School Supply List for 1st Grade 2023-24

school supply list for 1st grade supplies

For a child going to school for the first time, things at school can be really tough since it’s a new experience for them. To equip them better for the school the best thing you can do is grab the best school supplies they might need at the school.

The following is a list of the updated back-to-school supply list for 1st grade for the years 2023-24.

Back to School Supply List for 1st Grade 2023-24

This back-to-school supplies list for 1st grade has everything your child needs who is just starting at school.

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  1. 12 – #2 Pencils
  2. 12 – Colored Pencils
  3. 1 – Eraser
  4. 1 – Pencil sharpener
  5. 1- Pencil grips 
  6. 1- Wide Ruled Paper 
  7. 3 – Pocket Folders 
  8. 2 – Wide Rule Notebooks
  9. 1 – Crayons
  10. 2 – Markers
  11. 1- Dry-erase markers 
  12. 1 – Fiskar Blunt Tip Scissor
  13. 1 – Construction Paper
  14. Glue
  15. Smock
  16. Pencil Pouch
  17. Lunch Bag
  18. Backpack
  19. Water bottle
  20. Tissues
  21. Face Masks
  22. Hand Sanitizers
  23. Rest mat (If Needed)

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Conclusion – 1st Grade School Supplies List

Going to school for the 1st Grade can be really tough on the kids as well as it is on the parents since it is a new experience. However, to prepare them well the best thing you can do is get them the best supplies from this school supply list for 1st-grade students.

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