When Do SAT Scores Come Out? – [2022-23 Schedule]

when do sat scores come out

Most students wonder when they should check their SAT scores after taking the test. Normally, you can check for the SAT score about 14 days after taking the test. The College Board makes test scores available after 8 a.m. ET on each release date.

Complete SAT Score Release Dates: 2022-23 Timeline

The College Board released SAT scores for students and colleges several times during the year. They usually send SAT scores to colleges after 10 days students receive their SAT test scores.

The below table shows the SAT score release dates for the years 2022-23.

Aug. 27, 2022Sept. 9, 2022Sept. 19, 2022
Oct. 1, 2022Oct. 14, 2022Oct. 24, 2022
Nov. 5, 2022Nov. 18, 2022Nov. 28, 2022
Dec. 3, 2022Dec. 16, 2022Dec. 26, 2022
March 11, 2023March 24, 2023April 3, 2023
May 6, 2023May 19, 2023May 29, 2023
June 3, 2023June 16, 2023June 26, 2023

source: College Board

When Do SAT School Day Scores Come Out?

SAT School Day allows high school juniors and seniors to take the SAT test during normal school hours. For the students who take the test using the SAT School Day, it takes about two weeks to receive the test scores.

The below table shows the SAT School Day Score release dates for 2022-23.

Oct. 12, 2022Nov. 2, 2022Nov. 12, 2022
Oct. 27, 2022Nov. 17, 2022Nov. 27, 2022
March 1, 2023March 23, 2023April 2, 2023
March 22, 2023April 14, 2023April 24, 2023
April 12, 2023May 3, 2023May 13, 2023
April 25, 2023May 18, 2023May 28, 2023

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When Do SAT Scores Come Out – FAQ

How long does it take to get sat scores?

Usually, you can access your SAT scores 2-4 weeks after you took the test. For the SAT administration in the summer, it could take more than 2-4 weeks to receive results in some cases.

What time do sat scores come out?

The College Board makes SAT scores available to students after 8 a.m Eastern Standard Time on every SAT score release date.

Do SAT Scores come out early?

No, SAT scores will only come out at given release dates by the College Board. Therefore, it is not possible to get the SAT scores earlier than the release date.

Can You Rush the SAT Score?

If you need the SAT score faster than the release date, then you can put a rush on the SAT score by paying an additional fee.

How Much It Does Cost to Rush Your SAT Score?

If you need your SAT test score to arrive quickly then you have to pay 31$ per report to put in a rush order.

The Conclusion – SAT Scores Release Dates

The College Board releases SAT scores several times a year, at 8 a.m Eastern Time on every release date. Students can access the SAT scores 14 days after the test date and colleges receive the SAT test scores 10 days after students receive the scores.

If you need to get your SAT scores before the SAT score release date then you can pay 31$ per report to put a rush order on the score report.

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