7 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Covid Safe Spooky Halloween


Halloween is when students love to celebrate by wearing Halloween dresses and eating Halloween snacks & candies. But the current global pandemic situation has put a stop to gatherings and parties.

So, you may not celebrate Halloween like it was before. But that does not mean you can’t celebrate Halloween. Although, you have to be extra careful about what you do on the spooky Halloween day.

So, let’s dive in and find out the best ways you could still celebrate a memorable spooky covid safe Halloween.

7 Best Ways To Celebrate a Covid-19 Safe Halloween


01. Decorate Outside & Inside

Craving pumpkin decorations are a grand tradition of Halloween. And you don’t have to stop being creative and decorating outside or inside your home or dorm room just because of covid-19. Don’t be limited to craved pumpkins though. Be creative find and make DIY Halloween decorations. However, you should always follow the CDC guidelines to be on the safe side if you are going outside.

02. Make Halloween Treats & Snacks

You might not be able to invite your friends or family to your Halloween party and treat them to the Halloween snacks you’ve made. However, you still can make some treats and snacks and leave them outside for others, and have some for yourself. There is a little more time left until Halloween, and there are many easy to make Halloween snack recipes out there.

03. Watch Halloween Movies

Hate going outside trick n’ treat during the pandemic and still want to celebrate spooky Halloween? Watch a spooky Halloween movie like The Addams Family, Truck ‘r Treat, or Doctor Sleep on Netflix while sitting back on a couch treating yourself to the cute last-minute Halloween snacks you’ve made.

04. Game Night

You might be stuck indoors during this Halloween and still want to have fun with your friends, but you still have to refrain from going outside. Have a video game night online with your friends. It doesn’t have to be a horror game; you can play something like among us. All that matters is you spend Halloweens day with your friends, even if it’s online.

05. Virtual Halloween Costume Party

Already made the Halloween costumes but have nowhere to go like a party to play dress-up? You could still have a costume party, but not like it was before. With your friends, you could host a virtual Halloween costume party while staying home safe. You could also live stream on social media if you wish to grow your audience.

06. Safe Outdoor Activities

This might not be the best option, but if you feel sick of being stuck inside, you could go around your neighborhood.  And maybe you could start a spooky scavenger hunt around your neighborhood. But make sure to wear a mask, keep your distance and follow CDC guidelines to be safe.

07. Drive Through Events

You might have to limit going outside this Halloweens day, but that does not mean you can’t have fun outside. You could still go to drive through concerts or events on Halloweens day. Find out if there are any drive-through events for Halloween in the area you live in.

In a Nutshell (Follow CDC Guidelines)

Well you might be still able to have a spooky covid safe Halloween day, even though it might not feel the same as before. However, make sure that you follow CDC holiday guidelines which will help you stay safe if you decide to go to outdoor events nearby.

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