World Largest Digital Library Scribd Goes Free during Covid-19 Outbreak

scribd free 30 days trial

Social distancing is so vital in this quarantine period to help prevent the covid-19 spread. But for us socializing creatures, it is always hard to not to go outside and socialize. Feels like you have nothing to do at home right?

That might not be entirely true. Famous companies like Google, Xfinity, Amazon started to offer most of their services for free for the public and to the healthcare professionals during the covid-19 pandemic to help them stay at home.

So, there are things to do at home to have a little bit of fun and carry out your life like it was before the quarantine. Among those things, there is one thing you can do at home to have a little bit of fun while learning some new skills and that is reading books and magazines.

Now you might have a question about how to find the books and magazine when you cannot go to a library right now. Don’t worry about it, we have just what you want, and it is totally free for 30 days.

In a time that most libraries have closed to the public, the world’s largest digital library Scribd offers its subscription free for 30 days.

This offer might be great for people who love to read and learn new things, especially for students who may have to continue their academics online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Almost All Colleges and Libraries are Closed Down Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak

Colleges, Schools, and Libraries have been closed down worldwide to prevent the coronavirus spread. They have sent their students home to help them stay safe during the outbreak. Most campuses and schools have already started providing academics via alternative methods such as online education.

But to get a good knowledge of what you are studying and to complete your assignments and stuff, you may have to use textbooks and articles still. Unfortunately, going to the library is not an option at this time.

So, this is where the online digital libraries like Scribd come into the rescue.

Scribd is Free For 30 Days & No Credit Card Required to Sign Up

scribd free 30 days trial

Scribd, the world largest digital library, is providing free access to their library that have over 500000 books, textbooks, magazines, articles and audiobooks during the coronavirus outbreak.

Scribd usually charges 9.99$ per month for the subscription after the free trial for 30 days, and you do not need a credit card to sign up for the Scribd subscription.

Grab the offer now – Scribd Read Free for 30 Days

If you could not find anything to kill the boredom at home, reading books and listening to those biographies and stuff you had no time to listen or read would be the right solution.

You can read and listen to any book you want, and there is no limit on how many books you can read using the Scribd free 30-day trial. Enjoy unlimited free access to the world most extensive library during the Covid-19 outbreak.

If you are not interested in reading, still there are things you can do to at home to have fun, relax and stay healthy.

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