21+ Best Scary Couples Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

Halloweens is the day that horror, scary and spooky are celebrated altogether. And you don’t have to be a fan of horror movies, slasher movies, and ghost movies to have a little bit of fun dressed up using scary Halloween costumes from those movies or DIY costumes. Couple costumes are also a great part of Halloweens day, but not all easy couple Halloween costumes are scary enough to wear to Halloween party.

So, we have put together a list of scary couple Halloween costume ideas that could be recreated with a small-time you got.

Last-Minute Scary Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

01. Money Heist

money heist scary halloween costume for a couple
source: instagram/@sanogramajo

Most the easiest scary Halloween costume that a couple could copy with a pair of face masks – and nobody will be able to tell where the heist is going to be.

02. Shining Twins

twins from shining halloween costume ideas
source: instagram/@cospositive.cosplay

Shining is a classic horror movie – and the Twins play a huge part in that horror. This idea may seem too simple but you could add some fake blood on the top and it would turn to be a horrifying Halloween costume.

03. Addams Family

addams family couple halloween costume
source: instagram/@pudge_ransom

Morticia and Gomez Addams from the “Addams Family” is another great couple’s Halloween costume that is a bit spooky and perfect for a Halloween party.

04. Trick r’ Treat

trick r treat scary halloween costume for couples pinterest ideas
source: instagram/@cemeterychaos

Who said trick or treat is only for kids? It also has a dark side – why not do both at the same time.

05. Harley Quinn and Joker

Joker and harley quinn halloween costume ideas pinterest
source: Pinterest

Joker and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad may be a popular yet scary Halloween costume idea for a couple.

06. Pennywise

pennywise from IT halloweens scary costume ideas
source: instagram/@chexama

Pennywise the creature who has the ability to shapeshift and manipulate reality, and the bride of Pennywise is a spooky Halloween costume idea that might take a lot of makeup work.

07. Frankenstein and Bride

frankenstein and bride halloween scary couples costume
source: instagram/@elenaserenamorena

Frankenstein and the bride is another classic horror costume idea for a couple. This could be customized as you would like with makeup and if you play with your clothes you might end up with a sexy Halloween costume that’s still scary as hell.

08. Jack Skellington and Sally

source: jacoblordi.com

Well if your boyfriend/husband is a tall guy you could pull of Jack Skellington and Sally without a doubt.

DIY Scary Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

09. Skeleton Bride and Groom

skeletons easy scary halloweens couple costume
source: craftedbeauty.co

Dressing up as a bride and groom could be themed for Halloween using makeup and it won’t be that much hard.

10. DIY Ghosts

scary ghosts halloween costume pinterest
source: instagram/@kara.marie.collective

Spook people outdoors with this simple ghost costume that you could DIY with a pair of white bedsheets.

11. The Purge

Source: @paige_amy

“They can’t get in here, right? They can’t get into our home.”

Purge couples costumes are maybe one of the famous scary couples Halloween costumes there is.

12. Devil and Deamon

angle and devil couples halloween costume easy and scary
source: instagram/@eeriexfaerie

Devil and Daemons are another very famous scary Halloween costume idea and you could DIY this with the makeup and the horns to your likings.

13. Vampire Couple

vampire couple DIY scary couples halloween costume ideas
source: instagram/@sophiesieh

What’s more suitable for the Halloween night party rather than these DIY Dracula and vampire costumes which anyone could change into with a bit of makeup and fang teeth.

14. Carrie and Tommy

carrie and tommy halloweens scary couples costume
source: instagram/@andreas_cooktales

These two characters from the classic movie Carrie is a good scary costume to wear, especially for a party.

15. Killer Clowns

scary clown costume for a couple halloween party costume ideas
source: instagram/@_dropdead_cutie


16. Day of the Dead

day of the dead diy couples halloween costume
source: instagram/@sintijaz

17. Bloody Nurse & Doctor

bloody nurse and doctor cosplay for halloween couple
source: instagram/@lianatayy


18. Zombie Couple

zombie couples diy halloween costume ideas pinterest
source: instagram/@bobbieeller

19. Chucky and Bride

Chucky and Bride halloweens costume for a couple
source: instagram/@geeksaresexy

20. Scarecrow Couple

scarecrow couples halloween costume ideas scary diy
source: instagram/@katiemillersk

21. Jack O’ Lantern & Ghost

jack o lantern and the ghost diy couples halloween costumes
source: instagram/@fromtheeash