28 Must Watch Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix 2019 [The Best Ones]

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means you’re looking to spend the Thanksgiving break with your family. There are a lot of things to do on thanksgiving day to have some quality time with them.
Watching a holiday or thanksgiving movie on Netflix while eating turkey and a piece of pumpkin pie is a good thing to do on thanksgiving day.
Netflix has a lot of animated holiday movies for the youngers and teenagers and comedic and romantic film for everyone who likes to have some quality family time on thanksgiving. Even if you are stuck in college for the holiday season, you might want to catch up on Netflix.
Here are the 28 must-watch thanksgiving movies on Netflix 2019.

1. The Blind Side (2009)

Watching a thanksgiving football match doesn’t much count as a good time with your family if your family members aren’t interested in football. This is not a movie featuring Thanksgiving but a good biographical sports drama film. This was based on the book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, which features the life of Michael Oher, a Baltimore Ravens (NFL) offensive liner.

Even if you don’t like to watch biographical movies, you should never skip this one; you might regret that later if you did. This one is about a family and a caring woman helping a homeless kid become an all-American football player.

2. Free Birds (2013)

Free birds is a good movie that you can enjoy with your family(not while eating turkey tho,). The story’s about two time-traveling turkeys trying to change the course of history for getting turkeys off on thanksgiving menu. Free birds is the right choice if you’re going to watch a movie with the kids. It’s also a great animation movie you could watch with your friends on Thanksgiving break.

3. Tower Heist (2011)

When the whole town is celebrating Thanksgiving with their families at their homes, what if someone was robbing a bank? When a group of apartment workers loses their pensions caught up in a Ponzi scheme. They’re trying to steal back it from their employer during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you like to watch action and comedy movies with your family, the tower heist is the one for you. This is an excellent reminder to check your bank account once in a while. Otherwise, there is a chance you’ll be robbed on the thanksgiving day (just kidding).

4. You’ve got Mail (1998)

Well, this is not a movie about Thanksgiving, but if you have not watched “You’ve got mail” before, you definitely should watch this one. This is an excellent movie if you want to watch a romantic and comedy film with your family after Thanksgiving dinner. In this classic movie from 1998, two business rivals fall in love with each other over the internet. You thought back then it was impossible? Well, this is going to prove that you were wrong.

5. What’s Cooking? (2000)

Already stressed out about cooking Thanksgiving dinner? You have more people coming in, and you can not afford to mess it up, right? “What’s Cooking?” is a great movie to watch after the thanksgiving day dinner with your family. It’a bit old movie about four families with different backgrounds making four different Thanksgiving meals. They do have a few things in common tho: making thanksgiving meals, stress and stressing out about making thanksgiving meals.

6. Falling In Love (2019)

This one’s about an American girl who loses her job and her boyfriend. She enters a contest and wins a rusty inn in New Zealand. But when she gets there, she’s been let down again. But, she decides to make the best out of it and starts redecorating. Meanwhile, she falls in love with a person there. Everyone’s life is different, and sometimes you fight and lose, sometimes you win. Falling in Love movie will remind you that no matter what you lose, you still got your family and even some of your friends.

7. Paul Bert: Mall Cop (2008)

Malls are filled with crowds and line ups in the morning during thanksgiving day since the black Friday is near. No need to remind you that you ought to buy your groceries and things you need before thanksgiving comes. In this film, a mall cop named Paul Blart trying to save a mall from being robbed. Can a mall cop really stop a robbery in a Mall in New Jersy?. This one’s great if you want to watch a comedy with your family gather up together.

8. Home for the Holidays (1995)

Not everyone’s thanksgiving stories are that happy. Claudia Larson’s thanksgiving takes a much worse turn than she thought. She loses her job, and her daughter says that she won’t be spending Thanksgiving Day with her mom; instead, she’s going to spend time with a boyfriend. Claudia spends thanksgiving day with her father, her mother, her brother, and his friend instead. This is another great movie to watch after thanksgiving dinner, gathered up with your family.

9. The Stray (2017)

It’s easier to go through a hard time when you have your friends and family around you all the time. However, not always a friend or a family member can help you to overcome it. When a young boy named Connor, have a hard time finding friends gets bullied. That’s when Pluto, a stray dog, shows up to protect Connor. One day Connor’s father takes Connor, his friends, and Pluto on a backpacking trip, but all of them get struck by lightning in the woods.

10. Garfield’s Thanksgiving (1989)

Everyone practically loves to watch the Garfield Show, yeah? Well, there’s only one thing that Garfield specializes in, it’s eating food and watching TV. John is making thanksgiving food for Garfield and Odie the dog (mostly for Garfield tho), but Liz, the veterinarian who John has an interest in, puts Garfield on a diet since he is overweight. Well, this one is a must-watch movie if you are a fan of The Garfield Show, especially Garfield and Friends show from the ’80s.

11. Ralph Breaks the Internet (2019)

Most people nowadays are distracted by their electronic devices such as mobile phones and have trouble with spending time with your family. It’s thanksgiving, and you should have a nice dinner and some quality time with your family. Do you remember Wreck-It Ralph? This time Ralph discovers a wi-fi router, and that leads to a whole new adventure. Which will remind you it’s important to shut off your phones and tablets and spend time with your family.

12. Ratatouille (2007)


When the ladies of your household is preparing the thanksgiving dinner, the lads watching thanksgiving football matches thinks that it’s a women’s job or that it’s easy to cook thanksgiving dinner. Ratatouille is a movie about a garbage boy with a good heart who gang up with a stray rat to make delicious meals. By the way, the rat is controlling the boy by pulling his hair as controllers of a robot. This is another awesome animated movie to watch with your family gathered up.

13. Addams Family Values (1993)

Addams family values, classic fantasy, and a comedy movie you could watch on thanksgiving day. When a baby boy comes into the family, his siblings Wednesday and Pugsley don’t care for him much. Addams’s family hires a nanny to take care of the baby, and she charms their Uncle Fester. The Addams family tries to stop the gold-digging nanny, but will their attempts work?

14. Chicken Run (2000)

Chicken Run is a great animated adventure movie to watch with the kids on thanksgiving day. The story is about a rooster named Rocky who accidentally flies into a chicken farm; the chickens try to escape the farm and evil farm owners with the help of the rooster. Will it be possible for all the chicken to escape the evil farm before they get turned into pies?

15. The Guernsey Literary (2018)

To enjoy a movie on Thanksgiving day, it doesn’t have to be a thanksgiving movie at all. This one’s just like that, and this is the best movie you could watch with you’re family if you are a history buff. It’s about a writer from world war II, forming a group with Guenseray Island residents to write about how they experienced the war.

16. Dan in Real Life (2007)

Do you know how family gatherings can take an unexpected turn, especially when you have complicated relationships? sometimes it’s for the best, sometimes not so much. Dan, in real life, tells a story about a widower who has three kids, falling for a woman he accidentally meets at a bookstore, who later turns out to be his brother’s girlfriend.

17. Beethovan (1992)

Families love to have thanksgiving day dinner since it may be the only day that people get free to go home and have a good talk with their family. But do you know who’s going to be most happy when you go home other than your mom? It’s your pet. The story is about St.Bernard puppy named Beethoven is a who wondered into a home of a loving family. This is a great movie to watch with the kids for thanksgiving.

18. Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)

When you have a big family, taking care of everything (thanksgiving dinner included) is a hard job for anyone. Remember how your mother took care of things like your homework, making you breakfast when you were little kid? What if your dad were to do it, even for a little while? Cheaper by the dozen is a movie about a father who gets a new job to handle works of twelve kids when their mother goes on a book tour.

19. Eat Pray Love (2010)

Sometimes you lose the appetite of your life and realizes that you need to make some changes and take some risks to be happier again. Eay Pray Love is about a married woman (Julia Roberts) finally realizing how unhappy life she has and that she needs to change the direction of her life. She goes on a trip all over the world to “find herself” by meeting new people.

20. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

This is one of the best thanksgiving movies there is. It’s hard to imagine that someone spends their holidays without Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown. Peppermint Patty invites her friends for thanksgiving dinner at Chalie Brown’s. A good classic animated holiday special short movie to watch with your kids.

21. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

Who sends out love letters these days? Almost no one does. Technology has evolved, and all the love letters are thrown to the garbage bins, it’s sad. A teenage girl who writes for her eyes only love letters for her past loves keeps them hidden, but one day they were sent out for everyone. Her life gets chaotic in a second; she has to face them all one by one.

22. The NeverEnding Story (1984)

Well, The NeverEnding Story is a classic fantasy movie from 1984, about a troubled kid who was bullied by schoolmates enters into a fantasy world through the pages of a mysterious book. Watch this movie with your family on Thanksgiving, you’ll help the young oldies remember what old movies tasted like while eating that sweet pumpkin pie.

23. Kristy (2014)

Horror movies on thanksgiving day are not the best choice, but if you are a horror freak, this is the best movie you could watch on thanksgiving day. Getting stuck on college on the thanksgiving day is one of the worst feelings (not for some people) you could have, especially if you’re alone. A college girl Justine plans to spend the thanksgiving day with her roommate Nicole on campus, but she gets invited to go to Aspen, and Justine’s boyfriend is spending Thanksgiving with his family. Justine gets stuck in her dorm alone, and she realizes that a cult is hunting her.

24. The Oath (2018)

If you’re looking for a political and comedy movie to watch with your family on Thanksgiving Day, the oath is the best movie you could watch. Chris and Kai decide not to sign an oath of loyalty to the United States, which has a deadline to sign on Black Friday. His family gets surprised when the agents show up to interrogate Chris on the Thanksgiving day. As the situation gets worse, they must decide how to escape this situation and stay out of jail.

25. Prisoners (2003)

When the daughter of Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) and her friend goes missing on Thanksgiving day. Father desperately get on a search to find her daughter and her friend with the help of a detective (Jake Gyllenhaal). This movie will show how much further a father would go to save his family. If you’re in for a thriller, Prisoners is the one for you to watch on thanksgiving day.

26. Scent of a Woman (1992)

Would you like to watch an Al Pachino Movie over Thanksgiving Day dinner? Charlie, a college boy who looks to earn some money for the holiday season, agrees to babysit a blind retired US Army Lt.Col Franks (Al Pachino) on Thanksgiving Day. Charlie agrees to it because Frank’s niece says it’s easy money.

27. Funny People (2009)

You might already know this, but the comedic drama movies are the best one to watch with your family together on thanksgiving day. George (Adam Sandler), a great stand up comedian, learns about an untreatable blood disease he has, and the doctors say that he could only live about a year.

28. Rumor Has it (2005)

Jeff Daly, a New York lawyer, gets engaged to Sarah Huttinger (Jennifer Aniston); she introduces him to her family. She later finds that her father is not her biological father. She meets a successful author Beau Burroughs, she has a one night stand with him, just like her mother and her grandmother, she may lose the relationship with Jeff. A comedic romance movie about a complicated family, you can not afford not to watch on thanksgiving day.

In a Nutshell

When someone says it’s Thanksgiving, the first thing that pops into your mind is Thanksgiving Foods. While that’s tasty, having some quality time on thanksgiving with your friends and family is important too, especially if you were away due to work or studies.

While some people think that watching a movie doesn’t count as having good family time, but it is. Be careful when choosing a movie tho; you should find a one that the whole family will enjoy. You won’t have any problem selecting a movie to watch on Thanksgiving day since the list above got everything you need.

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