Study Breaks: Play Atari Breakout on Google without getting distracted


As one of the frontiers of the video game history, Atari’s breakout which was released in 1976, is a simple game you can play on your study breaks. It is almost 44 years old now, but you could still have fun playing it.

How to play breakout on google?

Now It’s not much harder to play Atari Breakout now since google made it playable in a google image search for the Atari’s breakout’s 37 Anniversary in 2013. All you need is a web browser to play the game.

Google has been known to use its search engine to celebrate famous events, anniversaries with games and doodles. Like they did in 2010, they put a Pac-man game on their search page for a day, and it was played for 4.8 million hours.

How to play breakout without getting distracted from your studies

Play Atari Breakout on Google Images

Playing games, whether they are games like call of duty, Playerunknown battlegrounds or simple games or even board games can distract you from your studies. But studying without small study breaks are not efficient or productive either. If you do that, sometimes you can do more harm than not studying anything.

Even in a study break, most people get distracted by notifications on their mobile devices. If that happens, you would be wasting a lot of time you could use to study.

There are ways to spend your study breaks productively and playing a simple game like a breakout for a few minutes; especially, Atari breakout could be one of those.

So, for not getting distracted, all you have to do is make sure that you do not get distracted by your electronic devices on the study breaks. If you are a person who gets distracted easily, you should avoid playing games, even atari’s breakout, and find a way that will work for you.

Good Simple Alternative to Atari’s Breakout That Doesn’t Require Internet

atari's breakout on google images alternative

Playing a game on a study break even if it is a simple game like atari’s breakout can distract you from your studies since you have to play it on an internet browser and it requires an internet connection. The problem is when you connect to the internet you can get distracted and the simple five-minute study break will become an hour break without you even knowing.

You can play the no internet t-rex game on google chrome since it requires no internet connection and you won’t get distracted in any way unless you get addicted to the game.

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