Should You Keep Your Textbooks?

should you keep your textbooks or recycle old textbooks

As college students going through a dozen textbooks for a semester is pretty much normal life. But leaving them stacked up in the dorm after the semester is over is a waste of storage in the dorm. But you may need them for the next semester as well.

This is when should I keep the textbooks or get rid of them comes to mind. Let’s find out how you could decide whether to keep the textbooks or not.

Should I Keep the Textbooks?

No, not every single college textbook is not worth being stacked up in a corner in the dorm room or bookshelf. So, keep the textbooks that you want for the upcoming semesters and sell, donate, or recycle textbooks you don’t need.

How to Decide to Keep the Textbooks

Keeping or not keeping used textbooks can be a hard decision any college student has to make. But there are a couple of ways you can decide whether to keep them or not. See if the textbook fall under one of these conditions we’ve mentioned below – if not get rid of that textbook which will save you a lot of space eventually.

Will You Need The Textbook for Another Class?

Before getting rid of the textbooks you own – ask yourself this question whether you will be needing the textbook for an upcoming class or not? Especially if you are a freshman in college – the textbooks you use in the first couple of semesters will most likely be needed in future semesters or courses.

If you are taking a series of classes or modules with the same learning outcomes – keep the textbooks instead of selling them.

Will You Need The Textbook for Your Career?

To be honest most of the textbooks will only be used in one semester – at most they will be used for a couple of semesters that’s it. However, there are some textbooks that are worth keeping, especially for the beginning of your career. If those textbooks fall under that category then you should definitely keep them instead of getting rid of them.

What to Do If you Don’t Want to Keep The Textbooks

Well, if you don’t need the textbooks for the upcoming semesters or college courses – or there is no use for them for your career – then getting rid of them is the best choice. But these textbooks can be used by others who will take the same course – so here are some of the best ways you could get rid of those college textbooks you don’t need.

  • Give it To A Friend or Junior: See if any one of your friends or juniors in college who are taking the same course has the need for the textbook. If they do instead of selling them give them the textbooks which will save some trouble for them.
  • Donate: Libraries hold many free textbooks for college students. However, they are always in need of textbooks since there is a high demand. If there are no friends or juniors that need the book – donate it to the campus or closest library.
  • Sell Back: It’s not like you got the textbook for free, if the textbook is in good condition and no one has a need for it – then sell the textbook at your campus store or second-hand textbook stores. This will help you get some money for the textbooks that you need for the upcoming semesters.
  • Recycle: If the textbooks you used is not in a condition to be used by someone else- then the best option would be to recycle old or unusable textbook.

The Conclusion

No need for keeping every textbook you used – but keep textbooks that can be used for upcoming courses or for your career. If you have no need for them give away, donate, or sell back those textbooks. If they are unusable by someone else then recycle the textbooks.

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