As you already know, having comfortable and fancy office furniture is pretty much of a good thing since it can improve your health and your productivity. You may already have heard of people living without furniture at their homes. But did you ever think that it is possible to work without any office furniture at all?.

Living furniture free can sometimes improve your physical and mental health, and it will save you a lot of money that you were going to spend on office furniture. Some of the ways of working furniture free are limited only fore remote workers. But, Office workers can still try some of the methods we’ve given below.

Work Straight on the bed

If you are a homeworker you can work in your bed. Working from the bed is not an effective way to work, and it can harm your productivity. But if you are a remote worker who has strong willpower and a good work schedule, you can still pull this off.

This won’t work if you are a sleepy person or if you are often getting bored while working, because you will fall asleep in a second when you get tired. But still, you can try to improve your willpower and use some of the methods to stop getting bored at work.

Hit the Floor

You know working without ergonomic office furniture is going to cause you health issues and posture issues other than productivity loss. However, you can always choose to work on the floor. Especially if you are buying office furniture to avoid those issues but you have a low budget or you like to work furniture free.

If you are a remote worker who works from home, you can get up in the morning and sit on the floor and start working. Even some office workers use the floor to work sometimes. If you have a rough floor in your office or your home, you can use a mat for sitting on. Even a yoga mat would work.

Repurpose your home furniture

No matter how it will benefit you from working on the floor, some people don’t like to work sitting on the floor. If you are one of them, you still can work without office furniture. This is not a furniture free method, but it still works. You can repurpose your home furniture to work from home.

Repurposing your home furniture can be difficult sometimes, but if you can get creative, this will work like a charm. The best thing is if you have old used home furniture, you can repair them if needed and use them to work. Not precisely a furniture free method, but it is effective and will save a ton of money.

Nearby Coffee Shop

Working from a nearby coffee shop is a great way to work, and it is a good way to work if you’re not a person who likes to be stuck at home. A coffee shop is a good place to work, especially if you are a person who likes to have a coffee and refills nearby you when working.

When choosing the right coffee shop to work, there are things to look for, such as free internet connection, food that you like, a comfortable place to sit and work. Lesser the crowd in the coffee shop is good because there will be fewer distractions.

There are a lot of advantages of working from a coffee shop just like working from home. You can be more productive, creative, networking, and you definitely won’t need to own any furniture at all.

In a Nutshell

Working furniture free is possible just like furniture free living. Working without furniture can be uncomfortable for some people, but it does have it’s advantages. It’s a well-known thing that some people can’t afford to buy all the expensive office furniture they need at the beginning. Some of the ways to work furniture free are unavailable to office workers, but you can still try some of them like working on the floor. Also, working without office furniture is a good idea for those who have common work injuries such as back pain, neck pain.