How Can Students Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy at Home

how to stay healthy at home for students

After hearing every day how COVID-19 has impacted our life, it is even stressful to continue studies and work while coping with isolation. However, continuing studies and work is still vital and so is staying healthy, both physically and mentally.

Even if it is not safe for you to go outside or to your gym, you should not stop exercising since this is a time that you must stay healthy. You may not be able to do the workout you did before or eat the healthy food you used to take. So, what you should do is find alternatives that might suit you.

So here are some things you could do to stay healthy and relaxed at home while maintaining social distancing and staying at home.

working out at home to stay healthy
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01. Home Workouts

Can’t go to the gym – That does not mean that you can’t still workout. There are a lot of paid and free home workout apps you could find online such as 7 Minute Workout or free or free trials of fitness workout services such as Obe Fitness.

Also, there are some fitness guru’s who offer their services for free during the quarantine period, and some do live fitness sessions via Facebook Live, and YouTube lives.

02. Eat Healthy Meals and Snacks

Exercising alone won’t keep you healthy, so you should always eat healthy meals and snacks since you need the energy to do anything both physically and mentally.

When you are studying online these days to stay energetic, eating healthy meals won’t be enough. You should try some of the best study snacks that you could take while studying or some of the best healthy late-night snacks to help you sleep better.

03. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking enough water per day is a vital factor your healthy and one of the thing not only students but most people find hard to do. If you have trouble drinking enough water you could try a free app that will remind you to drink water from time to time.

You can also add drinking enough water per day to your daily schedule as a small task if you don’t like using a reminder app. Also, be sure to keep a water bottle (not a plastic one if you care about nature and yourself) around you when you are participating in online learning sessions.

04. Try Yoga or Barre

Not a fan of hard home workouts – You can always try out other methods to stay healthy other than working out, such as Yoga, barre, Zumba, Pilates.

During this pandemic, fitness companies like Downward Yoga have offered their services for free for the public to help them stay healthy at home.

05. Sleep Enough

Despite the fact of how hard it is to manage life during the lockdown and manage your studies or work, you should always get enough sleep to be healthy mentally and physically. Otherwise, it will not only compromise your health, but it will also interfere with your studies, mostly your good grades. So make sure to take enough sleep.

06. Free Mental Health Resources

If you feel like you can’t sleep or can’t cope with the isolation, you can get help from free mental health care apps such as headspace and aura which has gone free due to the coronavirus.

If that does not help, you must find other mental health resources or seek professional help immediately.

07. Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

As a student, you may have to sit in front of a screen for a couple of hours per day without taking the eye off from the screen; it can cause some severe harm to your eyesight.

It is best to look away from the screen for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes if you want to avoid getting eye strain. Also, after your online sessions have finished, you can do some simple eye exercises.

08. Meditation

Meditation is something that most never think of doing, and most evade, but it has a lot of benefits for our mental and physical health.

You may have to manage your studies online and hearing about coronavirus all the time; exams can sure add more stress for your brain to handle.

Meditation can help you reduce stress, and it won’t take much time off from your busy schedule.

09. Relaxation

The main idea of meditation is to help you stay mindful and stay relaxed, which can help you cope with the isolation and help you take care of your mental health. But mediation is not the only thing that can help you stay relaxed.

There are activities such as reading a book, listening to music, or watching a movie which can help you stay relaxed, find, and do things that you can do at home to stay relaxed.

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