receive a detailed score report which you can use to identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses.

You will also get access to two weeks of free access to Kaplan’s instruction videos when you take the practice test.

  1. SAT On Demand Practice Test

05. Mometrix

Offered Tests: 4
Downloadable: No (Online)
Cost: Free

Mometrix is a known name in the test prep which offers SAT test prep in several locations. Test takers can take their free short general SAT practice test which has 15 representative questions. Tests are conducted online and no downloadable practice tests are offered by Mometrix.

Additionally, they also offer section-based SAT practice tests for math, reading, and writing for free. Mometrix offers an SAT study guide and online SAT course options for test-takers which are paid.

  1. SAT Practice Test
  2. SAT Math Practice Test
  3. SAT Reading Practice Test
  4. SAT Writing Practice Test

06. Union Test Prep

Offered Tests: 2
Downloadable: No (Online)
Cost: Free Tests – 1 | Paid Tests – 1

Union Test Prep provides detailed SAT practice questions that are section based. Their practice tests offer over 200 practice questions for free. While you don’t have to create an account to try the test if you do your scores and progress will be saved.

They also offer another 200 SAT test prep questions with their premium access plan which costs 14$.

  1. UnionTestPrep SAT Practice Test

07. Magoosh

Offered Tests: 1
Downloadable: Yes (PDF)
Cost: Free 

Magoosh is a well-known test prep service that offers prep courses, tools, and practice questions. They offer a free full-length practice test for SAT for test takers. Students can get access to the free test by filling out the form.

The test is section based and has 154 practice questions all sections combined. Apart from the free practice test they also offer detailed video and text explanations in the PDF. Magoosh offers over 1750 SAT practice questions with detailed answers with its premium plan.

  1. SAT Practice Test by Magoosh

08. Varsity Tutors

Offered Tests: 50 Diagnostic Tests
Downloadable: No (Online)
Cost: Free 

Varsity Tutors offer tutoring, test prep, practice tests, and study tools covering many exams such as SAT, ACT, GRE, PSAT, and more. They also offer free practice tests for SAT that are divided according to the difficulty level.

You have access to over 50 diagnostics SAT practice tests which could help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Also, they have over 100 section-based practice tests available for SAT. You can try any one of them by creating a free account on Varsity Tutors.

  1. SAT Practice Tests

Conclusion – Best 20 SAT Practice Tests

Practice tests can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses before facing the SAT test. There are over 20 practice tests for SAT available to download and try online with detailed answers and score reports provided. Practicing for the SAT would help you get the highest SAT score possible.

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