Top 15 98 Degrees Songs (For 90’s American Pop Fans)

top 15 98 degrees songs

98 Degrees are popular 90’s American Pop and contemporary R&B boy band with four members, including Nick and Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons, and Justin Jeffre. This band was formed by a producer in Los Angeles, California, even though the four members was originated from Ohio.

top 98 degrees songs and albums

98 Degrees’ songs such as The Hardest Thing, I Do(Cherish You) and My everything could still be heard nowadays at weddings.

Their debut single “Invisible Man” ranked 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. However, the band went famous after their “Because of you” went number three on U.S. Hot 100.  They released six albums, and the latest album Let it Snow was released in 2017.

Here are their top 20 songs that you must listen to If you are a fan of 90’s Pop bands like Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, R.E.M, U2.

Top 15 98 Degrees Songs

1. The Hardest Thing

A song by 98 Degrees band from their second studio album 98 Degrees and Rising (1998). Everybody has at least one hardest thing to do in their life (just like studying), and you might only find it hard to skip this song.

It’ll be even harder not to sing along even though you do not yet know the lyrics of The Hardest Thing.

2. Because of You

If I knew how to tell you what’s on my mind
Then I’d always be there right by your side

“Because of You” is the third single to get hit from 98 Degrees’ first album 98 (1997), and this single went to the number three on U.S. Hot 100 list. The music video features a lady holding a postcard while going around the city by the trolley, taxi, and bus.

3. I Do (Cherish You) 

“I Do” music video has a beautiful background scenery of a wedding, and through the video, you can see that four members of the 98 Degrees dating one lady separately. Mark Wills first released this a country music artist as the first single of his second album wish you were here.

98 Degrees released “I Do” as the fourth and final single of their second album 98 Degrees and Rising, and this beauty reached the thirteen of the U.S Billboard Hot 100.

4. Fly With Me (Pokemon First Movie)

So won’t you fly with me
I wanna make you feel alright

98 degrees pokemon first movie song fly with me

If you have never heard this song, that means you are not much of a pokemon fan. “Fly With Me” was the 98 Degrees soundtrack that was used in the Pokemon First Movie (1998).

This song was also a song from their second album 98 Degrees and Rising, which was released in 1998. If you want to be a diehard Pokemon fan, then you should listen to this track and should take a peek at the Pokemon first movie.

5. My Everything

“My Everything” is a song from the 98 Degrees third studio album revelation. This song could be the most played 98 Degrees song at weddings.  Music video of “My Everything” featured Jessica Simpson back then Nick Lachey’s wife, who played as a waitress, and Nick played as a truck driver. This 98 Degrees song went to the top 40 on the U.S Billboard Hot 100.

6. Still

Love, I see forever in your eyes.
I can see heaven in your smile.

Women will love this song, just like any other American pop band 98 Degrees have done a lot of romantic pop songs. However, you could say “Still” from their second studio album 98 Degrees and Rising is one of the best romantic songs ever.

This could be a song that you could use to express your feelings for your girlfriend if you had hit a wall about what you should say to her.

8. True to Your Heart (Ft. Stevie Wonder)

Stevie Wonder Fan? Pretty sure you have heard this song before then. “True to Your Heart” featured Stevie Wonder and it is one of the Mulan (1998) disney movie’s soundtracks.

This song from the 98 Degrees’ second album 98 Degrees and Rising is one of their best songs ever because of that. “True to Your Heart” music video opens with four boys stalking a beautiful young Asian woman.

9. Invisible Man

98 Degrees songs were all about some kind of a love story. “Invisible Man” is a heartbreaking one-sided love song and the first single from their first album 98 Degrees released in 1997. This song reached number twelve of Billboard Hot 100. Many can relate to this song, and after listening to this one you would want to add “Invisible Man” to your Valentine’s Day playlist.

9. Was It Something I Didn’t Say

This song is the second and final single of the 98 Degrees debut album 98 Degrees but this single was released in 1998.

Although this single was not a success as their previous single of the 98 Degrees debut album “Invisible Man” it did help the album reach a gold certification and sell over 500000 copies all over the world.

10. Give Me Just One Night

Like everybody says “Old is Gold”, Despacito? This 98 Degrees song might be even better than that. “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)” a single from 98 Degrees fourth studio album Revelations (2000) which became their highest-charting single.

This song peaked at the number two on the Billboard Hot 100 for twenty weeks and helped sell over 275000 copies in the first week alone.

11. Let It, Snow

“Let It Snow” is a song from 98 Degrees’ latest holiday album Let It Snow which was released in 2017. This was 98 Degrees’ second Christmas album and you may want to add “Let It Snow” to your Christmas Pop Playlist. You could say that Nick Lachey’s voice never did change that much after listening to this album.

12. The Gift

The snow is falling
The city is white
Your eyes are shining
like diamonds tonight

“The Christmas” is the third studio album and the first Christmas album by 98 Degrees which was released in 1999 Christmas. “This Gift” is the first Christmas single by 98 Degrees to peak number forty-nine of the U.S.

Billboard Hot 100 and number twenty-five of the Canadian Single Chart. Aside from being one of the best romantic pop songs this song can make you feel special at Christmas time, so you might want to consider adding this one to your Christmas playlist.

13. Thank God I Found You (Mariah Casey, 98 Degrees, Joe)

Unlike all the songs on our top 15 98 degrees songs list, “Thank God I Found You” is not a 98 Degrees song. This is a romantic song released in 2000 by Mariah Casey which featured 98 Degrees band and R&B singer Joe.

“Thank God I Found You” peaked at number one of the U.S Billboard 100 as well as in U.S Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. Official Music Video features Mariah Casey, 98 Degrees, and Joe performing the song at an outdoor concert.

14. She’s Out Of My Life

Just like “I Do (Cherish You)” this song is also from the 98 Degrees and Rising album and a cappella cover version of the “She’s Out Of My Life” by Michael Jackson.

The song is about a painful breakup and there are about ten cover versions of this song released by various artists like Josh Groban, Nina Girado, Daniel Evans. If you love a cappella music, then you will love this cover by 98 Degrees.

15. Why (Are We Still Friends)

Why – why are we still friends
When everything says
We should be more than we are

Remember the one-sided love song “Invisible Man” by 98 Degrees? “Why (Are We Still Friends)” another 98 Degrees song about unrequited love which was included in their only compilation album “The Collection(2002)”.

The Collection (2002) album had 14 hit songs by 98 Degrees from their previous albums such as Give Me Just One Night, Because of You, Invisible Man, The Gift. “Why (Are We Still Friends)” is the only new single included on this album.

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