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bartending in college bartending in college


Anyone could be a bartender, but it is not an easy job to do. Bartending in college is a good part-time gig for a...

most-people-hate-about-applying-for-jobs most-people-hate-about-applying-for-jobs


The Job search and the things you do before applying for jobs are simple tasks that almost anyone can do. If you have the...

best-clubs-and-extracurricular-activities-in-college-for-resume best-clubs-and-extracurricular-activities-in-college-for-resume


Employers love to look at your resume for what types of soft skills you have and what type of extracurricular activities you were involved...

how-to-work-when-you-are-tired how-to-work-when-you-are-tired


Have you had a day that you were super tired or sick, couldn’t take a leave since you have a lot of work to...