Xtramath.org Review 2022

www xtramath org review

Xtramath.org is a non-profit website run by dedicated educators and volunteers to help students learn basic math concepts.

They offer a variety of programs for teachers, parents, and schools that teaches basic mathematical concepts to K-12 students.

Everything You Need to Know About Xtramath.org

Xtramath helps to improve basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They provide games, quizzes, and activities to develop the skills of kids while keeping them focused on the content.

The exercises and math problems adapt to the current level of the student’s skill and it keeps adapting as the student’s skill is improving. Parents and teachers get the progress reports of the students via email which makes the monitoring process much easier for them.

Parents can also get a code that they can use to see their children’s progress reports using any internet-enabled computer.

How to Create an Xtramath.org Account

xtramath org create an account
Source: Xtramath.org

Parents or teachers have to create an Xtramath.org account for the students as no kid is allowed to create an account for themselves.

You can sign up with a Google account or Clever account. Otherwise, you can fill the form with details such as your name, email, and preferred password to create an account on the Xtramath website.

 xtramath placement quiz
Source: Xtramath.org

Once you create an account and the student can sign in. Then they will be provided a placement quiz to get an idea of their math skill. As the student uses their account the parents or teachers would get a progress report through email.

xtramath org progress reports
Source: Xtramath.org

Xtramath Student Login

xtramath student login page
Source: Xtramath.org

Once the parent creates an account for the student the student would be provided a PIN which they can use to sign in using the Xtramath Student Login page. Students do also have to provide the parent or teacher’s email address and Student’s first name to log in to the Xtramath website.

Is Xtramath Free or Paid?

Xtramath.org is a free web-based program that helps students learn basic mathematic concepts. They do offer mobile apps through Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Amazon App Store for a one-time cost of 4.99$.

Is Xtramath Timed?

Xtramath does offer timed activities in the app. Timed activities can help students measure their knowledge and become more fluent in the concepts. After the timed activities students are shown detailed progress reports with easy-to-understand responses.

How many times you could use Xtramath per day?

You can use the Xtramath.org app more than once a day but students only get one quiz a day. So the extra activities do have less educational value which could reduce the enthusiasm of the student in the long run.

How much time does it take to do Xtramath?

Xtramath is quite short – they only take about 10 minutes or less to complete one activity. Ideally, these sessions are intended to take daily to keep students focused on one thing at a time to teach these concepts efficiently.

Conclusion – Xtramath.org Review

Xtramath is a non-profit website that helps K-12 students improve their basic maths skills through a series of activities, games, and tests. These activities only take 10 minutes a day making them more fun to do.

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